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<br />l <br /> <br />Convalescent Home Hospital, <br />Catawba Sanatorium, <br />City Home, <br />S. L. Jones & Son, <br />James R. J4e.rtin, <br />N. B. Goodwyn & Sons, <br />Friend & Company. <br />A. K. Venable, <br />Joe Cox, <br />Virginia Steel Company, <br />Noland Company, <br />C. W. smith. <br />S. L. Jone s & Son, <br />Winfree Motor Company, <br />Petersburg Builders' Supply Co., <br />Southern Dry Goods & Notion Company, <br />Chas. Leonard Hdwe. Co. Inc., <br />R. W. Goolsby Hdwe. Co., <br /> <br />,. <br /> <br />Board 17.00./' <br />" 31.00/ <br />" 93.00/ <br />Truck hire-Enon School Proj. 40.70-- <br />It " Camp Baker Proj. 51.75"' <br />Supplies for" " It 14.03 <br />Purchases made" It It 155.33 -' <br />Labor 53.40"-- <br />Truck hire 2.00--- <br />Steel bars--Camp Baker proj. 63.71 ",' <br />Suppl1es---- II " II 198.33~ <br />Funds to attend F.B.I.school300.00- <br />./" <br />Truck hire-EBon School proj. 64.90 <br />Iron Beam--Camp Baker Proj. 2.00--- <br />./ <br />1 hel:ltilator-4 registers 50.00./ <br />SUpplies for \1.P.A.Proj. 34.80"" , <br />" Camp Baker proj. 4.25./' <br />II " "" 4.42.....t1987.99 <br /> <br />II Routine Standard Claims Paid by Executive Secretary:" <br /> <br />N. H. Cogbill. <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co" <br />Ci ty Collector, <br />w. C. Trueheart, <br />Western Union Telegraph Co., <br />state Forester of Virginia, <br />The Little Oil Company, <br />The Chesapeake & Potomac Tel. Co., <br />Chester Pharmacy, <br />O. B. Gates, <br />Broaddus & Lucas, Inc., <br />O. B. Gates, <br />N. H. Cogbill, <br />Truby Motor Company, <br />J. A. DeVol, <br />City Collector, <br />J. A. stratton, <br />R. C. Maitland, <br />Fred R. Shepherd, <br />Town of Colonial Heights, <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co.. <br /> <br />Rent on office building 15.00 ~/ <br />Current for street lighting 473.09/' <br />Responding to fire-Vlest over Hills 75.00/" <br />Premium on fire ins. policy 112.00""- <br />Telegram .57 ,.~. <br />Fire control service 29.30"'''- <br />Oil 23.100#"- <br />Service April l-Aprll 30 212.25.....' <br />Medical supplies for prisoners 1.50./' <br />Board and committal fees tor prisoners30.00~ <br />Repairs to Police cars 36.45.../ <br />summons issued 2.50/ <br />Supplies for prisoners 11.83 ---:' <br />Gas and oil for country truck 57.54./ <br />SUb. Trial Justice 24.00 ./' <br />Responding to fire--Stop 9 25.00-""- <br />Services as Jury COr.Jll11ssioner 5.0C ....... <br />II """ 5.CO ",- <br />" ".." 5.00 /' <br />1ire protection 75.00 <br />Current for Courthouse ~"., v - 39.52 $1257.65 <br /> <br />" Claims Paid by Executive Secretaq on items authorized by Executive Secretary:" <br /> <br />J. R. Todd, <br />R. L. Mann, <br />The Penitentiary Industrial Dept., <br />Buildings Equipment & SUpply Corp., <br />Spencer Printing Co., <br />Richmond Office SUpply Co., <br />Virginia Stationery Co. Inc., <br />C. O. Clodfelter, <br />R. D. Moore, <br />Burroughs Adding Machine Co., <br />Mrs. Theo. T. Cogbill, <br /> <br />Labor <br />Supplies and labor <br />Wearing apparel for Co. prisoners <br />Supplies for jail <br />Ot1'ice supplies <br />" It <br />11 " <br /> <br />1.60/ <br />9.00/ <br />41.10/ , <br />28.72/" <br />28.18 .... <br />, 19.99/ <br />31.59/ <br />3.00 ;' <br />./ <br />8.75 ,. <br />. 90 "'~;- <br />25.00.... 197.83 <br /> <br />Pulling Co. truck out of ditch <br />Fuel for Courthouse <br />Two adding machine ribbons <br />stamps and postcards <br /> <br />b. S. Coburn <br /> <br />"Miscellaneous Claims Allowed by Board ~d Chargeable to the General County Fund:" <br /> <br />Salary and mileage, April <br /> <br />215.37/215.37 <br /> <br />"Claims Approved b~~oard A~ainst Ettrick Sanitary District No.l.FUnd:" <br /> <br />Virginia Department of Hlghvmys, <br />R. H. Dance, <br />City Water Works, <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co., <br />J. L. Lockett. <br />Hiss Grace Pond. <br /> <br />Labor to open di t ch <br />Reading meters and making <br />Water used <br />Current Ettrick Town Hall <br />Gas--Fire Dept. <br />Salary for month of April <br /> <br />140.48 /~ <br />inspect ions 22. 9()//' <br />66.48 <br />1.24//' <br />6.50 ' <br />35.00/$272.60 <br /> <br />IIClaims Approved by Board Against the DoC 'Tax ~'und: II <br /> <br />J. K. Halder. <br />VI. E. Reese. <br /> <br />Salary and mileage for April <br />Pigs killed by dog <br /> <br />""./ <br />45.00 / <br />5.00 50.00 <br /> <br />"Claims Approved by Board Rgulnst West Hill <br />over s Garbage Collection bUd Disposal Area:" <br />L. L. Newcomb. / <br />Collection of Garbage 24.1'7 " $24.l7 <br /> <br />........,c. <br />