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<br />VIRGINIA:dt an adjourned meeting of ~he <br />Board of SUpervisors of <br />Chesterfield County, held a~ <br />the Courthouse on May 22, <br />1942, at 10:00 o'clock a.m. <br /> <br />Present: H. L. Chalkley. Chairman <br />J. G. Hening <br />H. T. Goyne <br />Vi. A. Horner <br />P. ii. Covington <br />T. D.\/atkins <br /> <br />This day again the Budfet for 1942- '43 which '!,^laS tentatively adopted on .<1.pril 21, <br />1942, 8Ild which has been advertised in accordance with law, was again considered, <br />and the followlng corrections were sug{"€Jsted: That the amount of ljp1500.00 be <br />deducted from the appropriation of $1790.00 for the operation of caop Baker, <br />leaving $290.00 to be used for the upkeep of Camp Baker buildings and grounds; <br />the amount of $500.00 which has been appropriated for the White Fair and $150.00 <br />for the Colored Fair, was ordered stricken from the Budget since the Fairs would <br />not be held this year; ~he additional appropriation of $1400.00 considered for <br />~dditional compensation of members of the Board of Supervisors was to be stricken <br />from the Budget. <br />It is therefore, resolved on motion of H. T. Goyne, that the Budget as read with <br />the above co>>rections, be. and the same is hereby approved and adopted as the <br />Budget for the year 1942-'43. <br /> <br />~lliereas, in accordance with law the proposal to adopt and fix levies required by <br />the budget for the year 1942- '43 has been made public according to law, and <br /> <br />Whereas, thlP day was fixed for the pUblic hearing of same. <br /> <br />Now, Therefore, on motion of H. T. Goyne, it is resolved that the following <br />general levies for the County of Chesterfie~ in support of this budget heretofore <br />today adopted, be. and the sffme are hereby fixed, to-wit: <br /> <br />t <br /> <br />Bermuda Magisterial District <br />Clover Hill Magisterial District <br />Vale Magisterial District <br />Manchester Magisterial District <br />Matoeca Mafisterial District <br />Midlothian Magisterial District <br />Ettrick Sanitary District <br /> <br />All Districts- Machinery <br /> <br />ROAd Levy <br /> <br />$a.41 <br />1.39 <br />1.~31 <br />1.31 <br />1.41 <br />1.34 <br />1.81 <br /> <br />.10 <br />.03 <br /> <br />The Executive Secretary having been authorized at a previous meeting to purch8se <br />a car from bids submitted. according to his judgment as to the one which would be <br />most suitable and serviceable for Chesterfield County, reported that he had <br />decided to recommend tha t a, Chevrolet from the Hechler :Motor Company of Highland <br />Springs. Va. at a price of $856.14, and the Hechler Motor Company being so in- <br />formed stated that in order to secure it at truit price. it would be necessary that <br />the car be paid for immediately. Upon consideration whereof and on motion <br />of W. A. Horner, it is resolved that the Executive Secretary be and he hereby is <br />empwoered to purchase this car at once. <br />And be it further resolved that the amount of $856.14, be and it hereby is <br />appropri ated from the unappropriated surplus of the General Fund for the purpose <br />of purchasing a car for the E.xecutive Secretary - budgetary code 19 - 400. <br /> <br />This day appeared before the B(j:l. rei Mr. Ed Mundie of the Soil Conservation Service, <br />thanking the Board for their support and cooperation during the past year and also <br />for the furnishing b~' the County of office space and place to store a pickup <br />truck belonging to the Soil Conservation ~ervice and asking that these services <br />be continued. Upon consider8tion whereof end on motion of J. G. I~ningt <br />the Soil Conservation is granted permission to continue the use of office building <br />and storage space for the pickup truck used by the Soil Conservation Service, <br />provided it was no clause in the insurance policy carried on the Fair Buildings <br />to prevent such use. <br /> <br />This day there appeared before the Boa rei Mr. J .G. Hening. Chairman, and Hiss Lena <br />viarwick, Secretary of the W. 'If.Baker Camp Auxiliary, statine.-: that due to the gas <br />and tire shortage and thetr inability to secure the services of qualttied <br />counsellors that they felt it un,use to undertake to operate Camp Ba~r. and <br />requested the Board to concur in this recommendation. <br />Upon consideration whereof and on motion of J. G. Hening. it is resolved that the <br />Board of Supervisors concur in this recommendation that Camp Baker not be operated <br />for the summer session of 1942. <br /> <br />The resignation of Mrs. J .E. Norvell. \linterpock, Virginia, from the W. v/.Baker <br />Camp Auxiliary was received and oocepted. Recommendations were asked for some- <br />one to fill the vanancy. Upon consideration whereof and on motion of J.G.Hening~ <br />Mrs. Gladys Crump, Winterpock, Virgini~. was unanimously elected to fill the <br />vacancy created by the resignation of ~s. Norvell. <br />