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<br />"Ite~s Paid bf Exeouttve Secretary by Order of the Board:" <br /> <br />Nightingale Nursing Home, <br />P1edmon~ Sanatorium. <br />Travelers' Ald Sooiety, <br />Appomattox Iron Works &. Supply Co., <br />Thos. G. Pretlow, M.D. <br />Southern Dry ~ds &. Notio-. Co. <br />The Gilliland Laboratories, Ino. <br />S.L.Jones &. Son, <br />O.B.Vaughan, <br />.Amerioan Hdwe. Co. <br />J aJllEl S R. Mart in . <br />Gale Welding Company. <br />a.L.Jones &. Son, <br />A.T.Curtis &. Son, Ino. <br />Chas. Leonard H4we. Co.lno. <br /> M. Davis &. Co. <br />HaMrs LUIIlber Co. <br />Petersburg Builders' Supply Co. <br /> <br />Hospitalization, 110.00 <br />Boaxd, 15.00 <br />Transportation, 5.79 <br />Materials for Cam.p Baker Proj. 7Q.28 <br />Medical aid. 2.00 / <br />Supplies tor Ettriok Sewing Room, 6.60 <br />Supplies-Diphtheria Toxoid. 5.25 <br />Truok hire-Cmnp Baker Proj. 73.70 <br />Truck hire-:&non School Rd. 49.50 <br />Lbr. tor Camp Baker Proj. 162.45 <br />Truok hire-Camp Baker"Proj. 36.58 <br />Welding hot water heater, 3.00 <br />Truck hire on Camp Baker Proj. 24.20 <br />Lbr. C8lllP Baker Proj. 9.37 <br />Materials tor CalllP Baker Proj. 6.72 <br />Gutter fittings tor Camp Baker 89.30 <br />Lbr. 'tor C8lllp Baker P:roj. 15.00 <br />Supplies tor Camp ~aker Proj. 7.00 $2,270.32 <br /> <br />"Routine Standard Clailll8 Paid by Executive Secretary": <br /> <br />N.H.Cogbi1l, <br />O.B.Gates, <br /> <br />H.E.Fergusson, M.D. <br />George E. Williams. Jr. <br />C.W.LaFratta, M.D. <br />R.Bryant <br />Wm. L. Wlngitield, M.D. <br />Thos. G. Pretlow, M.D. <br />Julius J. Belcher, M.D. <br />Philip Jones, M.D. <br />Mrs. Thea Cogbill, <br />if .B. Wolllble, <br />Virginia ~lectrio &. Power Co. <br />Truby Motor 0,0. <br />Broadd'. &. Lucas. Inc. <br />State Forester ot Virginia, <br />N.H.Oogbill, <br />T1mes-Dispatqh Publishing 00. <br />O.D.Gates, <br />lias. A.. ShieU. <br />E.W.Lacy. Jr. M.D. <br />Virginia Ioe &. Coal Co. <br />Mrs. Thea. ~.Cogbll1. <br />O.B.Gates. <br />Ci ty Co1lec tor, <br />Th08, G. Pretlow. M.D. <br />Goodrich Silvertown Stores.l <br />Virginia Eleotric &. Power ~o. <br />The C'hesapeake &. Potomac Tel. 00. <br />ltr-s. '1'heo. T. Cogbill, <br />R.Bryant, <br />J .....DeVol, <br />J.B.Womble, <br /> <br />Rent on otfice building. <br />Fee s for sUIlDllonsing Supv. to <br />special llleeting, <br />Lunacy commission, <br />" .. <br />" .. <br />" <br /> <br />" <br />" <br />" <br /> <br />&. rent on Courtroom. <br />.. <br />.. viewing bodys, <br />n <br /> <br />$15.00 <br /> <br />2.25 <br />5.00 <br />2.00 <br />10.00 <br />44.50 <br />5.00 <br />25.00 <br />5.00 <br />5.00 <br />6.00 <br />l2.00 <br />473.09 <br />47.45 <br />, 3.10 <br />132.10 <br />9.21 <br />'31.50 <br />78.00 <br />, 5.00 <br />5.00 <br />20.00 <br />30.00 <br />17.10 <br />,75.00 <br />6.75 <br />77.94 <br />35.56 <br />216.59 <br />6.00 <br />10.00 <br />8.00 <br />24.00 $1,4 :8.14 <br /> <br />"Cla1llls PdQ. ~l Exefq.tive Seoretary on I~ms Authoriaed by E,xecutive Secretary": <br /> <br />R.D.Koore" Coal tor Ettrick Sewing Boom, . 4.50 <br />Spencer Printing Co. Office supplies . 15.00 <br />R.L.Kann, Repairing electric oontroller, 5.00 <br />Bram Chemical Co. Soap and bowl oleanser. 89.4S <br />S.B.Frab.klin, Jlaterial and labor tor jail, 12.00 <br />C()IIIII2rcial Printing Co. 'Q.ttioe supplies, 37.00 <br />R.D .Moore J. . -Coal tor Courthouse, 15.50 <br />Virginia l::itationery Co. O:ttice supplies, 34.35 <br />N .B.Goodwyn &.Sons, Uateria1s and supplies, 12.~7 <br />Buildings and Equipment Supply C~)l"p. Janitors supplies, 24.26 <br />a.DJ4oore Coal tor Courthouse, 15.50 <br />Virginia ~inting Co.Inc. Ottice supplies 21.60 <br />Buildings Bquipm.ent &. Supply Corp. SuPplies tor jaIl, 11.66 <br />ll.T.Sunday Co. Prints of road at Robious 8ts. 0.72 <br />Philip V.Cogbill. Recordation cost on deed, 2.25 <br />Amerioan Typewriter Klcohange. lU.meog1' ink 4.17 13051031 <br /> <br />" II <br /> <br />Postage, <br />Substitute Trial Justice, <br />Current tor street lighting, <br />Gas and 011 oounty truok, <br />Repairs to Police oars, <br />Forest tire control, <br />Supplies tor jail, <br />Advertising, <br />Board end cOIllll.ittal tees <br />Lunacy commission, <br />.. " <br />Ice ,Coupon book-592D <br />Po stage , <br />Summons tees. notices posted, <br />Responding to fire on Lee St. <br />~dical aid rendered prisoners. <br />Tire and tubes, <br />Current tor Courthouse. <br />Service May 1 thru Kay 31st. <br />Postage, <br />Rent. <br />Substitute Clerk-Trial Justice. <br />Substitute Trial Justice, " <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />