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<br />"Routine Standard Claims Paid by the A:i:ecutive Secretary" <br /> <br />Rucker-Hosenstock, Inc. <br />halter N. Perdue <br />I ~alter N. Perdue <br />, ~cCue and ~lsop <br />lir. L. C. Lush <br />Annie Johnson <br />O. B. Gates <br />S. 1/. Bllison <br />Eyler's Garage <br />Mrs. Thea Cogbill, P. I,I. <br />The Chesapeake and Potomac Co. <br />Copley's ~uto Service <br />Broaddus & Lucas <br />i Broaddus & Lucas <br />R. L. Bates <br /> <br />S. B. Adkins & Company <br />R. B. Augustine Ins. Agency, Inc. <br />R. B. Augustine Ins. Co. <br />Business Equipment Co. <br /> <br />The hmerican ~ypewriter ~xchange <br /> <br />Supplies for 0ewing haom <br />Recordaticn cost of deeds <br />\"opies of deeds <br />Insurance premium on co. truck <br />Lunacy conmission <br />Laundry for Camp Baker children <br />Board and Comnittal of prisoners <br />Ice for Courthouse <br />One set flares installed <br />Stamns <br />Service August 1-31, 1940 <br />Towing truck from dump <br />Repairing radio police car <br />" .. " " <br /> <br />Luna c y c omr,;i " don (I..:r s . Hu th 1:... <br />Hazelwood and ....nnie l1ae Jessup) <br />Binding two lana books <br />Insurance on Co. truck <br />Bond on ~hief of Police <br />Inspection on 15 machines under <br />Contract <br />Retainer pads <br /> <br />$ 2.15.... <br />5.85 I <br />3.00 ... <br />05.15. <br />5.CO' <br />18.00..- <br />24. 50 ~ <br />7.00 I <br />4.50 ... <br />15.03 .... <br />228.19 <",C <br />5.00 ,... <br />8.80..... <br />1.70~ <br /> <br />6.001'" <br />7.00 <br />5~.10/ <br />5.00'-"" <br /> <br />7. 50 ~' <br />.30 ' <br /> <br />~2,283.06 <br />VI <br /> <br />"Claims Paid by Executive Secretary on Items Authorized by Exedutive Secretary" <br /> <br />L. N. Cooke Safe & Lock Co. <br />L. N. Cooke Safe & Lock ~o. <br />N. B. Goodwyn & Sons <br /> <br />G. L. Hall Optical Co., Inc. <br /> <br />!,Iarvel .Jindow Cleaner, Inc. <br />Remington Rand, Inc. <br /> <br />Richmond Office Supply Co., Inc.e <br />Richmond Office ~upply Co., Inc. <br />, 'itreasurer of 'Jirginia <br />Treasurer of Virginia <br />Vhe-inia Stationery Co. <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br />Virgihia Stationery Co. <br />Everett "addey Co. <br />VirgInia Stationery Co. <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br /> <br />Eey and lock to file <br />One Yale door closer <br />Cleaning supplies for offices at <br />,Court House <br />One doz. Reprolith ortho film and <br />I 11,. elon <br />One LIarvel '\dndow cleaner <br />Duplicator ink, filing wrappers <br />and wrapper file <br />One 'willson-Jones Binder <br />Office supplies <br />One i~tal dose syringe (Agri .Agt. ) <br />Pads T. J. Forms 6 & 7 <br />One rubber stamp <br />Office supplies <br />Expanding folders <br />Chain hook and screw eye for <br />Office supplie s <br />Guide s <br /> <br />$ <br /> <br />1.40 .- <br />4. 50 ~ <br /> <br />1.70 '" <br /> <br />5 . 31 v <br />2.70 >,," <br /> <br />20.25 . <br />11.65 r <br />2.96 . <br />1.00 y <br />12.64 .' <br />1.34' <br />7.63v <br />1.73 ,.- <br />transi t .30....... <br />4.05 . <br />1.88 v <br /> <br />$81.04 <br />y, <br /> <br />"Miscellaneous ClaiLls Not Classified Elsewhere and Paid by the Executive Secretaryr <br /> <br />C. rI.. l"ausnet <br />BaKer Equipment "'0. <br />Lindon Robertson <br />John Robertson <br />E. G. Bowles <br />J. E. Courtney <br /> <br />u. O. Dunlevy <br />,im. S. Coburn <br /> <br />~ire Protection ~quipment Co. <br /> <br />'wi. ". LaPrade <br /> <br />G. K. h:obertson <br />Nelson Lewis, Jr. <br />General Baking Company <br /> <br />Greenleaf .uairy <br />N. B. Goodwyn & Sons <br />Chester Pharmacy <br />Chester ~harmacy <br />l:rs. J. .<_. Gsell <br />Mrs. J. ~. Gsell <br />Richmond Stemm Laundry <br /> <br />Drayage - Road scraper <br />Rental on tractor and scraper - <br />Broad Rock 0chool Rd. 236.tO <br />Rental of truck h.P.A. Rd. Project 70.40 <br />To reimbursenent of funds for expenses <br />incurred on trip to i;ashington, D.C. 17.11 v <br />To recharging fire extinguishers <br />to two one qt. fire extinguishers 25.00 '" <br />l.!aking survey, marking 1ines,etc. <br />of the Powell Hoad, !.:anchester Dist. <br />Eggs for Camp Baker <br />Plumbing at Camp Baker <br />Bread and cakes Baker Nutrition <br />Camp <br />1li1k for Baker liutrition Camp <br />Grooeries for Baker ~amp <br />N~dical supplies for Camp Baker <br />" 11 " " " <br /> <br />Groceries for Camp Baker <br />Chevrolet truck body <br />Cleaning grounds at Camp Baker <br />" ,," 11 " <br /> <br />Vegetables for Camp Baker <br />" "11 11 <br /> <br />Laundry for Camp Baker <br /> <br />44. 28 . <br />482.25 r' <br />29.00 ~- <br />25.20 .. <br />20.00 . <br /> <br />34.80 ,/' <br />24.00 V' <br />65.05 <br /> <br />16.80 .- <br />102.11 . <br />30.85 v <br />4.2J5 ' <br />2. 30 .. <br />1.60 .. <br />1.50... <br />20.04 <0/ <br /> <br />'iP1,253.04 <br /> <br />.,/' <br />