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<br />Present: <br /> <br />H. L. Chalkley, ChoirDlB n <br />H.T.Goyne <br />H. h. Horner <br />J. G. Hening <br />T. D. vi a tk ins <br />P. Vi. Covington <br /> <br />VIRGINI.t\.: t~t h recul1:r mHeting of the <br />Board of Supervisors of <br />Che~torfield County, held at <br />the Courthouse on December 9 <br />1941, at 10:00 o'clock a.Dl. <br /> <br />TIe ninutes of the last r,{!ular, special and adjourned meetings having been reu.d, <br />are approved. <br /> <br />"Salaries. Allowances. etc. Paid by the Executive Secr8_!-ary from the General Fund-i" <br />I <br /> <br />H. L. Cha lkley <br />Jamen G. Hening <br />Ii. 11.. Horner <br />Harold T. Goyne <br />P. Vi. CoviIl[;ton <br />T. D. \latldns <br />O. B. Gates <br />John ',I. Sne ad <br />J .B. 'j/amble <br />halit. A. Ivey <br />~velyn H. Johnson <br />l:arcus A. Cogbill <br />Geo. "i. H~ore, Jr. <br />',Ial tel' Ii. Perc:ue <br />',i. II.Cc"ld\.811 <br />P.Eixey Jones <br />IJhnc ",Y Tv'ree <br />Cathc~: irte Phillins <br />Aulir.e Barret t . <br />Ir,:;, _ ::.; .!iep burn <br />i.1. Fe Junes <br />lIatt Redd, Jr. <br />1.:(} t t h.3dcl, ~r. <br />B. f.T. Barlts <br /> <br />Linden Robertson <br />C. ,;. Srd th <br />I. E. Bo ,,;man <br />H." lCoch <br />E.p.chll <br />Geo. M.Jolu:.son <br />C. ". Cunnincrbm <br />E. n. Terrell <br />". .lJ. Yarbo:rough <br />F. 1" Vincent <br />c. s. Romaine <br />U. B. Puckett <br />',I. H .1"lynn <br />O. L. Ta'rlor <br />s. B. IIi~sh berg <br />J. ,~ . ligg or s <br />J. hn.Dance <br /> <br />8a lA ry and rli le age -(3 mee tings ) <br />It " " n <br />" " " " <br />11 " " " <br />" " " (2 " <br />" 11 11 (2 <br /> <br />11 Jheriff <br />II '1'rial Ju~,t ice <br />Substitute Trial Justice <br />Clerk, Trial Justi ce Ccurt <br />Gle rical n ssistunt <br />CODlnonV!e~~lth's Attorney <br />Cornmissioher of Hevenue <br />Clerk of Court <br />Exocuti ve Sccre tnry <br />C cunt.v Afri. Arent <br />Eome Denonstretion ,'{rent <br />Cloricel 8.~'3sistant <br />gounty St011ofrUphel' <br />l'JiCl1t ~~.~.!)tcl-mlan <br />-eo. '~Cl'i. rl[8nt (Col.) <br />'Eruck tlti vel' <br />:ruck driv0r,helper <br />;r uui tor <br />" <br /> <br />Je;Ll'j" I mile:l{"<:: <br />II n <br /> <br />al~J <br /> <br />tel. a How. <br />It it <br />It II <br />II It <br />" " <br />" It <br />" " <br />" " <br />It " <br />It II <br /> <br />J.iec. <br />" <br /> <br />" <br />It <br /> <br />It <br />It <br /> <br />It <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />It <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />II <br />II <br /> <br />It <br />" <br />It <br />It <br />" <br />" <br />" <br />It <br />II <br />,t <br />" <br /> <br />It <br /> <br />It <br />It <br /> <br />It <br /> <br />II <br />II <br />It <br />" <br />,t <br />It <br /> <br />U <br />It <br /> <br />It <br />" <br /> <br />It <br />n <br /> <br />~3:2 .28 <br />30.18 <br />30.48 <br />29.58 <br />30.48 <br />31.38 <br />125.00 <br />325.00 <br />78.00 <br />200.00 <br />100.00 <br />229.16 <br />388.39 <br />83.33 <br />250.00 <br />125.00 <br />75. 00 <br />33.33 <br />no.Oo <br />70.00 <br />40.0C <br />70.00 <br />50.00 <br />75.00 <br />40.(:0 <br />267.fA <br />241.18 <br />242.73 <br />227.29 <br />226.63 <br />225.12 <br />220.18 <br />226.1E <br />231.06 <br />214.86 <br />75.00 <br />62.50 <br />75..00 <br />70.00 <br />100.00 <br />675.41 <br /> <br />$6,Q39.07 <br /> <br />"Rout~~_Sj:..E.!ldard.Cla:ips Paid bv ~_h_e Executive Secretary from the General Fund: " <br /> <br />Pl'emiuI:l on policy of He'N Office <br />and 3torr,r.e Bldt. at Courthouse <br />State }t'ore:.;ter of Virginia Forest fires suppression costs <br />The Chesnpeate & Potomac ~el.Co. Local and long-distance tel. costs <br />Virginia Blectric Be pov:er Co. Current used by Chesterfield Co. <br />}'air <br />Gas, oil and parts-Co. truck <br />To servicing Bnd rechRrging fire <br />extinguishers at Courthouse <br />Street lighting in co. (Oct. 1941) <br />Gasoline for Co. truck <br />Jail supplies <br />EXOO1. of bodies of deceased-lunacy <br />cornmi s siems <br />Ice for Courthouse <br />Medicine for prisoner in jail <br />lIonthly inspection of 14 machines <br />~mergency transportation to ~astern <br />~tate Huspi tal, .iiilliamsburg, Va. of <br />Mrs. Erse lia A. l~ovelli <br />Telephone call to,lilliamsburg, Va. in <br />case of !.Irs. Lrselio. A. Novelli <br />Premium on policy of C.S.Romaine, pmlice <br />Officer <br /> <br />R. B. ~u€~stine Ins. i€ency <br /> <br />Truby l.~otor Company <br />Fire Protection ~quipment Co. <br /> <br />Virginia Elec tric &:. Po,ler Co. <br />G. H. Cogbill <br />G. H.CogbilJi. <br />Dr. Thos. G. Pretlow, Coroner <br /> <br />Sl H. Ellison <br />Chester Pharmucy <br />Business Eouipment co. Inc. <br />R. C. Badgett, Police Officer <br /> <br />Dr. P.L. Hill <br /> <br />Fidelity and Deposit Co. of rid. <br /> <br />II <br /> <br />" <br />" <br /> <br />" <br />II <br />" <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />It <br /> <br />II <br /> <br />II <br /> <br />" <br />II <br /> <br />" <br />II <br /> <br />II <br />" <br /> <br />" <br />II <br /> <br />Policb Offieer <br />II " <br /> <br />Disp8 teher <br />" <br />" <br /> <br />Sular~T f'no. Mai teLbllce of office" <br /> <br />$36.00 <br />195.05 <br />224.07 <br /> <br />67.20 <br />50.58 <br /> <br />10.00 <br />472.09 <br />5.74 <br />5.33 <br /> <br />50.00 <br />g.OO <br />.35 <br />7.00 <br /> <br />10.00 <br /> <br />.80 <br /> <br />5.00 <br />