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<br />I <br /> <br />Paid by the Executive Secretary"-(Continued) <br /> <br />Treatoents 44.00 <br />Expenses for April and May Clinic i52.00v' <br />Lunacy commission 5.00/ <br />Postage (Treasurer's office) 70.18....... <br />harrant end doctor's summons 2.50....... <br />Professional services - Pre-School Clinic 6.00v <br />Repairing tire for county truck 1.00 1" <br />Treatments-Mrs. Viola Richardson l5.00~ <br />Examinations on sewing room women 4.00r <br />To viewing and exam. of deceased '-15.00.- <br />Fire extinction 23.15..... <br />Lunacy commission and tel. eall to <br />\iUliamsburg 5.60 v <br />Dr.P.L.Hill Professional ser.-Pre-School Clinic 12.00"" <br />Jenkins Oil Corp. #2 Fuel oil for Camp Baker """20.05 v" <br />Dr.Jas. B. Darden Professional ser.-Pre-School Clinic 6.00 v <br />S. Vi.Ellison Ice for month of May 15.13..... <br />Dr.J.B.Fisher Services rendered -Pre-cichool Clinic 12.00" <br />O.B.Gates hegulsr and special board meetings ,1\;140'40.00..., <br />O.B.Gates Lunacy case and travel 6.50.... <br />Dr.L.C.Lush Lunacy commission 5.00v <br />Dr.T.G.Pretlow Jail physician ~9.00'/ <br />Business Equipment Co. Repairs and inspection of machine s 11.75 v <br />The .tl.!:llerican Typewr1lter Rxchange Repairing typewriter 6.00 v <br />BroaddUS & Lucas Repairing police radio ~W3- <br />Broaddus &. Lucas Installing new power supply 15.00.......' <br />BrOaddus & Lucas Radio repaired (Poli~e) 4.70v <br />Dr.J.H.Blackwell .t'rofessional ser.-Pre-School Clinic 12.00'/ <br />Dr. Louise Leland Clarke " ,,""" 25.00 v' <br />R.BrYant Lunacy coIlllllissions 6.00 ,",,' <br />Dr.Louise Leland Clarke Treatments 4t) .00"'- <br />Drs. Clarkson and Schmidt X-ray exam. 8.ob v' <br />Business Equipment Co.Inc. Inspection of nachines 11.25"/ <br />The Chesapeake and POtOf'iaC Tel.Co. Local and long distance service 218.33 v <br />City Collector, Richmond Responding to fire, Stop 10, 125.00 <br />BroaddUS & Lucas Repairing Pollee radio 4.10'" <br />Virginia Electric &. Power Co. Street lighting (June) 473.09V"":i.>f'~~.~. .' <br /> <br />: /,.r .i'lv. <br /> <br />"Routine Standard Claims <br />.Lr. Louise.. ~hland Clark <br />Dr. ~hos. ~'~nee~don <br />Dr. Mumford R. Yates <br />it..T.Organ, P.M. <br />G.Porter Perdue <br />Dr.T.G.Pretlow <br />Petersburg Auto Parts, Co. Inc. <br />City Health Center, Petersburg <br />City Health Center, Petg. <br />Dr.T.G.Pretlow <br />State Forester of Virginia <br />Dr.P.L.Hill <br /> <br />.. <br />"Claims Paid by the Executive Secretary on Items Authorized by the .c.;xec. <br /> <br />Repairs County truck <br />'I'ires-tubes <br />Tires-tubes <br />Ballots <br />Courtesy notices <br />Towels and sheets - CaJllP Baker <br />Taxpayers notices <br />Desk guards and staples <br />City maps <br />~nvelopes and tax notices <br />2 pes. 36" pipe <br />~ix hi[hway transportation maps of <br />Chesterfield County <br />and Products Co. Inc. Concrete pipe (Road Project) <br />It tons coal - Camp Baker <br />Co.~nc. To repairing chairs at G.H. <br />Co.Inc. Index sheets for Conditional Sales <br />Book <br />Dixie cups <br />One prOfessional kit <br />Rebelland tissu.~ <br />Miscellaneous office supplles <br />Penholders and iIIl elible pencils <br />Cots and pads for Camp Baker <br />Indelible ink and cellulose tape <br />Office forms <br />Receipt forms - Imp. Request <br /> <br />Truby Motor Co. <br />Goodrich Silvertown Store <br />Goodrich Silvertown Stores <br />Virginia Printing Co. <br />Virginia Printing Co. <br />'illlliams and Reed <br />Virginia .t'rinting Co. <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br />City of Richmond <br />The Broedway Press <br />Concrete Pipe and ~roducts <br />Department of Highways <br /> <br />Concrete Pipe <br />R.D.1:00re <br />Rictmond Office Supply <br />Richmond Office SUpply <br /> <br />Spencer Printing Co. <br />F.J .Sirchi:l Co. <br />Uniteu Paper Co.lnc. <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br />Zaban's <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br />l!:verett \/qddey Co. <br />Virginia Printing Co. <br /> <br />Co. <br /> <br />"l.1iscellaneous C&aims liot Classified Elsewhere and Paid by the Exec. <br /> <br />ii.Stuart Royer <br />'vl.\l.LaPrade & Bros. <br />Harry L.Snead <br /> <br />G.K.Robertson <br />C.,A.Fausnet <br /> <br />Greenleaf Dairy <br />w/infree Motor Co. <br />S.V/.Ellison <br />Richmond Steam Laundry <br />Dr. Louise Leland Clarke <br />Annie Johnson <br />J:;va Banks <br />Ettr-lek San .Dist ...oper~]runQ <br />E~trick San.Dist. Opere Fund <br /> <br />".(.", <br /> <br />............._,...~_.~_.,'.......~,_..........~,. <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />Sec'y.":i <br />I <br /> <br />$56 .40 ~~ <br />64.~""'" <br />81.16 ".. <br />11.00 .... <br />13.00 ".- <br />19.20v <br />10.00... <br />2. 70 v <br />1.10 .....- <br />9.50 ..... <br />34.00 ..-- <br /> <br />6.00 "", <br />128.55 ".- <br />17.63 f". <br />52.15 v <br /> <br />2 . 50 ... I <br />23.03'" I <br />23.60 v <br />23.28 v I <br />28.38 v. I <br />1.17'" I <br />43.10.....' I <br />1.89 v i <br />10.67' I <br />11.75 v.~~ <br />- 1/~7 ("',1 ;,> <br />I (,).. '" ~ "(_ <br />I ~ <br />I <br />~500.00"'" I <br />44.50 ,./ <br /> <br />Sec'Y.": <br /> <br />Additional survey <br />Staking of,f road and preparing n~p <br />1/10 of 1~ cOIDrJission for essessment <br />of tangible personal property(On acct.)lO.OOv <br />l!:ggs for Camp ? 50.... <br />Groceries ~or Camp Baker -June7-30, <br />1940 <br />l:i1k- Camp Baker children <br />Charcoal for starting fire at Camp <br />Ice - for Camp Baker <br />Laundry for Camp Baker <br />Examina~ions of Camp children <br />Laundry for Camp children <br />Buttermilk for Camp Baker <br />Rent on Municipal bldg. <br />Fire service <br /> <br /><_.",~..._ ..." ,~<,,,,,'l~p,,, "~,."""'i<"',""".,,,,, '.~. ".'" <br /> <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I' <br />137.85........ I <br />7\;1.00 v i <br />.50'" I <br />.50 v I <br />5.50 v' : <br />10.00" i <br />2.50 r : <br />.55........' I <br />150.00. i <br />184.57 ' $~,132.9? ". <br /> <br /> <br />i <br />"~____l___ <br /> <br />\ .... <br />