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<br />NOW, THE.REFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, in pursuance of the Court Order above <br />recited and the law in such cases made and provided, that there now be issued <br />$79,000 bonds of said Manchester Sanitary District Number 1 of Chesterfield, Virgin a, <br />for the purpose of construction and operation of a vlater supply and sewerage system <br />or either of such systems, fOr the benefit of the public .in said District, said <br />amount of bonds being less than eighteen per cent of the ~ssessed value of the real <br />estate of said District subject to local taxation. Said bonds shall be numbered <br />from 1 to 79, inclusive, shall be dated January 1, 1940, and shall bear interest at <br />the rate of____ per centum, payable semi-annually ~n the first days of <br />January and ~u~y of each year, and shall mature '2000 bonds on January 1, in each 0 <br />the years 1945 to 1949 inclusive; ~3000 bonds on January 1 in each of the years 195 <br />to 1954, inclusive; $4000 bonus on January 1 in each of the years 1961, <br />inclusive; $5000 bonds on January 1 in each of the years 1962 to 1965. inclusive, <br />and $6000 bonds on January 1, 1966. Said bonds shall be in the denomination of <br />$1000 each, and shall be signed by the Chairman and countersigned by the Clerk of <br />the Board of Supervisors and sealed with the seal of said Board. The coupons to be <br />attached to said bonds shall be sig~ed with the lithographed or engraved facsimile <br />signatures of said Chairman and Clerk, which facsimile signatures are hereby adopte <br />as and for a cl\hf.e and sufficient authentication of said bonds. Said bonds and the <br />interest thereon shall be payable in lawful .money of the United States of America <br />at the ;r.echanics and Ilerchants' Bank of Richmond, Virginia. <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />"1 <br /> <br />AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the 12th day of .....ecember, 1939, at <br />3 o'clock P.M. be, and same is hereby fixed as the day and hour to receive proposal <br />for the purchase of the bonds hereinabove authorized to be sold. And be it further <br />resolved that 'dr:J.. S. lioburn, Executive Secretary, and M. A. Cogbill, Comnonwealth's <br />Attorney, be, and they are hereby, directed to prepare and make the necessary <br />advertisement of the time of receipt of said proposals, and they shall prepare and <br />furnish to interested bond purchasers the necessary information the <br />CTillracter and conditions of such proposed bond issue. <br />.. <br />On mmtion of J. G. hening, it is resolved that M. A. CoSbill, COmLlonwealt,'s <br />Attorney, ar.d Wm. ~. Coburn, Executtve Secretary, be and they are hereby authorized <br />and directed to employ a competent engineer to draw plans, specifications and <br />application to h.P.A. for construction of a sewer system for Bellmeade Sanitary <br />District #l and liIanchester Sanitary District it l. <br /> <br />Again in the matter of additional compensation for election officials, an <br />it appearing to the Board that there is no provision in this Board's resolution of <br />August 9,1939 for increasing the compensation of registrars, the Board doth on <br />notion of J. G: Hening, set the compensation for Registrars at $5.00 for sitting on <br />open registration days, effective thirty days prior to eeneral election of November <br />30, 1939. <br /> <br />( . <br /> <br />......, <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />On motion of ~.m.Goyne, the Department of Public \~lfare of Chesterfield <br />County is requested to supply each member of this Board with a copy of its monthly <br />report to the Board. <br /> <br />The Board having in pre~ious years made donations for Christman baskets <br />to the poor and indigent of this County, and it appearing to the Board that such <br />donations are of great benefit to the indigent, it is resolved on motion of lie T. <br />Goyne, that the sum of $100.00 be and it hereby is appropriated from the "Unappro- <br />priated Balance" of the Ceneral Fund for the purchase of Xmas baskets for such <br />poor and indigent persons as the Local Vrelfare Board approves as eligible to receiv <br />such assistance, and the Executive Secretary and Treasurer are directed to revise <br />the current budget accordingly; and <br /> <br />BE IT FURTlI&R RESOLVED that the Executive Secretary be and he hereby is <br />directed to issue warrant in the amount of $100.00 payable to Elizabeth VI. Basby, <br />Supt. of Local ~lelfare, as the County's donation to Christmas baskets for the poor <br />and indigent of this County. <br /> <br />:i <br /> <br />Ordered that the Board be now adjourned until December 12,1939 at 10:00 <br /> <br />.t.I. <br /> <br />r;{.r <br /> <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />~~17 <br /> <br />Chairman. <br />