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<br />N.B.Goodwyn IA. Sons, Materials, <br />'.rovler-Binford Eleotrio Co. Supplies, <br />H.N.Terrell, Sand for Camp Baker Projeot, <br />lames R. <Martin, Truok hire for Camp Baker, <br />J .A.Burge sa, Coal for Sewing Room, I <br />ti.l!'.Eobart, Inc. Blueprints, <br />A.T.Curtis &. Son. Lwnber for Camp Baker, <br />Virginia state Dept. of Health Supplies, <br />lames P. Martin Truc k rental, <br />Virginia :toe &. Coal Company, Ice coupon book, <br />Chester Supply Co. SUpplies, <br />VI.L.Broaddus &lc. Lumber and nails, <br /> <br />"Routine Btandard Cl~~ Paid by ~ecutive Secretary": <br /> <br />L.L.Nevroanb, . <br />Broaddus &. Lucas, Ino. ... <br />City of Petersburg, <br />Southern Dry Goods &. Notion Co. <br />Virginia Eleotric &. Power Co. <br />Truby Motor CoIllp any , <br />W.E.Beake, <br />O.D.Gates, <br />Dr. '.rhos. G.Pretlow, <br />Chester Phar.maoy. <br />N.B.Vlhite, <br />G.P.Perdue, <br />Dr.C.W.Lynn, <br />Dr.C.T.Jones, <br />N.E.Cogoill, <br />State Forester of Va. <br />N .H.Cogbill, <br />o .B. Gates. <br />The Chesapeake &. Potomac Co. <br />Dr.Thos. G. Pretlow, - <br />Virginia !l eo tric &. Power Co. <br />Philip V.Oogbill <br />Fidelity&. DeposIt Co. of Md. <br />Tte asurer of Virgini a. <br />R.B.Augustine Insuranoe Co. <br />City Colleotor, <br />Dr.Au bry C .Belcher , <br />W.E.Carrier, Jr.J.P. <br />nr.C.U.Lynn, . <br />Dr.C.T.Jones, <br />G.P.Perdue, <br /> <br />"Claims Paid b, the ~ecutive <br /> <br />Buildings Equipnent &. Supply Co. <br />R.W.Goolsby Hdwe.Co. <br />Spenc er Printing COIllp any , <br />Industrial Laboratories,- <br />Martin Chevrole t Sales corp. <br />Everett. Wadd ey Camp any , <br />R..D .Moore, <br />C .R.Besecker , <br />l/b:os. '.Iheo. T.Oogbill, <br />Amerioan Typewriter Exohange, <br />Virginia .Stationery Co. <br />David L. Rowe, <br />Westinghc:use m..eotrlo SuPPly Co. <br />Treasurer ot Virginia. <br />),hos. Theo. 't.Cogbill, <br />a1chmond Ottioe SUpply Co. <br /> <br />Garbage collection, <br />Repairs to Polioe ears, <br />Warehouse rent, <br />Supplies tor Sewing Room, <br />Eleetric current, <br />Gas, oil, and graasing,Co.truck, <br />Gas t oil tor county true k, <br />Summons , <br />l~s.. <br />Metioal Supplies, <br />Lunaoy Commission, <br />Warrant and sUllIlllons, <br />Luna cy flonmi s si 0Jli. , <br />Lunacy Commission, <br />Supplies for jail <br />Fire oontrol servIce, <br />Rent on oftiee bull ding, <br />Board and eommi ttal fees, <br />Servi oe <br />Coroner's Fees, <br />Current, <br />R8cordings, <br />Premium on bond-R.W.Koch, <br />Workman's OanpensatiOB. <br />lTemium on bond <br />Responding to tIri, <br />Lunaey coJllldssion, <br />.. II <br />II JJ <br />If .. <br />. u <br /> <br />$98.86 - <br />32. 90 -;:::... <br />.6.3 ___ <br />53.30 <br />7.50- <br />.50- <br />85.00 - <br />20.00 ........- <br />51.20 -' <br />20.00- <br />98.09 ...-- <br />32.00~1207 .a9 <br /> <br />$28.48 ,...- <br />16.70-- <br />33.04 -- <br />61..1........ <br />473.09 --- <br />17.90- <br />44.43-- <br />13.00- <br />13.00 - <br />4.55 - <br />2.50- <br />3.10"""" <br />6.10 -- <br />5.00---' <br />7.10 .-- <br />7.60-- <br />15.00 ;:::. <br />77.50 <br />208.57 - <br />30.00 --- <br />47.36--- <br />246 .87 ....- <br />---. <br />6..00 <br />11.54- <br />5.00- <br />175.00 -- <br />6.00- <br />2.00 --- <br />5.JJO -- <br />:5 . mil......... <br />3, lQ.::11, 580. 4 <br /> <br />Secretary on Itama ~thorfzed by: the l!fx. Bec'y": <br /> <br />Paper towe 18, <br />2-300 watt lamps, <br />Drinking 0 ups &. stamp, <br />Pine compound, <br />Repairs to Oountry truok, <br />ottioe supplies, <br />Coal tor Uo~rthouse, <br />llaterials and labor, <br />Postage, <br />Mimeograph stenc Us, <br />atpplie8 tor o1'f'ice, <br />Cleanser, <br />Bupp lie s. <br />Forms tor 'J.'reasurer's O:f'tioe, <br />Postage, <br />Supplies, <br /> <br />t13.48- <br />1.00 ..- <br />14.65- <br />52.00........ <br />11.36 ...- <br />14.31.....- <br />17.50- <br />16.3'1 .......... <br />18.00 - <br />8.76-- <br />27.95 ......... <br />1.00--- <br />1.30- <br />1.60......... <br />1:B.OO - <br />4:9 .20 ::"1266.~ <br /> <br />"~soellaneo~s Claim Allowed by Board and (a~ar~able to the General aount~ Fund:" <br /> <br />w <br />\lm.S.C8burn, Salary &. miJ,eage, 229.16 --- <br /> <br />"Claims A~proved by. Board Ap:ainstDo~ Tax .Ft\!1d:1f <br /> <br />J . K.BaJ.der, <br />Horace A. Holt t <br />B.K.Fergusson, <br />H.X. Cummins , <br />S.T.Wagstatt, <br /> <br />Salary.and mileage, <br />Chickens killed by dog, <br />Chiokens ld,.lled by dog,. <br />Turkey kil1~ by dog, <br />Chickens kill ad by dog, <br /> <br />. --- <br />845.00 ..---' <br />7.70 . <br />6.46.......... <br />3.50.......- <br />./' <br />9~OO 71.68 <br /> <br />. <br />