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<br />"Standard Routine C1L;,ims Paid bv the bxecutive .:.iec'retc.ry": <br /> <br />Va.Electric & PQ~:er Co. Cwrent C.E., etc. ~ 50.40 ," <br />Samuel \/. Gregory J:i.entcl on dumpin€! Crouno. near Chester $12.50......, <br />JO.JB.GGary Lunacy comissions 4.50""'" <br />. . ,etes Board End comro1 ttal of prisoners (June) 22.50" <br />O.B.Gat,,:s Board L.nd comm,ittal of prisoners (May) 58.50', <br />Lr.P,L.Hill Lunacy commission -Robt.~ordan T~aylor,Sr. 5.60/ <br />.'1..L.Lindsey Inebriety vmrr'lnt-Claud \iilliE.UU Reeves 3.0G' <br />"~.L.Lindse~ l.umcy \Jarrtlnt-Anthony Travis Harris 3.00 v <br />R.B.J..ugust~ne Ins. ".geney Bond on \im.S.CQburn, .c;xec. Seey. ~5.00 v <br />R.Bryant Rent on Trial uustiee Courtroom-~ay 1, <br />19~9 to July 1, 1940 <br />Brouudus & Lucas Installing radio-police Cbr <br />Business Equipment Co.lnc. Inspection on 15 machines -July,1940 <br />The Chesapeake &,potomae Tel.Co. Local & toll charges~July l-Ju1y,31, <br />lirs. Theo Cogbill stamps bnd postcards <br />Town of \,;010nia1 Heights Jt'ire protection as per contract,",pri+, <br />May h nd June 1940 <br />Title for Chevrolet truck (void) <br />l.unacy commission-Julian Reid Lipscomb <br />~intenance service on bookkeeping <br />llll:.,chine <br />hespondiLg to fire ~velyn Byrd Road <br />Rental on sewing nwchil1es <br />Gas cond oil for county truck <br />Serving on lunacy comDission <br />U8S, oil ~nd repairs, county truck(July) <br />Co. Current - C.H. ,Camp Baker, end Vlelfare <br />Co. Street lighting in County <br />Lunacy commission~l obt. Jordan Traylor, <br />Ice for June <br />Parts Co. Inc. One Exide Battery for County truck <br />Relief truck driver for Matt Redd, Sr. <br /> <br />Director of Motor Vehicles <br />.ur.O.R.Maloney <br />s.L.perry Sales "~ent <br /> <br />City Collecto!t' <br />Singer Sewing tIachine Co. <br />~ruby Motor Company <br />Dr.FrQncis N.Taylor <br />Truby Uotor Co. <br />Virginia ~lectric &, Power <br />Virginia .J::lectric &:. POiler <br />N athun B. \ihi te <br />.:::.i.ii .Ellison <br />Petersburg Auto <br />Joe Rowlett <br /> <br />"CL.i.n.:S P..:..ID BY E};J!;CUTIVE SLCEET..Jty ON 11'::...:!!S AUTHORLlill BY EXEC. <br /> <br />SEC'Y:" <br /> <br />p~sinfectcnts und cleaner <br />Supplies for cle~ning <br />\/elding wtiter jucket <br />24 pcs. 30x4V' photogruphic .lIlaterial <br />One sheuring head for clipmaster <br />Blades for clipper <br />~rainers and butcher trays-CwmpBaker <br />Plustering ~reasu~er!s office (Patching) <br />Type\~iter ribbons <br />One fan belt - flaunty truck <br />~lectric light bulbs <br />Soap <br />.uoor and fittings for <br />ljhite gh ss and obscure slass (Treas. ) <br />5-Gal. liquid wax <br />Co.Inc. Repairing chairs and seuts in Trial <br />Justice Courtroom <br />~ood supplies for Camp Baker <br />Supply Co.lnc. 10C Forms JC~2 (Trial Justice) <br />Supply Co. Inc. 1 Conditional Sales Book <br />Labor-Treasurer" s office <br />Off ice supplie s <br />Office supplies <br />Ststement-Clerk's office <br />Labor-Work in Treasurer's office <br />Office supplies <br /> <br />The C.B.Dolse Co. <br />"N.B.Goodwyn &, Sons <br />Gale \'e1ding Co. <br />Hull Optical Co. <br />Chas. Leon~rd Hdwe. Co. <br />Chas. Leolli:lrd H<i,Je. Co. <br />Chas. Leonard IIdwe. Co. <br />Tom Branch <br />Burroughs Adding Machine Co. <br />C.C.Clodfelter <br />Gruy1:ar .llIlectric Co. <br />Colgate-Palmolive.?eet Co. <br />Miller Mfg.Co.lnc. <br />l\Iiller Mfg.Co. Inc. <br />Patton &. Co. <br />Richmond Office Supply <br /> <br />Roper &. Company <br />Richmond Off ice <br />Richmond Office <br />M.O. Terrell <br />Virginia Stationery 00. <br />Virginia Sthtionery Co. <br />Virginia Printing Co. <br />R.E. \dlliams <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br /> <br />70.0(; I <br />19 . 00 v <br />7 . 50 v <br />213.13./ <br />17 .03 ' <br /> <br />75.00 r' <br />1.00 <br />5.00'-- <br /> <br />5:5.001', <br />75.00 ,/ <br />30.00.' <br />53.52", <br />5.00 v <br />61.65..... <br />52. 28 y <br />473.09 ,/ <br />3.00'" I <br />8.50 or <br />8.46 ..-- <br /> <br />41;42..>41 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I <br /> <br />-. <br /> <br />l;i45. 51../ <br />1.46'" <br />3 00'/ <br />16: 75/ <br />7 . 52 " <br />.77 .... <br />10.00" <br />3.50...... <br />2 . 40 ,...-" <br />1.00 ,/ <br />36.71 ,:::, <br />fl.35 , <br />27.50'/ <br />9.38 v <br />7.35 \:':'" <br /> <br />166.90 -'" <br />4,2.951/ <br />3.15 ,,' <br />58.49v <br />4.00 y' <br />12.70" <br />8.05.... <br />8.75" <br />13.60 v <br />13. 23v' t~4 ~ 07, <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />"I.Iiscelllineous Claims :r:;ot Classified Elseirthere und Paid by the Exec. Sec'y.": <br /> <br />Electric Refrigerution o;jervice <br />II .B. GoodvJyn &; Sons <br />R.D.11oore <br />Chevrolet l~tor Division <br />Lottie Cheathalp. <br />Rucker-Rosenstock, Inc. <br />Ri c.hr1ond Came ra Shop <br />Roper &, Co. Inc. <br />hurry L.Sneud <br /> <br />Southern Dry Goods &. l;otion <br />Southern UrY Goods &. Notion <br />Vertel1e liebster <br />Trubjr lIotor Co. <br /> <br />~jater coolers for Courthouse <br />Food supplies.Camp Baker <br />Coal for Camp Baker <br />One 12 Ton Cab and Chassis <br />Cleaning at Camp Baker <br />Patterns for Sevling hoom-H.P.A. <br />.cingerprint Camera butteries and films <br />Jt'ood Supplie ,3-Camp Baker <br />1/10 of 1% for ussessment of t~ngible <br />persona property <br />Supplies for Sewing ROOII1-W.F .A. <br />Buttons for Sewing Room-li.P.A. <br />Cleaning ut Camp Buker <br />Gas for roed scrb.per~\:.P.A.Project <br /> <br />. --..,..-.------".. ...~-..'. ",""""'-,,,....'"_.~..~...~,,,,- "~~'- <br /> <br />:a.4a7.00'" <br />23.25 v' <br />4 . 50 v~ <br />614.97./ <br />1.50/ <br />2.05....... <br />2.26 v/ <br />2S.Qa <br /> <br />2.42 ",,1 <br />115.93 <br />7.56 <br />1. 50./ <br />44.88 <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />il,3113.89 <br />y <br /> <br />I <br /> <br /> <br />__.......l-__ .-- <br />