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<br />"Claims Au thori zed b the Exec. Sec' . from the General Fund and Paid b Exeo. See' ." <br /> <br />T. S.Beckwith & Co. <br />Virginia Stationery Co. <br />S. B. Adkins & Co. <br /> <br />Sash, Door and Glass Corp. <br />Bichmond Office SUpply Co. Inc. <br />Everett Waddey Co. Inc. <br />Virginia Key and Lock Co. <br />Vi~ginia StQtlonery Co. <br /> <br />Central Printing Co. <br />Richmond Office SuPPlY Co. Inc. <br />Richmond Office Supply Co. Ino. <br />Sp~ncer Printing Co. <br /> <br />the Executive Secretary from the General Fund:" <br /> <br />Lunacy oommission-Harvey Cleveland Layne <br />· · -Leonard Baiel <br />Street lighting in Co. for Kch. 1942 <br />Lunacy commission-Leonard Ha!el <br />" " -warrant e;x:eou ted <br />12 Fuel oil-79 gallons-8amp Baker <br />Gas and 011 for County truok <br />Ice for C.H. for February, 1942 <br />Street lighting in County for April,~942 <br />Lunacy commission-Rosetta Whitaker <br /> <br />$5. <br />5. <br />51il0. <br />5. <br />5. <br />56. <br />24. <br />5. <br />582. <br />6. <br /> <br /> <br />-- <br />I <br /> <br />$1.10 <br />1.00 <br />I <br />15.50 <br />5.10 <br />5/il:5 <br />3.50 <br />17.00 <br />12.40 <br /> <br />Index tabs and guides <br />One ream mimeograph paper <br />One BDdd Book 17171, binding two <br />Property books <br />Plate glass for C.H. door <br />One box carbon paper 8" x 14 <br />4-19 Liberty Storage cases tor Treas. <br />Padlooks 18'10 and 575 ' <br />Pronto files and pronto fil.6 bases <br />(Treas. Office) <br />10.000 Criminal warrants (Tr. Justiu) 47.00 <br />One Docket Book (Tr. Justice) 6~.87 <br />Misoellaneous Office Supplies \9t~~~ I <br />"va>>opes and complainant sheets (POliC~~ $200.15 <br /> <br />":M1scellane~us ClaiJllS Paid bY the J;:xec. Sec'y. from the General Fund:" <br /> <br />,v'. F. HObart <br /> <br />Riohmond Ti~s-Dispatch <br />Nancy Tyree <br />W. W. LaPrade &. Bro., <br /> <br />Sy,dnor. Howey &. 00. <br />ClYde L. Bowman <br /> <br />Johns-Manville Sales Corp. <br /> <br />J. S. Ritchie <br />R. D. Moore <br />W. A. Horner <br />H. A. Haw kins &. Co. <br />H. A. Ha_ins &. Co. <br /> <br />Beverly's Transfer <br /> <br />W. W. LaJrade &. Bros. <br /> <br />Virginia Electrio &. Power Co. <br /> <br />Underwood, Elliott Fisher Co. <br />Albert L. Smith <br />The Chesapeake &. Potomac Tel.Co. <br /> <br />K. B. St.Clair, Jr. <br />Hajooa Corp. <br />W. H. Caldwell <br /> <br />National School Supply Co. Inc. <br /> <br />T. S.Beckwith &. Co. <br />Mitchell Well &. Pump CQ' <br />W. H. Caldwell <br /> <br />R. N. Win:tree <br />R. y. Eike <br />Plore:ooe Johnson <br /> <br />Blueprints of map of Camp Lee, Petg. <br />Chesterfield and environs <br />Publication of ZOning Ordinance <br />Vocational training supplies <br />Survey and map of road from Snead Rd. <br />to Broad Rook Rd.-prints of Bermuda ' <br />Dist. and Manchester Dist-oampiling' <br />maps showLng propertY' along James River <br />to M1.dlothian from. Boshers Dam toPowhatan <br />Oounty Line <br />Service on Stokol-one feed screw and bolt <br />Wiring office bldg. (Storage Bldg.) work <br />in Clerk's Office and on jail <br />Transite pipe and factory tapped <br />couplings for Water System <br />Ju~ Comm1.s;oner <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />$0.72 <br />30.10 <br />7.;10 <br /> <br />126.50 <br />,42.84 <br /> <br />158.17 <br /> <br />3460.87 ... <br />5.00 <br />5.00 <br />5.00 <br />64.85 <br /> <br />" <br />To building new brick hearth in furnaoe <br />Olearing out sewer in jail-JIl8.king water <br />tap at N.B.Goodwyn's to Courthouse <br />Unloading car pipe on ACL Siding Del'd <br />to Stookton St. near Boulegard <br />Blueprints of",Northwestern Part of <br />Chesterfield Oounty-blueprints of <br />Bermuda Diet and Manchester Dist. <br />Installation of street lights at various <br />locations in Colonial Heights and annex 465.00 <br />Underwood typewriter (oomm. Atty. Office) 93.56 <br />Fire prevention work 10.40 <br />Service oonnection charge-A.L.Smith.Fire I <br />Warden 7.00 <br />Woods'ook Water Project 4rlaying pipe 750.00 t <br />2" galv. steel pipe-Woodstook W,ater ProJ. 510.60 <br />Attending Zoning Commission meeting in <br />Richmond 6.65 <br />One reel and 5 splices for moving pioture ' <br />oamera 5.60 <br />Tracing paper. cards, blank guides '5.64 I <br />Drilling well at Woodstock and test pumping 1029.T v <br />Expenses incurred in attending meeting of' ' <br />County offioials of War Production 'in , <br />Washington. D.C. <br />Assessment of land and property in 00. 200. <br />. . . · 200. 0 <br />Clerical work in office of Comm. of RevenUe <br />in oonnection with assesllllent of land <br /> <br />20.10 <br /> <br />24.00 <br /> <br />10.00 <br /> <br />45. <br /> <br />.7.01il8.19 <br />