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<br />~, <br /> <br />VIRGINIA: At an adjourned meetina of the <br />Board of Supervisors ot Ohester- <br />field 09unty, held at the Oourt- <br />house, on February 15, 1939, at <br />8:00 P.M. and in the 153rd year <br />of the oommonwealth. <br /> <br />l' <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />Gaius W.Diggs, <br />John B .Watki:ns, Jr., <br />Horace A. Holt, <br />Hilary L.Fergusson <br /> <br />-I <br /> <br />,. <br />Horace L.Chalkley being absent, the Executive Secretary asked for <br />nominations for the election of a temporary Chairman, on mot ion, John B. Watkins, <br />Jr., was duly elected Chairman pro tempOre. <br /> <br />This day a C01IIIl3ittee of citizens from the Village of Matoaoa appeared <br />bellere the Board and requested. that this Board conter with the State Hi~Vlay <br />Commission or its agent relative to the oonstruction of sidewalks along Route a5, <br />through the Village oC Matoaca. On motion of Horace A. Holt, it is resolved. <br />that the be, and he hereby is, directed to appoint a Oommittee to <br />oonter with said State Highway COlIllllission, or ita agent, with the object in mind <br />of having said State lIighway Commission oonstruct sidewalks in the VUlage of <br />Matoaca, along Route 36, as 1s oontemplated in the prov1sioJll of Chapter 13a of <br />the Acts of the General Assembly ot Virginia ot 1938. <br /> <br />Whereupon the Chairman named as the Oommittee authorized in the above <br />resolutioj: Horace A. Holt, Harold '1'. Goyne, and. the Executive Seoretary. <br /> <br />This dayW.a.Coburn, Exeoutive Seoretary, exPlained to the Board a <br />plan for the" oamplla:tion and construction ot maps tor the County cC Ohester.t'ield <br />in conjunction with a Works Pr05ress .Administration PrOjeot.. On motion ot- <br />G.W.Diggs, it is resolved that the Executive Seoretary be, and he hereby is, <br />authorized and direoted to. proceed to make application to the Works Progress <br />Administration tor a Project, lOOking to the oompilation and construotion of <br />Il County map, as well as! shall be advise with the state Planning Oommittee <br />relative to its preparat on of a s:1J:n1lar map: kid be it further resolved that <br />the sum ot One Hundred. ($100.00) Dollars be and it hereby is, appropriated as <br />a sponsor's contribution to said proje't. <br /> <br />This day there was presented, in the form. of a letter tram J.N.Pastore, <br />01' the Virginia Commission tor the Blind, requesting that the Board permit the <br />installation 01' vending machines in the publio buildings at the Courthouse, <br />t.he next proceeds traIl suoh vending machines to be used to rehabilitate sane <br />blind person. On motion ot, it is resolved that the. Virg1nia State <br />Oommission tor the Blind be aDd it hereby is permitted to place in the pUblio <br />buildings the proper vend1Dg machine for the purpose 01' using the nektreturns <br />trom. such vending machines tor the rehabilitation ot Bome blind person under <br />oon trol of and supervised by the State Commissi on tor the Blind. <br /> <br />'rhis day there was read before the Board a letter from Garland S. <br />Sydnor, advising this Board that the City of Riohmond had instituted. oondemnation <br />prooeedings against him and other s which might interfere with him in com.plying <br />with his contraot with the Board 01' Supervisors tor the furnishing of water in <br />the Bellmeade Sanitation Distriot, and the same is ordered. to be tiled. <br /> <br />This day again the matter 01' the oontribution 01' this Board to the <br />salary of Robt. L..Pond, Works Progress Administration 10reman at oamp Baker, <br />was brought to the attention ot the Board. Upon oonsideration whereot, <br />it is resolved, that the same be oontinued for further consideration at the <br />neat regular meeting ot the Board. <br /> <br />On motion ot G.W.Diggs, it is resolved that the Executive secretary <br />be, ani he hereby is, authorized. and 11j.reoted to make such rules and regulations <br />ooncerning the interviews with salesmen and solioitors as inhls opinion wUl <br />best faoilitate the operation at the ottioeot the Exeoutive Seoretary. . <br /> <br />This day the County Road Engineer made his report upOn his view of the <br />proposed road lead1Ilg tran the River Road in Kidlothian D1strio't, at a point <br />approximat ely one mile wes t 01' RObious, southwardly through the propertie B of <br />Robt. H. Winfree .and others, to and near the Railroad Station in Midlothian, <br />in accordanoe with the order of this Board entered on the eighth dey of Feb1"Jlary, <br />1939, direotine .h1a\ to make suoh view and. report as is provi4edby law, and the <br />Board beiDg of the opinion that the said proposed road should be established; <br />doth order and direct 'the Exeoutive Seoretary to this Board to issue process, <br />sWllllOniDg the proprietors and tenants of the laIUla on whioh it is proposed to <br />e:sjTablish saii road. to showoause against the establishment of same. Such <br />summons' shall be returnable at the next regular m:leting of this Board on <br />Mar()h 8t 1939. <br /> <br />........., <br /> <br />-I <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />On motion of G.Vl.D1ggs, the County Road llAgineer, is directed. to make <br />a survey ot the proposed road leading trom the River Road in M1d.loth1an Distriot, <br />at a point approximately one .m11e west 01' Robious, southwardly through the <br />properties ot Robt.lI.Wintree and others, to and near the aailroad depot in <br />.Midloth1an, the cost of said. survey not to exceed the sum. of $75.00 <br />