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<br />"Routine. Standard Cl~ims ~aid by the Exeoutive Secfetary"; <br /> <br />. W. Ellison <br />r. Louise Leland Clark <br />Dr. Louise Leland Clark <br />Dr. Louise Leland Ulark <br />Louise Leland Clark <br />Chesapeake & Potomac <br /> <br /> <br />.lce for Courthouse, :;;11. 7b <br /> <br />Sitting tn on lunacy oommission <br />" "" It " <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />" " <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />It <br /> <br />:11;11. 75t1"" <br />IS.OO/ <br />5.00 ....', <br />5.00........ <br />l3.00..... <br /> <br />210.85 t;?'- <br />.85~940.32 <br /> <br />ostmaster <br />'T. 'l'heo Cogbill, <br />pencer Printing Co. <br />pencer Printing Co. <br />pencer Printing Co. - <br />enitentiary lndustrial ~ep.. <br />raybar ~lectric Co. <br />verett \iaddey Co. <br />roadway Press <br />. S. Beckwit~ & Co. <br />ichmond Gffide Supply Co.Inc <br />irginia Stationery Co. <br />irginia Stationery Co. <br />i8ginia Stationery Co. <br />ichmond Office bupply Co. <br />lyde L. Bowman <br />uildings Equipment & Supply <br />. L. Mann;' , <br /> <br />"Claims Authorized by Executive Secretary and Paid out cf the General Uounty Fund: <br />,/'. <br />35.12v' <br />7.53 <br />l4.21/ <br />4.90 ,/ <br />23.50~' <br />149.51....... <br />1.89....... <br />20.41 ~/ <br />0.75/, <br />9.27 <br />46.62/ <br />4.20~ <br />4.75....... <br />17.60,/' <br />58.56 <br />67.l~ <br />~.7.l5""/ <br />p. _1 <br />. $482.83 <br /> <br />Professional services <br />Te. Co. Local and out-of-town service <br />Dec. 1, Dec.31,1~39 <br />~dicine, prisoners in jail <br /> <br />Stamps <br />Stamps <br />Office Supplies <br />Office bupplies <br />Drinking cups, <br />Clothing for Policemen <br />.l.ight bulbs <br />uffice supplies <br />.c;nvelopes <br />Office Supplies <br />l~ Record of Criminal cases <br />One slide rule, one index <br />Envelopes <br />Two binders and one box parc~t <br />Lnc une conditional Sales Book #21 <br />Labor and material <br />Corp. Special cleaner and sponge <br />Repairs and materials <br /> <br />-/ <br /> <br />-- <br /> <br />"Miscellanedlus Claims Not (,;lassified ~lsewhere and Paid by the ~xecutive Secretary"; <br />, <br /> <br />Rental on machines for Sewing Room 18.00V" <br />'flare house rent for months of May, June, <br />July, August, ,Septelllber and Uctober 63.80~. <br />One p~ttern, .35~ <br />~xpe~ses incurred in conducting clinic ~ <br />for l~ovember, l~39 37.00 <br />~nstalling new police radio l5.00~ <br />Supplie s for C 11nic .70 V' <br />Vaccine 8.00./ <br />One pump house 91.00 _ <br />II. Bagby, Supt. Donation for Xmas Baskets for needy 100.00 V'. <br />Plans and specifications on proposed <br />electrical system for County <br />Carpenter work at Camp Baker(on Beet) <br />Floor and plumbing (on account) <br />Loan of $50,000 at 3/4 of 1% interest <br />Refund on amount paid Medioal College <br />for injury received while on duty. <br />Times-Dispatch Publishing Co.Lnc Advertising delinquent real estijte <br /> <br />l <br />~inger Sewing ~chine Uo. <br />Ci ty vOllector," Petersburg, <br /> <br /> <br />uCker-Rosenstock, lnc <br />r. Thomas IJhe'eldon <br /> <br />roaddus & Lucas <br />Powers and Anderson <br />he Gilliland Laboratories,Lnc. <br />P. H. Mann <br />lrs. Elizabeth <br />R. L. Mann <br /> <br />H. Mann <br />O. H Mann <br />~chAnics & lwrchants Bank <br />Samuel B. Hirschberg <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />.\ <br /> <br />-'", <br /> <br />75.00 .,/ <br />125.00 ::;.- <br />150.00 . <br />19 5 .6'0 .,/' <br /> <br />-;.. <br /> <br />4.00 ./ <br />H2.'i:l5 v <br />$1017e.ze <br /> <br />"MUcellaneous Claims Allowed by Board in Meetinp: of January 9. 1910:" <br /> <br />Certifying 1939 capitatien tax-payment vi' <br />list 91.00 . <br />Treasurer's bond--Policy ~302473- 1 yr775.00~ <br />~o~rce Subscription to Va. btate Chamber <br />of Commerce, Jan.l,1940 to Jan.l,194l 125.00/' <br />Postage used July ~,1938 to Dec. 14,1939 <br />mailing witness tickets and allowances to . <br />durors in the Circuit Court of Chesterfield J. ~ <br />County ~ :I1;lCOO.Q5 <br /> <br />hillip V. Cogbill <br /> <br />-J Davenport Insurance ~orp. <br />Virginia otate Chamber of <br /> <br />hilip V. Cogbill <br /> <br />"Salaries <br /> <br /> <br />Executive Secretar out <br /> <br />Lewis L. Hanes <br />F. W. Abbott, <br />James Powell <br />Bruce Graham <br /> <br />klages, making water connections,etc. <br />Salary as Clerk <br />Labor <br />.l..abor <br /> <br />18 . '0 ':; <br />30.00v <br />3.25"'" <br />3. EO ~54. 75 <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />"Salaries. Compensation. Allowances and 11ileage Paid by the Executive Secretary out <br />, of Ettrict: bani tary District Operatinp; Fund: " <br /> <br />Grace B. Pond <br />B. wi. Walton <br />Chas. E. Eanes, <br /> <br />Salary District Clerk <br />Janitor <br />Reading meters, making connections,etc. <br /> <br />35.00 v <br />5.00 v/ <br />26.25"$66.2 <br /> <br />"Salaries, Compensation, AllowaLces, and Mileage Paid by the .l:.!:xecutive Secretary out <br />or the Do~ Tax Fund:" <br /> <br />J. K. Halder <br /> <br />oalary and mileage <br /> <br />.-............._.......,.;..-~..........-- <br /> <br />45.00 y <br />