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<br />- -------- --"' --- --------- ------~----~--;.;._....;..-"--"~;.;~:.~~...~--'-'-'----'--_. <br /> <br />"Claims Paid by the hxecutive Secretary oh Items huthorized by the Executive ;.;ecretary <br /> <br />Spencer ~rintinr. Co. <br />Spencer Printing Co. <br />Richmond Office bupply Co.~ne <br />Spencer ~rinting Co. <br />Jenkins Oil Corp. <br />Buildings Bquip.& Supply Corp <br />Vim. S. Coburn <br />R.D.I.loore <br />Richmond ~aper Co. Inc. <br />Spencer Printing ~o. <br />Virginia utationery ~o. <br />Virginia utationery Co. <br />vackson ~oal and ~oke Co. <br />Buildings Lqulp. ~ ~upply Co <br /> <br />Report forms-Exec. Seely <br />.Il'orns for Trial Justice-index cards <br />Report forns & other office supplies <br />Uffense reports - ~olice Dept. <br />u2 fuel oil for Camp Baker <br />Creen soap <br />6 duplioate keys (pd.for in cash) <br />une ton stove coal <br />llimeograph paper <br />Record cards - file folders <br />uffice supplies - miscellaneous <br />uffice suppliP.'s <br />Coal for Cour~house (55.2 tons) <br />vanitor's Supplies <br /> <br />:';;7.35 ' <br />10.54 <br />159.24. <br />14.21' <br />54.60 v <br />11.88 . <br />1.50, <br />9.00 ' <br />14.70' <br />14.94 <br />119.81 : <br />9.94' <br />292.56.' <br />1. 72 ~731. 99 <br /> <br />l1iseellaneous Claims not Lilassified blsewhere and .Paid b:{ the Bxecuti ve ~ecr8tary: <) <br /> <br />ProgreSS-.l.ndex <br />Coos. ....eonard Lldwe. (Jo.~nc. <br />Southern Dry Goods & ~otion <br />Dr. Thos V~eeldon <br />.Philip V.vogbill <br />G.b.. Cogbill <br />Joe ROVllett <br />Horace Carter <br /> <br />Classified advertising <br />une cedar mop (sewing room-\~~) <br /> tlupplies for sewing room <br />Expenses in conducting clinic for <br />Copies of 8 deeds <br />~upplies for jail <br />~ubstitute truck uriver <br />Substitute truek driver <br /> <br />"Salaries Com ensation <br /> <br /> <br />l.:iss Grace J:'ond, <br />B. W. 'nal ton <br />Coos. h. Lanes <br /> <br />t <br /> <br />Salary-~istrict Clerk <br />vanitor <br />Reading meters and making taps <br /> <br />Jan. <br /> <br />~2.~5 <br />.66 ' <br />40.92v <br />34.50 ' <br />4.00- <br />2.70 ,/ <br />3.50 v <br />5.75'~95.28 <br /> <br />Secretar out of <br /> <br />~35.00 <br />5.00 <br />12.50'$52.50 <br /> <br />"Routine ;:;.tandard Clains Paid Out of the Ettrick Sanitar~r District Fund:." fOper) <br /> <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. Current used at Town Hall <br />l,:rs. Theo Cogbill Postage <br />Delta Oil Co. ~uel oil - Fire Dept. <br /> <br />$ 1.36 <br />15.0<;1 " <br />~'$ 35.37 <br /> <br />"It is ordered that tl:e followinp claim be paid out of the l!.;ttrick Sanitar~T J,Jistrict <br />Debt Fund: ,. <br /> <br />Chase l;ational Bank <br /> <br />Interest <br />Brokerage charge <br /> <br />"Salaries Com ensation <br /> <br /> <br />F.\i.Abbott <br />C.R. \iilmouth <br />Arthur :B"ogg <br />Lewis L. Hanes <br /> <br />Salary - District Clerk <br />"'abor <br />....!:Ibor <br />Labor <br /> <br /> <br />Paid out of the Bellmeade Sanitar Dist. <br />ostage <br />"'iater supplies <br /> <br />"lliscellaneous Claims ?aid out of the Bellmeade Sanitary Dist. ~'und: It <br /> <br />R. Stuart Royer <br />Virginia Lita tionery Co. <br />Miller l1fg. Co. Inc. <br /> <br />Preparing estimates, etc. <br />1 bottle stanp pad ink <br />Screen guards and glass <br /> <br />ijp1125.00 <br />5.00 $1130. OO~ <br /> <br />Secretar Out of <br /> <br />;;':30.00 ,. <br />6.60 <br />3.75' <br />15.00,$55.35 <br /> <br /> <br />;jp75.00 ' <br />.45, <br />12.25.$87.70 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Salary and mileage Garle .Jarden <br /> <br />"Salaries. Allovlances. Compensation ancl l:ileape -i'aid out of the lJO[! Tax }und:" <br /> <br />~45.00' <br /> <br />"It is ordered that the <br />Routine Standard Clates <br />Mrs. ',;il11e Snellings <br />Virginia D. 1.1111s <br />llGrs. ',ii1liam Archer <br />J .\J.Bagwe11 <br />G.P ....~eatrour <br /> <br />follO\viuf claims be allowed and <br />Paid out of the ~of". Tax :E'und:" <br />Ghickens killed by dog <br />" """ <br /> <br />paid!. <br /> <br />" <br />" <br /> <br />" <br />" <br /> <br />" " <br />" " <br /> <br />Pig killed by dog <br /> <br />;;p16.87 , <br />2.70 . <br />2.88 ' <br />2.40 <br />3.00, ~25.85 <br /> <br />"Sa1.8rlies,Compensation,AlloVlance and lr1leage Paid by the :c.xeeutive Secretary Uut of <br />ttJe ..estover hlllS l.iaroage COl.lection and. .lJlspOSal. JlIuna. <br />E.\i.Blankenship Collector of garbage' :;?70.00 <br /> <br />"Claims .i~llowed and Paid. out of the l,lanchester San.Dist. Construction ":und: II <br />R. Stuart Royer Preparing estimtes, etc. $425.00 ' <br /> <br />GRAlID TOTAL..............$10,1~6,26 <br />