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<br />VIRGIl.L,: ..t an [,djourned Hcoting of the <br />DOLH: of Superv i:;cr~~ of <br />Chosterfield County, held ~.t <br />tLe CourtLouse at '7:30 p.m. <br />on Se r tOEber 14, 1939, [lnd in <br />tLe 104th ~'eur of tho COIrlJiOn- <br />weulth <br /> <br />Be it ],ere note t.. , ttwt the Boor, of .:.>upervisors at its neeting on <br />Depti:r:ber 6, 1~3~, adjourned Sf id nectinc to this day ut 7:30 p.r.r., find that <br />at said d8.Y Lnd tine no mor.1Ler of said Boerd eppeured. <br /> <br />-- /1 / <br />///Itr- (" I ir-l/ <br />// ..;/.,.. ~.. <br />.c:xecutive c.8Cl'etr:ry. <br />