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<br />vIRGINIA: At an adjourned meeting of the Board of <br />~upervlsors, held at the Courthouse on <br />~anuary 15, 1940, at 10:00 a.m. and in the <br />l64th year of the Commonwealth. <br /> <br />.t'resent: <br /> <br />H.L.Chalkley, vhairman <br />H. '1' . Goyne <br />oJ .G.Hening <br />T .D. liatkins <br />'i1.A.Horner <br />.t'.W.vovington <br /> <br />This being the day and time set by the Board to hear any and all persons <br />favorable or unfavorable to the proposed annexation by the 'l'own of Colonial Heights <br />of certain areas adjacent to the said Town of volonial Heights in Chesterfield <br />vountY~i and the Chairman asked those wishing to be heard in favor of the annexation <br />by volonial heights of the aforesaid area to come forward and be heard. liaereupon, <br />Fred R. Shepher, ~ayor of the ~own of volonial heights, tlarry ~. ~nead, and others <br />sppke in favor of the said proposed annextion by the ~own of volonial heights. The <br />vbairman then asked those persons desiring to be heard in opposition to the said <br />proposed annextion by the ~own of Colonial tleights, to come forward and be hear, <br />whereupon, .....1'5. r~.!h lihi te ,J1. II. vrowder, and others spoke in opposition to the said <br />proposed annexation. And it appearing to the~oard that all members of the ~oard <br />had not viewed the area proposed for annexation by the ~own of volonial l~ights. <br />'l'herefore, on motioh of .t'.iv.uovington, the lJoard is now reoessed u.ntil 3:00p.m. <br />this day to permit the membership to view the area proposed to be anne~ed by the <br />Town of volonial J:Leights. <br /> <br />On motion of J1.T.uoyne, the vhairman oalled upon these appearing before <br />this ~o~rd for a rising vote by those favoring the proposed annextion of certain <br />area of~hesterfield vounty by the ~own of ~olonial heights, and of those opposing <br />the aforesaid annextion. i,hereupon, the Chairman asked for those in favor of the <br />aforesaid proposed annextion to rise, and be it reoambered that six l6J persens <br />favored the proposed annextion. ~he Chairman then asked those persons oPPQsing <br />the aunextion to rise, and be it remembered that twenty-two. l22J persons oppoeed <br />the proppse4 annexat!on. . <br /> <br />On motion of J.I.z..uening, it is resolved that ~oard ,l'escind its <br />former resolution of July 5, 1939, in so far as said resolution~G8D6rns the emp19Y- <br />ment of additional counsel to assist the Commonwealth's Attorney in defending this <br />~ounty against the annexation proceedings filed against this Cmunty by the Town of <br />volonial Heights. Be it here remembered that tl.~.Goyne voted "No" and asked that <br />his vote be so reoorded. <br /> <br />On motion of Vi. A. Horner, it is resolved that the Virginia JJepartment <br />at Highways be and it is hereby requested to make a 10oat1on surv8T for a proposed <br />rDad oommenoing at the inters~9tion of .t. '10, and Ruther's Road th8noe'southwardl~ <br />over the Ruther's Road and the 'Ruther's Road exgended to Route #360, eact of <br />Poooshock Creek, without cost to the County. <br /> <br />~~ <br /> <br />ecutlve cretary <br /> <br />}f. ~ !)t,j~ <br />hairman . <br />