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<br />I <br /> <br />"Routine standard Claims Paid by the Executive Secretary from the General Fund:" <br /> <br />Shelves in Clerk's Office, building tool <br />house and labor <br />First aid kits and contents - Police Dept. <br />Notice of hearing of amendment to Section <br />15 of "Food" Ordinance <br />Installing street lirhts in Colonial Heights <br />To running new cast iron sewer from Clerk's <br />Office to septic tank. replacing radiator <br />in jail, repairing leak in steam main in , <br />boiler, putting valves on radiators. repairing I <br />spigots in Courthouse 89.eQ <br />5 qts. oil and greasing , County truck 2.~0 <br />, <br />I <br /> <br />G. II. Cogbill <br />Dr', C. 'd. Lynn <br />Dr. R.C. Hocker <br />G. Porter Perdue, Deputy <br />G. P. Perdue " <br />G. P. Perdue <br />Ha than B. Vlhite <br />Nathan B. Hhite <br />w. B.Gentry, J.P. <br />Dr. C. T. Jones <br />Dr. George M. Williams <br />Dr.P. L. Hill <br />Dr. J. Bolling Jones <br />D. 'vi. Hawkins. J.P. <br />Dr. C . T. J one s <br />Broaddus & Lucas <br />City Collector <br /> <br />Medicine for prisoners in jail <br />Lunacy commission-Mrs. Agnes C. Childress <br />Inebriate -Harvey Cleveland Layne <br />Sheriff Lunacy cOrnr.J.ission-Herbert Cuthbertson <br />" Gase of Dorothy Davis-Feebleminded <br />" LunLcy commission-Agness Cordelia Childress <br />"" "n" <br /> <br />Case of Dorothy Davis-Feebleminded <br />Inebriate-Harvey Cleveland Layne <br />Lunacy commisE'ion-.,gnes Cordelia Childress <br />It tI -Herbert Cuthbertson <br />tI tt " " <br /> <br />It <br /> <br />Commission over Dorothy Davis <br />Lunacy comwission-Herbert Cuthbertson <br />Case of Dorothy Davis <br />InstHlling radio on Police car <br />Responding to fire located on Rt. 10, <br />Belmont Road, on Jan.m7, 1942 <br /> <br />"Claims Authorized by Executive Secretary from the General Fund:" <br /> <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br />Richmond Stationery Co. <br />Burfoughs Adding Machine Co. <br />Virginia Key and Lock Co. <br />Cole. Harding and James. Inc. <br />Snel~cer Printing Co. <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br /> <br />Two rubber stamps - Clerk's Office <br />500 Forms T-l (Treas.Office) <br />Repairing adding machine and one ribbon <br />Loc k for County jail <br />Files for Comm. of Revenue's Office <br />2.000 llx17t' onion skin paper(Exec.Sec'y.) <br />Mimeograph paper, colored pencils and ink <br /> <br />"Miscellaneous Claims Paid by the E:x:ecutive Secretary from theGenera1 Fund: " <br /> <br />A.E. Tate Lumber Co. <br />Remington Rand. Inc. <br /># <br />State Department of Health <br /> <br />The Treasurer of A.C.L. RR. Co. <br />\i1 lming ton . N.C. <br />E.C. Pastorfield <br /> <br />.l.Iavid E.mergency Equipment Co. <br />Richmond Times-Dispatch <br /> <br />Virginia Electric &. Power Co. <br />H. A. Hawkins & Company <br /> <br />Lumber for "Woodsto ck" \ia ter Sy stem <br />One gross typewriter ribbons and 2 doz. <br />carbon paper coupon books <br />Payment !Bor three months endiD€' March 31, <br />1942, in support of Health Dept. <br />Lease of depot space at Centralia,Va. <br /> <br />Truby Motor Company <br /> <br />"Salaries, .....llowances. etc. Paid from the Dog Tax Fund By the Exec. <br /> <br />Sec'y.": <br /> <br />E. J. Gorman <br /> <br />Salary and mileafe -Game Yl.~rden <br /> <br />"Claims Paid from theEttrick _San. Dist. Opere Fund by the Exec. Sec'y.": <br />Miss Grace B. Pond District Clerk <br />B. Vi. lialton Jani tor Municipal Bldg. <br />Delta Oil Company Fuel oil <br />City Water liorks. Petg. i;ater used during Jan. 1942 <br />Virginia Electric & Power Co. Current used Ettrick To~n Hall <br />Chas. H. Eanes Reading meters <br />Howard Eanes. Employers' <br />Liability Corp. Policy covering Firs pumper and truck <br /> <br />'lZla 1m <br />Mrs. <br /> <br /> <br />from theBellmeade San..l.Iist. 0 ere Fund:" <br />200- cta.stamps <br /> <br />$3.65 <br />5.00 <br />5.00 <br />3.50 <br />2.50 <br />3.00 <br />3.00 <br />3.00 <br />2.00 <br />5.00 <br />5.00 <br />5.00 <br />5.00 <br />3.00 <br />5.00 <br />8.45 <br /> <br />125.00 <br /> <br />i$1,423.00 <br />I <br /> <br />$1.56 ! <br />9.00 <br />3.74 <br />2.00 i <br />27.99 . <br />7.13 <br />5.08 $55.50 <br /> <br />~42. 481 <br />I <br />114.241 v <br /> <br />l875.0q <br />5.0q <br /> <br />3l.0q <br />61.5~ <br />30.eQ <br />29.59 <br /> <br />$2,281.87 <br /> <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />$55.001 <br /> <br />$35 .00 <br />5.00 <br />33.19 <br />151.69 <br />1.44 <br />12.20 <br /> <br />75.08 <br /> <br />i <br />1$313.60 <br />I <br />i <br /> <br />6.00 <br />