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<br />"Routine Standaru Claims Paid 'l2.Y tbe Executive Sf3cretary";_ <br /> <br />i\.. L. Lindsey <br /> <br />.ti.ctinf coroner in case of Sylvester <br />Sessome in absence of Coroner <br />Two tons stove coal <br />hecordation of deed-H.E.Conn to County <br />hecordation of Deed <br />Gas and oil for County truck <br />Street lighting in County <br />Current usee. C .li.; Camp E<'3.ker and helfare <br />uept. <br />Issuing vlarrant and holding cO.I:mission <br />h.epairs to Police radio ( car 74) <br />" " II It (car 79) <br />" "" II (car 74) <br /> <br />R..u.Hoore <br />Halter N.Perdue <br />"'alter N. Perdue <br />Truby l,lotor Co. <br />Virginia Electric &; Power Co. <br />Virginia blectric &; Power Co. <br /> <br />Janes I. '.:000, J.P. <br />Broaddus &; Lucas <br />Broaddus &. Lucas <br />Broaduus &; Lucas <br /> <br />$3.00 <br />18.0u <br />1.50 <br />16 .50 <br />36 . 11 <br />473.09 <br /> <br />56.40 <br />3.00 <br />1.50 <br />23.38 <br />6.80 <br /> <br />~968.33 <br /> <br />\' <br /> <br />"Claims Paid by the Executive Secretary on Items .Authorized by Bxecutive Secretary <br /> <br />Bishop's Garage Repair lock on jail yard gate <br />'1'he il.!:'lerican Typevlriter EXChange One lt695 Lettering Guide <br />Burroughs .t>.dciing r.:achine Co. Tv10 addinr nrchine ribbons <br />Buildings Equipment &. Sup'')ly Corp. Supplies for janitor <br />Burroughs .ndding I~ach ine Co. One f.lllchine ribbon <br />Chest<.:rfield County Bank Four check books (Tr. Justice Court) <br />CLester Supply Co. Paint, linseed oil <br />:T.B.Goodwyn 6~ Sons Janitor's sUJ'l'!lies <br />lJelson Lewis, Jr. Labor - CaI'Ip Daker <br />~)ydrlor, ;10\':e & Company J:wpairing furnace ut COUl,thouso <br />Virginia Stationery Co. 0heet3 for minute books <br />:v'~rc~n~a ~rin~ing Co. Lnvelopes <br />Vlrglllla ~t&tlonery Ce. ~lastic bands und binders <br />Virginia Stationery Co. I.:iscellancous office sup',lies <br />Everett..addey Co. I r..:'v,Q pads 128 forms <br />Vircinia ~tutionery Co. Offica supplies <br /> <br />tl1.:i~3c011ane ous <br /> <br />Classified EL3}:J\'Jllt:jr_E:._Q,n:...~ Paid by the Executi vu <br /> <br />C luiL..J liut <br /> <br />~3pOO <br />2.20 <br />.90 <br />19 . 36 <br />.45 <br />5.00 <br />16.05 <br />4.S2 <br />1l.40 <br />3.:50 <br />1.33 <br />32.;';0 <br />8.73 <br />4.73 <br /> <br />2..15 <br /> <br />10. 98 ~l26. 50 <br />...', <br /> <br />~::>~C.l.'0t,ur.y. : <br />I <br /> <br />';\n. S. Coburn EXl)en[,es incuI-rod in trip to \!o.shington, <br />D.C. on Oct. 11, 1940, in regards to <br />County-\':ide water supply SYS't,0Irl $14;.2;" <br />L. ,: \..uart hc~'",r curt fuyrJ.0Ilt for services rendered in <br />preparution of zonin{" maps 500.00 <br />Virt:inia Electric &; PO\.'8l' Co. For the reY.lovu1 and replacemtmt of <br />power poles 30:?',00 <br />niclJ:;cnd S'tearr. Laundry Laundry 1'or.'....;.10Jce1' ",i8lfal'0 Car:q:;tSept.) 27.10 <br />~':&rt:<:u:et Havi1inson heim.bursement for teleLr~uu to <br />BILlclcsburg, Va. 1.33 <br />Cht:stGrfield Co.Fair Assoc. (Cel.) DCllution 160.00 <br />Chesterfield Co.Fair ""ssoc. Donation of] $600.GC -Les~, llaYL.ent to <br />Va.:Jept. of HiC1lV!uys for equipment <br />rental 590.~2 <br />A.I:. Verner On8 f'CiIl belt for County truc}c (Puid for <br />in c&sh~ 1.40 <br />J.E.B:,'er In settlement of rifht of way on Povl8l1's <br />Lane 75.0C <br />It.C.r:addox In settlement 01' riCht of \'lay on POwell's <br />Lane 100.OC <br />'.: ." . LaPracw &, Bros. CLecking line on the southern ,3icle of <br />Povell's Road 5.00 <br />C.,i.Smith .c.:xpens8El incurred \ohile F.B.I. <br />School 35.90 $1,873.50 <br /> <br />"Claims Paid from 'Clio I..,ounty HOLd iund by tLe Executive Secretary": <br /> <br />Virginia Culvert Corp. <br />Concrete Pipe & P:'oduc ts Co. <br />Concrete Pipe & Products Co. <br /> <br />Letal pipe emd connectin1:~ banQs <br />Pipe (concrete) <br />Culvert Pipe <br /> <br />v\ <br /> <br />~199.68 <br />67.50 <br />27.0C 294.18 <br /> <br />\!\ <br />