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<br />':Chis day the Exeoutivo Seoretary reported to this Board that the newly <br />f'ormed Ci.Via: Assooiat.iO. ill of .B:L~eade has oriticised t,he Director .er--Sani tatioill <br />for hi~ .!ail~e to enforoe ila.liw:a.inance governing the regulations ooncerning <br />septic tanks. And it appearing to the Board that the aotion ot the Director <br />ot Sanitation was advisedly taken in that there is a proposal to construot. a <br />sewerage system in the said area and that to strictly entorce the Ordinanoe <br />governing septic tatlks, whioh in a number of OElses would result in great hardship <br />and unnecessary expense ot oitizens in said area;. .And that pending the <br />determination ot the question 01' the construction 01' the sewerage system in said <br />area that. the entoroeent of' such Ordinance should be held in abeyanoe, suoh <br />determination will on the 27th day ot :February, 1939, be made. <br />Upon oonsiderationwherl:lof and. on motion, it is resolved that the Direotor ot <br />Sanitation be and he hereby 1J!l, directed. to follow the polloy heretofore <br />tollowed until the dterminat10n of the oonstruotion is IIlIlde, or \Ultil the turther <br />order of' this Board. <br /> <br />,. <br />Ordered that tbe Board be now adjourned until !&aroh 8, 1939, at 10:00 a.m <br /> <br />7/~'l2L~ <br /> <br />Executive Secretary <br /> <br />Chairman, <br />Pro Tempore. <br />