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<br />VIRGINIA: At an adjourned meeting of the <br />Board of Supervisors of ., <br />Chesterfield County, held at the <br />Courthouse on Septemb er 17, 19411' <br />at 8:00 o'clock P.M. I <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />H. L.Chalkley, Chairman <br />P. Vi. Covington <br />H. T. Goyne <br />W.A. horner <br /> <br />n.bsent: J. G. Hening <br />T. D. Watkins <br /> <br />This day a resolution of the "estover Hills Civic Association with letter of <br />transmittal from Mr.Ravee Norris, its President, was read before the Board. <br />On motion of H. T.Goyne, the resolution and letter is referred to the Attorney <br />for .the Commonwealth. <br /> <br />t <br /> <br />This day the ~xecutive Secretary presented to theBoard bids on the purchase of <br />coal for heating at Chesterfield Courthouse and upon consideration of all of <br />such bids, and on motion of P. W. Covington, it is resolved that the bidg of <br />R. D. Moore, Chester, Virginia, be, and the same is hereby accepted. <br /> <br />This day the Executive Secre tary reporteq. to the Board that he had re ceived bid <br />on the construction of wooden blinds for the cottages at Cwnp Baker and submitte <br />the same. Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of W. A. Horner, it is <br />resolved that the Executive:;)ecretary, be, and he herebey is authorized and <br />direoted to accept the bid of E.C.Pastorf'ield at the figure of $126.00 and to <br />that the work is speedily carried out. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />This day a request fromMrs. Susie Heath that Third Street in Bellmeade be improid <br />and it appearing that said Third street is in the State Secondary System, the <br />matter is respectfully referred to the Virginia 'uepartment of Highways. A <br />copy of this resolution to be forwarded to Mrs. Susie Heath. <br /> <br /> <br />This day the ~xecutive Secretary ~esented to the Board the request of Mrs. J.D. <br />Malone to purchase one water meter for use on her property. . Upon considerati n <br />whereof, and upon the advice of the Attorney for the Commonwealth, it is found <br />that the Board is without authority to make such sale. Therefore, on motion <br />of W. A. Horner, it is resolved that the request be received and denied. <br />I <br /> <br />This day a b~ll for services rendered from Bickelhaupt, In~. for installing I <br />water lines in the Manche ster Sanitary Distric t was pre sen ted to this Board, anJ' <br />on motion of W. A. Horner it is resolved that same be approved for payment, <br />reserving 20% until said Bickelhaupt, Inc. has properly restored to theirfforme <br />condi tion, t he streets where in the pipes were laid. I <br /> <br />This day the monthly report of the Looal Board of Public Ilelfare was brought <br />to the attention of the Board and considered by them. And it appearing from ~ <br />the report that the Local Board of' Public Welfare has authorized the expendi tu <br />of a bUdgeted sum for pu~oses other than that specifically set up in the <br />budget; upon consideration whereof and on motion of H. T. Goyne, it is resolved <br />that the Local Board of Public ~~elfare, be, and it hereby is requested not to <br />expend any sum of money except as in its budget is authorized. And be it <br />further resolved that the Superintendent of' Publio Welfare, and the Local.Boardl <br />of' Pub lie 1iielfare, if it be ad vi sa d, appear before t.l1 s Board in reference to <br />this budgetary expenditure. <br /> <br />! <br /> <br />On motion of vi. A. Horner, it is resolved tha t the Executive Secretary be, and <br />he hereby is directed to install in the Macoaca District seventeen (17) street <br />lights, to-wit: <br /> <br />Colonial lieiā‚¬'hts <br />" tt <br />II " <br />" n <br />It .. <br />" " <br />It ~ <br />" " <br />n It <br />" " <br />" " <br />II " <br />tt " <br />" " <br /> <br />_ Near end of Hanover Aven~e - on last ~ole <br />Near end of Marvin Avenue - Pole 662-0 <br />_ .At corner Royal Oak and Jackson Ave.-Pole 687-0 <br />- Roslyn Avenue - Pole 737-D <br />- Grove Park -(Riverview Ave.) Pole If7 <br />I'" ". Pole '22 <br /> <br />- Jefferson Ave. and-Stuart Ave.-Pole Ie <br />- Danville Ave. and Lee Place-Pole H629 <br />_ Colonial Ave.-,oetween Lynchburg and vJestover Ave.- <br />Pole 688-E <br />- Corner Piedmont and Meridian Avenues-Pole 673-E <br />_ Corner Highland Ave. and Hamilton -Pole 661-A <br />- James Avenue - Pole 16 <br />Franklin Ave.-(Cook's Field) Pole #1 <br />Franklin Ave.-(Cook' aField) near north ~nd of <br />Franklin Avenue <br /> <br />----L-. --. <br />