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<br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I <br /> <br />I <br />I <br /> <br />Under and by virtue of the authority conferred upon the Board II <br />of Supervisors of Chestertield County, Virginia, by an Act <br />of the General Assembly of Virginia, approved Maroh 28, 1938, and I,' <br />known as Chapter 304 ot said Acts of Assembly, this Board of <br />Supervisors of Chesterfield County, Virginia, having carefully <br />considered the matter, doth ordain as follows: ! <br />I <br />That a license be, and the same herebJi1is, required of every person, I <br />firm, company, association or corporation who or which maintains and/o~ <br />operates a plaoe of business oommonly known as an "automobile grave- I <br />yard" in the County of Chesterfield, Virginia. I <br /> <br />That a tax on the license required in section 1 of this Ordinance is II <br />hereby levied and imposed and shall be in the following amount.viz.:, <br />twenty oents on each two hundred (I.'200) square teet of area encompassei <br />within any lot or place where the business of maintaining and/or <br />operating an "automobile graveyard" is conducted, a minimum license I <br />tax in any case. however, to be fifty dollars ('50.00). I <br />I <br />Any person, firm, company, association or corporation who or whioh II' <br />maintains and/or operates any place of business commonly known as an <br />"automobile graveyard" in the County of Chesterfield, Virginia, wi thOU' <br />having tirst obtained the lioense imposed on such business, or shall <br />fail or refuse to pay any tax provided for herein shall be deemed <br />guilty of the viola. tion of this ordinance and upon conviotion thereof ~ <br />shall be punished by a fine not exoeeding $50.00 and by oonfinement <br />in jail not exceeding thirty days either or both. Eaoh day's <br />oontinuanoe to violate the terms and provisions of this ordinance shal <br />be deemed to be a separate offense. I <br />I <br /> <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />___L_d_ <br /> <br />VIRGINIA: At an adjourned meeting of <br />the Board of ~upervisors of <br />Chesterfield County, held <br />on December 27. 1940, at <br />8:00 p.m. at Chesterfield <br />Count~ou5e, and in the 165th <br />year of the Commonwealth <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />H. L. Chalk~ey, <br />J. G. Hening <br />H. T. Goyne , <br />'vi. A. Horner <br />T.D. Watkins <br /> <br />Chairman <br /> <br />Absent: P.W.Covington <br /> <br />I <br /> <br /> <br />This day a letter dated Ootober 11, 1940, from His Excellency, Governor James I <br />H. Price, requesting this County's cooperation in the "Civil Protective <br />Mobilization Plan for Virginia". was read betore the Board. Upon oonsideratioi' <br />whereof it is resolved that the County Chlet of Polioe be, and he is hereby <br />authorized and empowered to designate certain members of this County's Police i <br />force to act in case of emergency in compliance with the aforesaid request of I <br />Governor Price in the matter of the "Civil Protective Mobilization Plan for ' <br />Virginia" . I <br /> <br />I <br />I <br />This day, in accordance with this Board's resolution of December 10, 1940. and t <br />after pUblication of the notice as required by Law, the matter of the considerati~n <br />for adoption an ordinance imposing a license upon every person, tir.m, oompany, I <br />association, and corporation who or which maintains and/or or operates a plaoe i <br />of business commonly known as an "automobile graveyard"; designating what shall <br />be deemed an "automobl1e graveyard", was again brought.before this Board. No~ <br />theretore, on motion ot Vi.A.Horner, it is resolved that this Board adopt the <br />ordinance proposed, and the same is accordingly adopted in the following words <br />and figure s, to -wi t: <br /> <br />AN <br /> <br />ORDINANCE <br /> <br />Imposing a license upon every person, firm, company, association <br />and corporation who or which maintains and/or operates a plaoe <br />of business commonly known as an "automobile graveyard"; <br />designating what shall be deeme.d an "automobile graveyard"; <br />providing for a tax on such lioense;.and providing for a penalty <br />for violation ot such ordinanoe. <br /> <br />'" <br /> <br />Section 1. <br /> <br />Section 2. <br /> <br />Section 3. <br /> <br />OJection 4. <br /> <br />.ns used in this ordinanoe the term "automobile graveyard" shall mean <br />any lot or place which is exposed to the weather upon which more <br />than five (5) motor vehicles of any kind inoapable of being operates. <br />are placed. <br /> <br />Section 5. <br /> <br />Trial of all violaylons of this ordinance shall be emtoroed by <br />prooeedings before the Trial Justi. ce Court in like manner and with <br />like right of appeal as is provided in misdemeanor cases. <br /> <br />".'_",' ~"""'._">__._~""""'~Y_"'_,,_..,,_w._. <br />