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<br />.....-- <br /> <br />VIRGnUA: At a special meeting of the <br />Board of Supervisors of <br />Chesterfield County held at <br />the Courthouse on February 3, <br />1942. at 8;00 o'clock P.M. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />H. L. Chalkley, <br />H. T. Goyne <br />J.G. Hening <br />W. A. Horner <br />P. W.Covington <br />T. D.hatkins <br /> <br />The resignation of F. F. Vincent from the Police Force of Chesterfield County <br />which vas submitted to the Chief of Police., and toon to the Board. <br />was received. Upon consideration whereof and on motion of H. T.Goyne. it is <br />resolved that this resignation be and it hereby is ijccepted as of February 2, <br />H142. <br /> <br />It appearing to be necessary to fill certain vacancies in the Police Department <br />caused py resignations of members of the Police Force, a number of applicants <br />had been called for interviewing but because of the lack of proper investigation <br />of applicants, and on motion of~i. A. Horner, it is resolve'd that no appointment <br />should be maue at this time but all considered for appointment be carried over <br />to the next regular meeting of this Board on February 10, 1942. <br /> <br />TLe following applicants were interviewed for the positions vacant on the Police <br />Force: Kern M.Thomas, Albert T. Maxey, George a. McKesson. Irving T. Wills, <br />Wm. D. Fendley. Wm; T. Baugh, Paul Leo Bard, Loris M. Longest, liugh G. Payne. <br />Chas. H. Besecker,Jr., \lm. Clifford Smith, Douglas ii, Murphy, Forest M. Blankenship" <br />H. E. Rudy. G.T.Ballard, John B. Ahern, Michael Cifelli, Edwin T. Smith, Karl <br />MaddreY,R1Q.hard \Ioodard and W. G. Gilliam. <br />After the Interviewing of all the applicants,and on motion of T. D.i/atkins. it is <br />resolved thnt the Board should reoess for a fifteen minute period. <br /> <br />This day the matter of the Police Department of Chesterfield County came before <br />the Board for discussion, as well as the appointment of persons to fill vacancies <br />recently made in that department: <br /> <br />And it appearing that the department is now without a permanent head, C.W.Smith. <br />Chief of said department having been granted a leave of absence for services with <br />the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and <br /> <br />\;hereas, since the resign::. tion of three of the officers of said department and <br />leave of Mr.5.mith, it appears that the department is fast disintegrating so that <br />the same is not an effective working unit, and <br /> <br />'i1hereas, in order to train the new personnel and reorganize said police force <br />it is necessary that an. experienced and practiced person be at the head thereof, 81ld <br /> <br />\ihereas, the said C.W.~th, Chief Of Police, now on leave has demonstrated his <br />capacity for organizing the police force and training the personnel to the <br />satisfaction of thisBoard, and <br /> <br />IIh8reas, further, since the leave of absence was granted the said C.wi.Smith, <br />there has come to an adjoining area of this County a naval ship building yard <br />which will emplOY around ten to twelve thousand men, and by reason of location <br />of said shipyard, a large proportion of the personnel working therein will <br />inhabit and pass through the County Of Chesterfield. thereby placing a burden <br />upon said police department, and fUrther, that the Richmond General Depot has a <br />orginally planned is in substantial completion and is beginning an expansion <br />program enlarging the same twice the original size, placing a further burden on <br />the local pOlice authorities. and <br /> <br />Whereas. this Board being cognizant now of these conditions and of the ability <br />of the said C.W.Smith,verily believes that it is necessary for the said C.W. <br />Smith to return to his post of duty in the protection of the public and its <br />properties, notwithstanding the work he is now undertaking. <br /> <br />Now. Therefore, upon consideration whereof and on motion of T.D.Wattins, it is <br />resolved thst the Honorable John Edgar Hoover, Director of the Federal Bureau <br />of Investigation, be and he hereby is respectfully requested, in view of the facts <br />set out in the preamble hereto, to release C'-ii.Smith from trail\ling and service ' <br />in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, so that the said C.'d.Smith can return <br />to his office here and reorganize the police department of the County of Chester- <br />field to its former efficient standard, so that the persons and properties of the <br />citizens of the County of Chesterfield. Virginia, might be properly protected, a~ <br />well as the County as an integral part of the Nation might be properly and effi- <br />ciently policed. <br /> <br />ZIond be it further resolved tha.t the Executive Secretary and Commonwealth's Attorn~y <br />be and they hereby are instructed to personally visit the officials of the <br />Federal Eureau of Investigation, transmit this resolution and personally request <br />tha tit be complied with at the earliest possible time. <br />