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<br />R. L. Bates <br />Broaddus & Luoas <br />Business Equipment Co. <br />Dr. J. H. Blaokwell <br />R. L. Bates <br />State Forester of Va. <br /> <br />Lunacy oommissions <br />Repairing radio on Polioe car <br />Inspection of machines (April) <br />Lunaoy oommission <br />Lunacy commission <br />Forest fire Control Service <br /> <br />. 6.00 <br />5.20 <br />7.50 <br />5.00 <br />3.00 <br />114.62 '$1,130.47 <br /> <br /> <br />"Claims Paid by the Executive Secretary on Items Authorized by the Executive. <br />Seoretary": <br /> <br />"Miscellaneous Claims Not Classified Elsewhere and Paid by the Exeoutive <br />Secretary": , <br />r <br />Dr. Thos. Wheeldon Expenses for Clinic Feb. and Moh. <br />The Times-Dispatoh Publishing Co. Advertising - "Pig Notioe" <br />The Times-Dispatch Publishing Co. If - Notioe of Beer and Wine <br />Southern Dry Goods Co. Supplies for Sewing Room <br />Richmond Times~Dispatch Pub. Legal notioes <br />Richmond Times-Dispatch Co. Legal notices <br />The RichmOnd News Leader Advertising - Statement of Receipts and <br />expenses for the year 1938 <br />Arthritic Strept. vaccine <br />Bal. due on Camp Baker Project <br />Recordation cost of deed <br />One pair bow-leg irons <br /> <br />Entries of delinquent lands sold for <br />1937 taxes <br /> <br />L. L. Watts <br />Virginia Printing Co. <br />Virginia Printing Co. <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br />Virginia Printing Co. <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br />Vtrstnia Stationery Co. <br />Remington Rand, Inc. <br />Richmond Oftioe Supply Co. <br />Noland Company, Ino. <br />The C. B. Dolge Co. <br />Cox's Auto Service <br />Business Equipment Co. <br /> <br />Physicians' Service Lab. <br />O. H. Mann <br />Philip V. Cogbill <br />Amsterdam Bros. Inc. <br /> <br />Philip V. Cogbill <br /> <br />Mattresses for jail <br />Envelopes <br />Office Supplies <br />Office Supplies <br />One rubber stamp <br />Virstaco pads and labels <br />100 annexed voters lists <br />One stationery cabinet <br />4x6" cards and ink <br />Offioe supplies <br />100 forms No. TJ <br />Stenoils and oorreotion fluid <br />Paper 81 :x: 13 (Parchment) <br />One grate for #213 Beacon stove <br />Disinfectant <br />Repairing tire <br />Repairs to Underwood Typewriter <br /> <br />. 20..'101(" <br />4.75 ' <br />14.75 <br />3.01 <br />1.20 <br />27.90 <br />6.50 <br />5.85 I <br />5.17 <br />7.15 <br />4.00 <br />7.70 <br />31.01 <br />1.12 <br />15.00, <br />1.00 <br />9.50 , 166.31 <br /> <br /> <br />-. <br /> <br />$ 59.00 <br />11.00 <br />8.00 <br />126..84 <br />21.30 <br />12.75 <br /> <br />24..&& <br />2.00 <br />210.60 <br />4.50 <br />30.00 <br /> <br /> <br />&~~.99 <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />~24.04 <br /> <br />"Salaries. Compensation. Allowances and Mileage Paid by the Executive Secretary <br />out of the Ettrick Sanitary District Fund: - <br /> <br />Miss Grace Pond <br />B. W. \lalton <br />Chas. H. Eanes <br /> <br />Salary-District Clerk <br />Janitor <br />',iater taps~reading meters <br /> <br />i 35.00 <br />5.00 <br />ll:75 $ 51.75 <br /> <br />.-... <br /> <br />"Routine ~tandard Claims Paid out of the Ettrick Sanitary District Fund:" <br />( Oper. ) <br /> <br />Virginia lHectric <br />City Hater vlorks, <br />Eanes Grocery, <br />Delta Oil Co. <br /> <br />and Power Co. Current used by Town Hall <br />Petersburg \Iater suppl1ec!l during Mch. <br />4-Dry ce 11 . ba tteries <br />Gas and oil.~ Fire Dept. <br /> <br />78.64 <br />"':-1.60 <br />"'5.05 <br />85. 29 . <br /> <br />"Salaries Com ensation <br />out Of <br /> <br />F. VI. Abbott <br />L. L. Haynes <br />George Copeland <br />Bruce Graham <br />Janes Powell <br /> <br />(;).92 <br />77.72 <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />, <br /> <br /> <br />Secretar <br /> <br />nd. <br /> <br />Salary-District Olerk <br />Labor <br />Labor <br />" <br />II <br /> <br />30.00 <br />""3.,40 <br />4.25 <br />2.75 <br />3.50 <br /> <br /> <br />53.90 _ <br /> <br />Garland s. Sydnor <br />J. B. Clarke <br /> <br />"Routine Standard Claims Paid out of the Bellmeade Sanitary Dist. Opere Fund. <br />, <br /> <br />\Iater supplied April l-May 1, 1940 <br />Freight <br /> <br /> <br />202.47 <br /> <br />200.00 <br />2.47 <br /> <br />"It is ordered that the followi~ Miscellaneous Claims be paid out of the <br />Bellmeade San. Dist. Opere Fund:" <br /> <br />Neptune Meter Co. <br />Noland Company, Ino. <br />Mueller Company <br />The Ford Meter Box Co. <br /> <br />Supplies - boltB and screws <br />It _ solder, couplings <br />Corporation stops - 900 tt. pipe <br />Coppersetters - Copper inlets <br /> <br />3.41 <br />2.59 <br />19'5.59 <br />76.00 <br /> <br />Il' 'r" _.", .>..-'io...........,".......n...._.'~ <br />