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<br />--- <br /> <br />VIRGllrIA: At a special neeting of the <br />Board of Supervisors of Chesterfi~ld <br />County, held at the Courthouse on <br />August 29, 1939, at 7: 30 P .1\:. I <br />and im the 164th year of the <br />C ornmonweal th . I <br /> <br />Present: <br />Horace L. Chalkley, Chairman, <br />Horace A. Holt, <br />Hilary L.Fergusson, <br />Harold T. Goyne, <br />John B.\/atkins, Jr. <br /> <br />This day, the Executive Secretary requested of this Bo~rd that it approve <br />the formation of a Council composed of representatives from the County Health <br />Department County 'delfare Department, and the local Chapter of the .american Red <br />Cross, for'the purpose of coordinating the vrork of these groups so as to eliminate <br />the possibility of duplication of services, and, <br /> <br />ifuereas, funds have heretofore, and up to this time, been available to <br />several departments of the government of this County, for the purpose of ministerirg <br />to the general welfare of the citizens of Chesterfield County, and <br /> <br />'vihereas, the functions of those departments have tended to overlap, one <br />with the other, with the result that the maximum effectiveness of the several I <br />services has not been attained, and <br /> <br />'vlliereas, it is well recognized by this Board, that the ,~lfare of a I <br />people is dependent upon the v~ll being of each person; that the care of the I <br />needy must be so administered tl~t it U08S net create dependency, with consequent I <br />wastefulness of public funds and human resources; end that the full service to <br />the welfare of the people can be had only by the unhindered coordination of all I <br />public departments and private organizations: <br />I <br />I <br />Upon Consideration i1hereof, and it appearing proper to do so, this Board t <br />on motion of John B.Watldns, Jr., doth resolve that a Council, to be kno,'m as the <br />Chesterfield County 'delfare Council, be, and the same hereby is, created. And. be <br />it further resolved that this Council be composed of one representative of this I <br />Board; one representative of the American Red Cross; one representative of the <br />Local Board of Public \ie1fare; the County Nurse; the Superintendent of Public <br />\~lfare; the Executive Secretary at the Chesterfield Chapter of the American Red <br />Cross, and one representative not identified vii th the nemed organizations to be <br />elected by the members of the Council designated. _~d be it further resolved, <br />that the Council shall direct its efforts to the coordination of the activities <br />of the Health Department, the Ilelfare Department and of the American Red Cross, <br />And the Council shall make periodic reports to this Board. <br /> <br />On motion of R.A.Holt, it is resolved that John B.\iatkins, Jr., be, <br />and he hereby is, appointed to represent this Board on the Chesterfield County <br />Helfare Council. <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secretary presented to the Board a request of <br />the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to have Chief C.W.Smith, return to the <br />F.B.I. School in Vmshington, between the dates of September 25 - 30th, 1939 , for <br />a re-training course. The ~oard appreciating the police training facilities <br />offered by the F.B.LSchool, doth on motion of Horace A.Holt, direct C.vl.Smith, <br />Chief of County POlice, to attend the school of the Federal Bureau of Investigation <br />in Washington on September 20 - 30th, 1939, at the expense of the County. <br /> <br />This day the ~xecutive Secretary reported to the Board his findings <br />of the need and abi lity to pay for the extension of water and sewer service in <br />and near the Ettrick Sanitary District #1, and requested this Board to approve <br />the naking of an application to the \iorks Projects Administration for assistance <br />in the construction of the aforesaid services. Contribution of sponsor of said <br />project to be approximately $2,500.00. And it appearing to the Board that the <br />legality of spending the funds of the Ettrick Sanitary District #1 outside the <br />bounds of the said sanitary district should be carefully considered before approving <br />such expenditures, the Board doth on motion of H.T.Goyne, defer the matter of <br />extending water and sewer service in the Ettrick Sanitary District #1, until such <br />time as the Board has c onsiderea the legal aspects of expendingc district funds <br />outside the bounds of said district. <br /> <br />It appe aring to the Board that it would be profi tab le to the County <br />to enter into contract for the furnishing of fuel oil for heating purposes to the <br />Bttrick Municipal Building, in the Ettrick Sanitary District #1, the Board doth <br />on motion of John B.Viatkins, Jr., resolve that the Delta Oil Company of PetersburE <br />be awar~ed ~ontract for furnishin& fuel oil #2, to the Ettrick MUnicipal Building <br />in the Ettrlck Sanitary District ffl, for the period ending May 31, 1940 at 6-1/481s. <br />per gallon. And be it further resolved that the Executive Secretary be ,and he <br />hereby is, authorized and directed to sign the aforesaid contract in behalf of <br />this Board. <br /> <br />This day, M.A.Cogbill, Camoonwealth's Attorney. presented to the <br />Board a matter of the issuance of bonds in the Manchester Sanitary District ifl <br />wherein he stated that Thomson, Wood and Hoffman, Attorneys of New York, had ' <br />declined to approve the validity of the bonds heretofore authorized; and that he <br />had taken up the matter of said .ti.ttorneys preparing all papers and proceedings in <br />connection with another election in said di strict so that said Attorneys would <br />approve the validity of said bonds. Upon consideration whereof and on motion <br />