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<br />VIRGINIA: At an adjourned meeting of th <br />Board of Supervisors of <br />Chesterfield County, held on <br />r~rch 19, 1941, at 7:00 p.m. <br />at Chesterfield Courthouse <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />H. L. Chalkley, Chairman <br />J.G. Hening <br />H. T. Goyne <br />T. D. Viatkins <br />P. W. Covington <br />W. A. Horner <br /> <br />Thi~ day the m~tter of the appointment of a person to fill the vacancy in the <br />off~ce of the Executive Secretary to this Board, occasioned by the resignation <br />of vim. S. Coburn, which resignation will be effective as of March 31 1941 <br />came before the Board and t~e Chairman called for nominations, where~pon, H. T. <br />Goyne, placed a nomination ~n the name of B.B.Wells, which nomination was <br />seconded by J. G. Hening; and Vi. A. Horner placed a nomination in the name of <br />W. H.Caldwell, which nomination was seconded by T. D. Vlatkins. The Chairman <br />called for other nominations, if any, and none were proposed. The Chairman <br />declared the nominations to be closed and submitted to the Board the election <br />for appointment the names of B. B. Wells and on the vote thereupon it appeared I <br />that two of the members of the Board voted tlAye" and four members thereof I <br />voted "No". The Chair then placed before the Board the election for appointI;lent <br />the name of W. H. Caldwell, and it appeared that four I:lembers of the Board voted I <br />"Aye" and two members voted "No". H. T. Goyne requested that hi s vote be <br />recoi'ded as "No". II <br /> <br />Thereupon, the Chaiuman declared ~;. H. Caldwell to be elected and appointed <br />Executive Secretary of the Board of Supervisors of Chesterfield County, whose II (, <br />teum of employment will begin not later than ~pril 1, 1941. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />On notion of Ii. A. Horner, the Executive Secretary is requested to notify 'vi. H. II <br />Caldwell, the newly elected and appointed Executive Secretary to this Board <br />to v!ork with the present Executive Secretary as much as he can conveniently do f' <br />before the retirement of the present Executive Secretary for the purpose of <br />familiarizing himsalf with the work. ."no. be, it further resolved thnt the salu.r~r 0 <br />tr,8 ExecutiV.U Jeet', [~nd the S[H~lG... is.herebY fi.xed at :i,;Z.C.G.OO pe.l', ",;ith a <br />a'lO\i:dlce ,'f .",25.00 per nonth. for expenses. <br /> <br />Il'his d.ay:,tl1.eCItJ.r:J.m.ittee of ,t'l.:lls :Boa:r-d:\i. '.;A. 'Hbrner;; P. Vi.:'Covin:gton/.a.nd t!:ifi ExecutiTe <br />so~retar~t maue its report to this Board a.s to its negotiations with the Council I <br />of the C~ ty of Petersburg concerninc the water contract for the supplying of i <br />water to the Bttrick Sani~ary District ifl, the report beinB made orally as <br />follows: <br /> <br />"That it is agreed that a water meter charge of ;Jii1.00 per M. -cubic feet <br />and $10.00 a year for the cha9te for e&ch fire hydrant; a payment of <br />the difference in water rent now due on the basis of 808ts and ~1.30 <br />and fire hydrant charce up to fipril 1,1941, and from that date the <br />same rates under the contract. The contract to be dated april 1, <br />1941, and to expire on the same day that a similar contract between <br />the Town of Colonial Heights and the City of Petersburg expires, <br />with the right to this Board to renew said contract from that date <br />for a period of five years, and \ii th the further right to this Board <br />to rescind the contract upon notice at any time." <br /> <br />Upon consideration of which report, and on :plotion of T.D. Vlatkins. it is <br />resolved that the said report of the Committee be, and the some is. hereby <br />approved arJ.d the Chairman and Clerk, respectively of tliis Board are directed <br />to sign on behalf of the Board the contract embodying this report. <br /> <br />On motion of ". A. Horner, it is resolved th6 tit is the policy of this Board <br />that all rights of iW.Y f or roads to be taken into the County System and in turn. <br />to be taken by the State Department of Highways upon this Board's request, be <br />gotten at no cost to the County. <br /> <br />On motioll of J. G. Hening, it is resolved that the roads hereinbelow listed be, <br />and the SaTIe are hereby taken into the County Road System. . <br />And be it further resolved that the Virginia Department of Highways be, and lt is <br />hereby requested to add to its sec6ndary system the said above set out roads~ <br /> <br />Lee Stroet - betvleen 35th and 36th sts. - 6 houses <br />Overlook Street - Harwood I::ltreet, south to dead end <br />Chesterfield Avenue - between Lancaster and ,Overlook <br />18th street - Between Juckson and Kemper Avenues - 1 <br />house <br />Ellington Street - between Rts. 690 and 1801 <br />Bangle's Road - between Rts. 663 and 69? <br />Rosemont Road in Vvarwitlk Gardens-betv;een Rt.644 and <br />Hoodstock Road - 28 houses <br />Ruthers Road - between Rts. 60 and 663-11 houses <br />Pocoshock Boulevard - Betweens Rts.,a03 and 360- <br />17 houses <br />New Cherokee Road - V\18st from end state maintenance <br />to entrance of Golf Club <br />Viinfree Street - south from end State maintenance- <br /> <br />2' houses <br /> <br /> .05 <br /> .25 <br />Sts. .10 <br /> .10 <br /> .12 <br /> .26 <br /> .44 <br /> .60 <br /> 1.24 <br /> .17 <br /> .06 <br /> <br />z <br />.~ <br />7 <br /> <br />'i.--, <br /> <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />