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<br />Since the attention of the Board was brought to the fact that in a former meeting <br />of this Board a resolution had been passed instructing the ~rBasurer to ~ransfer <br />certain monies to theSchool Board for payment of certain Literary bonds as per <br />schedule in the resolution; the Chairman of the Special Distribution Committee <br />felt that this D~tion would not be necessary since the CommIttee was reporting <br />a general distribution of all funds. Upon consideration whereof, and on Motion, <br />of J. G.Heninr. it is resolved that this motion. be, and it hereby is rescinded. <br /> <br />rrhis day the ExecutiveSecretary read to the ~ard a letter from. J.H.Wyse, state <br />Coordinator of Oivilian Defense Activities. in which he requested that a Director <br />of Civilian Defense Activities for Chesterfield County be appointed in conformity <br />with the Defense Law recently recommended by the Governor of Virginia and enacted <br />by the Legislature. Upon consideration whereof. and on motion of T.D.Watkins, <br />it is resolved thftt the Executive Secretary, W.H.Caldwell, be. and he hereby is <br />appointed Director of Civilian Defense of Chesterfield County. And be it <br />further resolved that he be empowered and directed by this Board to appoint a <br />Coordinator of Civilian pefense Activities at his discretion. <br /> <br />This day ~le Executive Secretary read a letter from the Fidelity and Deposit <br />Company of Maryland, requesting information as to the cancellation of bond <br />tf4279384 issued on iiilliam S. Coburn, EX8cuti ve Secretary to the Board of <br />Supervisors. Upon consideration whereof and on motion of T.D.Hatkins, it is <br />resolved that the~Executive Secretary, W. H. Caldwell, be, and he hereby is <br />authorized to inform the Fidel! ty and Deposit Company of Maryland that Vim. S. <br />Coburn left the service of Cresterfie1d County on V~rch 31.1941. and request <br />them to cancel the bond on him as of that date ~ld return to us any credit that <br />may be due us. <br /> <br />iJhereas. it appears that the City of Richmond has paid to the County of Chester- <br />field the sum of $115,420.67. in accordance with the decree of annexation entered <br />in the Circuit Court of Chesterfield County. and <br /> <br />Whereas. the said sum of money was peid to the County by reason of valuation of <br />schools annexed to said City and of the assumption of parts of certain debts <br />onother schools not in the annexed area. both within Manchester Magisterial <br />District And elsewhere in the County, and <br /> <br />\lhereas, it further appears that said debts are evidenced by Literary Bonds. the <br />payment of4which may be anticipated, and <br /> <br />Whereas. the Committee appointed by this Board, J.G.Hening. Vi.A.Horner, T. D. <br />\latkins, and P. Vi .Covington. have !'lade their report to this Board that it is safe <br />And good financing to'tretire said bonds to the aggregate of $129,765.00 by the <br />expenditure of the above sum of $115,420.67. the sum of $6,125.10 of Manchester <br />~istrict ~chool Debt Fund. and the sum of $8,219.23 out of the current appropriation, <br />and thereby relieve the County of the payment of 4 per cent interest on said sum. <br /> <br />Now, Therefore, upon consideration whereof, and on motion of \l.A.Horner, it is <br />resolved tlat the County School Board of Chesterfield County, Virginia, be and it <br />hereby is requested to make arrangements with the Treasurer of Virginia and the <br />State Board of Education for the payment of the Literary Bonds on the following <br />schools and to make the payment and interest to the date of payment, viz: <br /> <br />Broad Roc kSchool. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $31, 875.00 <br />Elkhardt School.............................. 10,000.00 <br />Hickory Hill Colored School.................. 14,450.00 <br />Enon White School............................ 14,450.00 <br />Colonial Heights ~lhite School................ 16.490.00 <br />Matoaca White School........................ 42.500.00 <br />$129,765.00 <br /> <br />And be it further resolvedthat the said County School Board. be, and it hereby is <br />rbquested to make such payment not later than March 1, 1942. <br /> <br />and be it further resolved that the sum of ill5,420.77. the money paid to the <br />County by the City of Ricl~ond. be, and the same is hereby appropriated to the <br />above purpose, and the Treasurer of the County is directed to make the transfer <br />of said sum to the County School Fund. <br /> <br />And the said School Board is requested to pay the ha1ance of said Literary Bond <br />out of the Manchester District School Fund, to-wit: The ~ebt Fund of $6,125.10 <br />and aut of the current appropriation for school debt $8,219.23. The interest <br />of said Bonds to be paid out of the budgetary fund~ for that purpose. <br /> <br />Whereas, pursuant to the decree of recent annexation proceedings. the City of <br />Richmond has paid to the County of Chesterfield. inter-allia, certain monies <br />in reimbursement for school purposes in Manchester Magisterial District. and <br /> <br />vihereas, this Board has deemed it proper and necessary to expend part of the said <br />sum inpayment of Literary loan debts of tre County. and <br /> <br />~'here asJ. it appears that it is nece ssary and proper that an auditorium be added <br />to the ~anchester District Sigh School and that the above mentioned fund was <br />available for such purpose but due to the emergencies of times it was impossible <br />to obtain materials for th, t purpose, and <br /> <br />Whereas, 1 t appears to be equitable that this Board should agree to finance the <br />construction of subh an aduitorium, if und when materials are available and in <br />consideration of the above expenditure of the above fund, <br /> <br />