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<br />"nout ine Stand.aru \.Ill:! ius l"aid b;V the :Cxecuti ve Secretarytl: <br /> <br /> <br />raig ;.". Romaine <br />,'rginia .r'enitentiary ...ndustrial ..Jept. <br />- r. "'homas 'Wheeluon, '1 <br />"rginia ....lactric L ~ower CG. <br />'.E. Cates, <br /> <br />~::,..:.i. 'virlc;~n t, Justice cf i)c cc <br />,lrl~ria St&ione~y Go. <br />v~ iL~.f: =:~,J~e't,~_~_(' (~ l:)c;er Cc. <br /> <br />.irfinia ~lectric ~ ~o~er v~. <br />..;' ".[-,er u0wine: .'.achinB GOL:tJUny <br />lty Collector of Ricbicno <br />LIT'. E.r:. nichardson <br />;o'ral '.lvpev:ri ter COIlnany <br />~.b~ Pa~torfield. - <br />hysicians' Service Laboratories <br />r. 'f,G. Pretlov; <br />. J'.G.Loving <br />. L.C. ....ush' <br />.B. Gates <br />.J. .Gary, Constable <br />HIeHty and. .-ieposit Co. of' L . <br />. J. B. :Fisr;er <br />Ellison <br />'",'hoo T. Co{bill <br />Christian, - ~ r. <br />Corbill <br />'Thea. Coebill <br />"1e ChesCipealce &. Poton8.c '1'01. Co. <br />.L. Bates <br />,roauclus &, Lucas <br />oaddus & Lucas <br />_urroughs Adding r:ach:~ne Co. <br />.li. Cosbv <br />~roBddus L Lhcas <br />. B. ,~Q};ins 0:. Co. <br /> <br />lSGuirw lunacy warrant, <br />Jail supplie s <br />~xpenses Cripple Cl,~luren's Clinic <br />Street lirhting in'Gounty, <br />::otices served for s}Jecial Board <br />.'.8 ,t i nt' <br /> <br />.",L CO v: <br />52.60 y <br />lSLOO""'- <br />".i.7Z.0<;':""'" <br /> <br />.' nt;:', v/ <br />~.('~/ <br />..... ,\,. <br />49S.S~"" <br />J . :.: ,(~. ~.'r -,,/ <br />I,' ,;...' &)r.) 0:, C)c-.:,.,.,..." <br />-\"';;! ,_."-'v <br />.>l.f4 V <br />12.C('/ <br />4 ~,U[ 3C. 25.C:Oy/ <br />:....(,C ,/ <br />lCj-CGV <br />6.10y <br />L C,O :/ <br />40. C(J <br />:.... CO ,/ <br />to. 00 .-/ <br />37. LC ,/ <br />2. (,0 ,/ <br />Officers Hi/CC"/ <br />;'..(,0 v <br />~.r 0; l- v,.,. <br />"-v.', ./ <br />1:....03,/ <br />00.(0 <br />to.lev' <br />1[;.03...... <br />214.40 ./ <br />6.COv'" <br />.1 . OC ..- <br />2.00....... <br />21.E3/ <br />2. CO ....- <br />~. t,C;" v <br />7.00 ,..- <br /> <br />Lr~l...~-l c ~., c cr.I:~i } Cl~ <br />Tt_ ~'i.eJ~ct8 <br />C ~ ::1. -:r 'l ~ +. 1 ~ 'l ( r ': C. of C:.Ll <br />t " " et l' , <br />",".,0 ",lees 1 o~ Spe(;l~.L 1"18 T"', 11[: <br />CU"}';Lt- .1:.-";,,. G::...r.r Dul~8r <br />ReLtE:l t\:o sO'..-inf r.bchines <br />RespOLUin[ to fire at Stop <br />Lm.Bcv cour:~ission <br />Rental Royal typewriter <br />hepairs to .oail <br />..J'tlni tic strept vaccine <br />Professional serviCes <br />Lunacy cOJ:il',lission <br />Cor~ission of inebriacy <br />Board O);Ct CCUl,li ttul foes <br />Lunaov cour1i8sion8 <br />PreUillr.1 on bond for Folice <br />LunacY' COLl1:i1ssion <br />Ice 1':)1' <br />L'ostc.Ce stanps <br />Cleanin[ and Qcjustiu[ type~ritBI's <br />Supplies for jail <br />Postage StaL11's ('I'rial Justice) <br />SOlvice SOl)tJ. Sept, 3C, 1939 <br />Lunacv conr~issions <br />Insta'llinc radio in police car <br />Repairing fenerator <br />Repairs to auding machine <br />Lunacv cor:unission <br />Repai~inc fensrator <br />Eindin[" t\,'O property books <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />:WI, G '6.79 <br /> <br />"C12i1:';'8 l)aicl by Lxucutive 0ecl'etar,\' on Iter:.s .,utllOrizGCl by Executive Sec'.': <br /> <br /> <br />n stin{',h0USe blectric ~.:'H.11'lply Co. <br />rfiniu Stationery ~o. <br />drrinia Stationery Co. <br />,'rcinia Statiorwr:r Co. <br />,ircinia Sta tio:lcry 1,;0. <br />,'rfinia Paper COL~any, <br />..estintLcuse ""lect1'ic 0upply <br />"r[inia StatioliGry Co. <br />.reasurer of' Vir!"inia <br />...ruby :,;ctor Co. <br />ir[inia ~tationery Co. <br />encer J:'rintill[ Co. <br />, icer C. Stewart <br />. encer Printing Co. <br />eminfton Rand. Inc. <br />lalld Ccnpuny, <br />. G. l.:arkham, <br />J:.awkins ,~ Co. <br />Lawkins t, Go. <br />Goodv:yn c,; ~OLS, <br />CooJ.\',un i.; .:lons, <br />. ore Protection ~ouiDIlellt Co. <br />.wverett ..audey Co: ~' <br />;verett "auuey Co. <br />. B. Gcoc....:yn (; .:ions <br />verett ,,6.("cley Co. <br />C,B. ...,olge Ce. <br />verett..addey Co. <br />.B. C18rl-:8, ..fent <br />'ester Supply Co. <br />: B. Gocdv:yn ~v .:;ions <br />lester JU]Y;ly Co. <br />enj. ~. Crump Co. inc. <br />, Idinf s EquipLont (;; 5uppl:.r Gorp. <br />ester Supply Co. <br />rrouChs "l.G.dil1f Lachine Co. <br />uilq,ines G... bquipnent 5upply Corp. <br /> <br />One l~nfer Bno basin <br />:Foluers <br /> <br />.",14.4.0/' <br />1.22 ...... <br /> <br />}'oludrs 3.24 ,.,.' <br />Sup!)lie s ::"9. 6~, ..- <br />Curds 3.:.,('/ <br />::i:..eoCT' taper, b.6~~' <br />haner Gnu basin 14.40 <br />3uj.;plles 1'Cl' uf1'ice 5G.0C""- <br />Six booh:s 1'01'1'1 rr.J .-7 6.00....' <br />Pipe 2nu vulve L.t,(,./ <br />Rubber \,'Leels fer custers 2.00 v <br />.;.;rinkinr CUllS 23. GZ .,./ <br />r.e:,airin[ cLairs 1'01' C .h. 2::'" 5e........ <br />Uffice supplies 3.7b~ <br />1 l"ile, finreI' print [, etc. :"'7.~,.~,~, <br />Grate for stove l.~~ <br />7 Ibs. free:,";, 1.4('''''- <br />Hepairinr pipe in jail lC. be:/ <br />Hepuirinr closet tunk t.. 45, ~' <br />1 rross carnet tacks .0(,' <br />Lurr.ber fa l' \,'0 r k at (;. Ii. ~3. i. 2"'- <br />1 qu:u't F'YI'er:8 l' .ire 8xt.incuisi;er 8.40 v- <br />}'orrs and tape 5.9::; v <br />It"orr.:.s [:.1[; v <br />LU:J.ber :1'0 r C. L. e. C~ -'~- <br />1 roll cross section paper 4.tC~' <br />Dolco .,1 ta aIle.. 1:anu. sprayer 14.70"'-' <br />}'orns 1'01' ':.:'rial ~rustice Office 1(;.~'2 / <br />~~xpel1se ctar{es on office suppli:;s .30 a/" <br />~~te1'ials for repairs at C.H. 3.$?~ <br />Supplies fer 0.h: 4.4e~ <br />Prick s5-ding for use at 0.h. 6.00"'- <br />One cliDner and blaues ~ iJ:,,,;fV <br />Vani-soi' h.vl cleaner U:E6 ~ <br />One 14ft scoop 2.~O <br />2 sets rubboI' cushion key tops , 4.80~ <br />5 gallons ~loss wax 11.O~ / <br />'I I j; '1 <br />.. '" <br />'it <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />- <br />