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<br />VIRGIIiL1.: ,.t e spec iul fJ.eetirw of the <br />Board of' ::)upervisors of <br />Che,"terfield County, held at <br />the Court] ouse on ,Tune 27, <br />lS41, at 7:30 p.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />H. rr. Goyne, <br />J. G. Henin[" <br />if. ~.. Horne r <br />T. .J. '.ntldns <br />F ..j .Covinrton <br /> <br />.,bsent: };. L. Chalkley <br /> <br />It Appeurinf the t h. L. Che lkley, Chf il'men Vias absent, on notion of T. D. '};:ins, <br />it is resolveu that u. rl'. Goyne, be, find he hereby is elected Chairr.18.n pro tem. <br /> <br />'i.'his day. J. C. lerrow, of Hichnond, <br />nent of a certain street in die plan <br />distance of' approximately 90G feet. <br />not of those set out in the cllll1'or <br />acted upon. <br /> <br />Virginia, '!as heard concerain[ the develop- <br />of Cher.ter known as .dnfree ;:>treet, for a <br />Hnd it appeurin[; thut this nac,ter ViaS <br />thi~; spe cial r.leeting the san;o could not be <br /> <br />..hereai>, it hus come to tte attention of this Ilof.rd thut Dr. .h:. C. lJates, <br />County Health Officer, has been called into tYe Lini ted States J.rrJ.Y, effecth e as of <br />July 1, 1941, and <br />.;here:,s, it :'ppearn that it is of t!'e utnost importnnce to the realth and. well- <br />beinE not onl.\T of the resiClents of the L:ounty of Chesterfield, Virginia, but to <br />the nembers 0:1' tr.e Lini teu Gtntes ....rmy, soldiers and their families residing, <br />inhabiting and passine', through the said County, Hnd <br />..hereas, it is v:811 knov:n ttin t Camp Lee ad joins the County of Chesterfield, and <br />that the (~uarterr~,aster' fl .i.;epot is now under construction in the eastern center <br />of the County of Chesterfield and thr:t there \,,111 be S8/ITer[1l thousand persons <br />eI'lployed on the construction of S8 id Dep ot, ar.o. after completion of the same, <br />a ['.arrison of soldiers Il::dcivilian enployees \'ill be employed within said Depot, and <br />"herd8fl, in such cono.itioIlf; it 8ppears tlut it is necessary and proper UJat <br />the said Dr. L. G. (,ates, County Health Officer, flhould be deferred frora entering <br />the nilitary service and I'erl3in v,ithin the confines of this County to adequatelY <br />supervise the health of all persons residin{" therein and those inLabiting nnd <br />pas sine throu{"h the said County. <br />Now, rl'herefore, on notion of n. .... l.orneI', it is resolved that the C01nanding <br />Officer of tho 3rd Corps of the United stfites ,~rr:1Y, be, and he hereby is, <br />respectfully requested to exempt from military service Dr. :.:;. C. Gates, County <br />Heal th Officer of Che sterfield County, Virr:inia. <br /> <br />']'his day, ". '10 horner, CLuirrLlan of the GOI:lhittee on ~'ederal ,dd for the <br />deve~opment of a Count.>r water system, made his report; sayin€! in tJrief that he und <br />the .c.xecuti ve decretary, Conr:.onv:ealth t s ....ttorney and H. .....tuart Hoyer, had just <br />returned from "ashin[;ton, D. C. in Bnd about the natter end it appeared that <br />the matter was progressinf reasonably satisf:.;ctory. <br /> <br />'1'hi8 day tLe matter of the rdquur;t of the .i\srional .l.Je1'ense lIouncil for n <br />contribution of $400.00 \:as read before the Lonrd, unci tLe opinion of the <br />..ttorney General \iaS also read. Upon consideration whereof f,nl1 on <br />notion of ". H. Horner, it is resolved t.r,8.t the sum of ....400.00 be Bno. the sane <br />is hereby approprietud to be paid to said Council. and tLe .c;xecutive <br />..Jecretllry is directed. tv issue check therefor. <br /> <br />..'his, day the r::attor of the payment to r.. ,jtuart Loyer, GonsultiIl[" .8ncineer. for <br />snrVlCeS 1'01',0. ered to the '-"oning ComnissioIi, the ~3ml of .,,:5UO .00, \/a8 brouf"ht before <br />the Iloerd. . ..,nti it eppenrinc thut the ,-"oning Conmission has a;lproved the sm~e <br />itis resolved Oll.Lotion of T. D'''['lt}:ins, thc,t the ..:.xecutive Secretary, be, , <br />ana he herery is uirectuli to issue his eheck to the s:iid H. -.ltuart Ho,rer <br />C It" 1 c .. v , <br />on,m lnt: ~nClneer, for t ,8 ,wn of :.,5CG.OG. <br /> <br />It (. ppe nrinr to the Lor:rd . th,:t c ertnin expendi tnI'2:; [,oine neee SS'lr'T '::hich ',:ere <br />not provided for in this l,.ounty's bud{'ct for 104.0-'41, it is therefore resolved <br />on Lotion of rr. J.!.]~ins, theL t,hc foJlm"inc stillle be, ,,:~c. 1,hey Clro herob~r <br />appropriated from t]:e Gcn81'[al .J!lJnd' s un"H'l'oprir ted ..Jurplus to the[ <br />budcetary codific' tl.on::;: <br /> <br />4a -:517 <br />5b - 214 <br />13 - 222 <br /> <br />",lCJO.OC <br />:;5.0(; <br />;)4. ~~5 <br /> <br />(;n Lotion of 'I'. .J. "atkirw, th, sun of 'tr'5LC.OO is hereby LA}Jpropriutcd from <br />the ttLnapproprit,tE1J. Jurplus" of the ,"ttrick ...)nnii~lr,'l :JistY'ict Cperdinc J!'und <br />