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<br />"Routine Stondard. Claims by Executive Secret,:ry It: <br /> <br />iIrUby Motor 60. Gas, oil ond repair to 60. truck, "-"ug. <br />ih.etna Insurance Co. Premium on ins. Chevrolet truck, " <br />rrouchs ':..dding LIachine Co. Servi ce on eduine; mAchine, " <br />.Thos. G.PretloVl, Professional service, 11 <br />.li.Cogbill, Supplies for jail, 11 <br />:.i. B.Graves, Rent on voting booth (Chester precinct) <br />~~rginia Printing Co. Inc. Voting ballots, <br />nie Johnson, Laundry for children at Camp Baker, <br />. ity Collector -Riehnond, Va. RespondinC to fire call, " <br />roaddus f.,:, Lucas, Inc. One pOlier supply, <br />~)lester Pharmacy, l:euicine for county prisoner:3, <br />~}'ee~leaf Dairy, IIilk, orangeaiil.e and butter-Camp Baker, <br />~G.L'Jrkham, Gas end oil, <br />VI')le Chesapeake and Potomac Tel.Co. Locnl 'nd out-of-toVJn service, <br />vC.B.Gates, Comr..ittal fees, <br />vCJ~ig S:Romaine, Issuing lunacy warrant, <br />~... .EllJ.son, Ice, <br />~oty Collector - Richnond, l;{espondinf to fire call, <br />roaddus &, Luc[t s, Inc. One volume control and svIi tch, <br />f-'pIill'lonwealth of Virginia, Exanination of accts. and IB cords of Clerl~ <br />-A'ausnet's Grocerie s for Baker lIutri tion Camp <br />v'f')le RiclmlOnd Stear.l Laundry,+nc. Laundry for Camp Baker, <br />V'V;.rginia Zlectric iJ., Pov;er Co. Str,"et liChting in County, <br />v6.K.Robertson, E[{ s 8no. chickens for Cnmp B/31rer, <br />ytottie Cheatham, Launery for Judge's r00m, <br />yJrrub:t I.~otor COT.lpany, Gas and oil for truck, <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />4;;77.21" 1 <br />78.25~ I <br />13 .l~ i <br />1. 50~/ I <br />5.90........ <br />2.5().k" <br />51.50~ i <br />31.00K' <br />375.00K I <br />15.0o-K I <br />1.10 l"" ' <br />71.21<"'" I <br />1.88.( I <br />213.38 "'. <br />41.75"'" <br />2.50'" <br />20.25/ <br />75.00.--;' <br />3.:31v <br />190.97 ./ <br />89.92''- <br />16.24.' <br />473.09" <br />17.32 . <br />J/ <br />.75, I <br />62.23 V"41, 931. 86 <br /> <br /> <br />Secretar r on Itens .~uthor ized by Executive Secretarylt: <br /> <br />hester Supply Co. <br />Itzuby l:otor Co. <br />~~rGinia Stationery Co. <br />..Mpderwood Elliott Fishe l' Co. <br />~ B. Good vryn (,;, Sons, <br /> I~otection J:i:quipneLt Co. <br />~ D.t:1oore , <br />\f-juildines Equipment g~ SUIJr1y <br />~aybar Electric Co. <br />.Jf)J.e C. B. ilolge Conpany, <br />Airginia Stndonery Co. <br />~~encer Printing Co. <br />~pencer P~intin8 Co. <br />.,r. L . I.:ann , <br />,1~oasurer of Virginia, <br />~. R. "'~nder20n, <br />y(!J.e stor SUPI'ly Co. <br />J{irginia Stutionery Co. <br /> <br />Supplies 1'01' repairs at <br />Repairs to 60unty truck <br />Gff'ice .supplies, <br />Repair service on typevrriter, <br />Lumber end supplies, <br />To servicing 8.nd rechare;ing fire <br />Coal del'd C.H. <br />Corp. Chlorine 'und 'brushes, <br />One 1;312 Clock, , <br />Dolco '1ar and Dolge applicator, <br />Supplie:3 (office) <br />\;ee1:1y Report Card <br />~,;indow envelopes, <br />Elec t.ric al supnlie s, <br />:Forms for 'l'rial Justice Office, <br />1 pc. 12x12-1/E" <br />17 ft. galv. tin, <br />Folders and indexes, <br /> <br />$10.74~ ! <br />? <' V I <br />1..:.4 I <br />4.14.,.,<' ! <br />4.5Q/I <br />7.6311'<'i <br />extinguishers 8.004. <br />273.06 ;,.J <br />2.65vt' <br />6.35 <1 <br />14.07.'! <br />1?72~j <br />7.35,1 <br />73.55'\ <br />7.70 '" <br />2.12,1 <br />.25- i <br />3.40 ~ ! <br />4.Hl v'!-;jl51S.57 <br /> <br />"Eisce llaneous Claims Allo\'lOU by Board. blld Chargeable to tLe General <br /> <br />!im.S.Coburn, <br />v"'I'llomson ,.i ood and hoffman, <br />vRos1:,;n I'urLis, Inc. <br /> <br />"Claims .hDIHoved by Boare: <br /> <br />vR.H.Dnnce, <br />..s'llerrran-."ndre,i;:; Grocery, <br />V"lirginia Ele c tr ic &, Pov:er <br />.,tit:' r:ater.Jor1:s, Petg. <br />~Virginia Stationery Co. <br />::iss Grace B. Pond', <br />Charle s Eane s, <br />B.'.l.'.ialton, <br /> <br />Salary end expense s, <br />Preparing legal I)a:pccS, <br />hefund ~f 1938 taxes, due to erronenus <br />assessment as directed by Court order <br />of l:ay 15, 1939. <br /> <br />"j,poinst Ettrick Sanitary District l~o.l. ]!'und: <br /> <br />Express on iron curb cork, <br />Gas and oil, Ettrick Fire Dept. <br />Co. Current used Ettrick TO\m Hall, <br />..ater furnished Ett riele, <br />'1',10 meter binderc', <br />Collector of vn"tor rent s, <br />Compensation of' neter reader, <br />Jani tor, <br /> <br />HC1/dms nrnroved b~r Board "I.{"uinst .:3unit~lr.'T DLc:trict 1,0.1. <br /> <br />F..;. ..b bott . <br />L.L.Hane s, <br />T 'I" ..... <br />~ olm L.Graham, <br />]'a;;tarn BuilQ'ing Supply Co. <br />arland S. Swdnor, <br />idelity 8.!ld Deposit Co. of' <br /> <br />Collector of ;atar rents <br />, ' 1 t B ' ' <br />,.01' ~ [. ellr1o"de, <br />n It n <br /> <br />12 main valve leathers for 5ltnon-j8ckets <br />..ate l' supplied, <br />l,:d. ReneV1ul bond-(preraium) J!"':dl.bbott, <br />---~-.__... <br /> <br />County Fund=] <br /> <br />.jp250 .00"",' : <br />250 .00~1 <br />I <br />174.7~. 1~674.75 <br />! <br />I <br />I <br />! <br /> <br />:ijil.Bl', <br />5.10' <br />.56/ <br />64.14 ..-- <br />12.50,'.. i <br />35.00 ,,'. I <br />10..80 ,,' I <br />10.OC $'10001 <br /> <br />i <br />i <br />I <br />$30.00 v" I <br />26.05 v' <br />11.86)/' I <br />24. 75"/ I <br />200.00/ I", <br />5.00/_ ,,;t27 .~8 <br /> <br />J!und: tt <br /> <br />,! <br />