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<br />VIRGINIA: At an adjourned meeting of the <br />Board of Supervisors of 0 heaterf eld <br />County" held at Ohesterfield <br />Courthouse, at 10:00 a.m. on May <br />1, 1940, and in the 164th year 0 <br />the Commonwealth <br /> <br />Presen t: <br /> <br />H.L.Chalkley, Chairman <br />T.D.Watkins <br />w.A. Horne r <br />P. vi. Covington <br />H.T.GOyne <br />J. G.Hening <br /> <br />! <br /> <br />This day in accordance with the Board's resolution of April g, and in <br />pursuance to the law, the matter of an Ordinance repealing that certain ordinance <br />previously adopted by the Board prohibiting the sale of Beer and Viine in the <br />County of Chesterfield, except that part known as Colonial Heights, came before <br />the Board and after hearing numerous citizens and upon consideration by said Board <br />it is resolved, on motion of H.T.Goyne, that the said Ordinance be not adopted. I <br /> <br />This day the Oommittee on the water contract with the C1 ty of Petersburg <br />for the supplying of water to the EttrickSanitary District, acting through P.Yi. <br />Covington, Chairman, reported to this Board that a Committee from the City Council <br />of Petersburg, composed of John R. Jolly, Mayor, Gordon Bohannon. City Attorney, <br />and Jos. T.Hatcbett, Acting City Manager, stated to this Board's Committee that <br />said Committee would recommend to-the City Council of the City of Petersburg <br />a rate char€! of $1.30 per one thousand cubic feet of water, '10.00 a year for <br />each fire hydrant in said sanitary district, and $6.00 per month, for the master <br />materi and the said Committee of this Board recommends to this Board that it do <br />not a~cept the terms above set out and recommending that this Board as a body <br />a ttend tile next mee ting of the City Council of the City of Petersburg on May 7, <br />at 8:00 p.m., for the purpose of discussing said contract at further length. <br />Upon consideration and on motion of P.W.Covington, it is resolved that this <br />Board do not accept the rate charge above, and be it further resolved that this <br />Board attend as a body the next meeting of the Council of the City of Petersburg <br />to be held on May 7, at 8:00 p.m. <br /> <br />On motion of Vi ..A.Horner, it is resolved that the Chairman be, and he <br />hereby is, directed to appoint a Committee from this Board to make a preliminary <br />survey of the water supply for the County of Chesterfield, or that portion <br />requiring samei that said Committee be, and it is vested with the power to employ <br />necessary techinal advice to further its study in the premises: <br />lihereupon, fhe Chairman appointe d vi .A.Horner and P.W ~ Covington as such Committee. <br /> <br />On motion .01' W.A.Horner, it is resolved that the Executive Secretary <br />be, and he 1s hereby directed to issue his warrant on the Manchester Sanitary <br />District Construction Fund in the amount of $2,000.00, payable to R.Stuart Royer, <br />as part payment for engineering services rendered in said district. <br /> <br />,~ <br /> <br />-. <br /> <br />Ordered that the meeting be now adjourned until May 14, 1940, at <br />10:00 a.m. <br /> <br />77:;:;i~y. <br /> <br />/V,l (I~# <br /> <br />- <br />