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<br />"Rautm.e.estandard (;l(1i1:1s Paid bv the Exec. Sec' y. from the General County Fund: It <br /> <br />"Claims .t\.uthorized b:.' the Exec. ;".ec'y. end l'aid b" .ll.xec. Sec'". fron the Generhl rynd:" <br /> <br />Bu~ldings .ll.quipment &. '-'u!'ply Corp. One Callon rubber gloss furn. polish ~3. ob <br />Postmaster, Chester One coil 500-3ct. stamps 15.0~ <br />Reminp,ton Rand, Inc. One quire slbenci1s for mimeograph 3.l~ <br />United Paper Company Paper towels, cabire ts, etc. 44.1~ <br />Burroughs Adding Machine Co. One adding machine ribbon .45 <br />Edwards-Councilor One drum disinfectant 80.5f> <br />Richmond Office Supply !Iiscellaneous Office Supplies 2.9). <br />G. ',:. Crump One cord pine wood 5.0') <br />....eal Awning Company 5 window awnings complete (Agri.Apt.) 52.ob <br />iiillian.s and Reed Wowe1s. pillow cases and sheets 55.7? <br />I\;orton Marks One type1,'1Iriter table and 1 six I <br />drawer card file 16.8p~, <br />Spencer Printing Company 2500 ffll YJaft ~nvelopes and Police <br />Records, special envelopes <br />6 ffV Favo~ite files <br />4 books TJ-7 <br /> <br />Buildings Equipment &. .;;lupgly Corp. <br />The Chesapeake &. Potomac .I.el. Co. <br /> <br />BuildiIlfs Equipment &. Supply Corp. <br />Virginia Electric &. Power Co. <br />Business Equipment Co. Inc. <br /> <br />Cole. har~in[; and James, Inc. <br />Treasurer of Virginia <br /> <br />$3.45 <br /> <br />One case ~iquid soap <br />:5ervice connection tel. for <br />httrick Fire Dept. <br />.urinking cups <br />Street lighting in Co. June, 1942 <br />June inspection of machines and <br />one ad.ding machine ribbon <br /> <br />2.25 <br />10.18 <br />390.84 <br /> <br />9.00 <br /> <br />I <br />i-iPl,549.e5 <br />, <br />i <br /> <br />96.3 <br />12.0 <br />4.0 <br /> <br />:yI573.67 <br /> <br />"Eiscellaneous Claims Paid llrom the Cener al l!'und by the Executive SecretHr.V: " <br /> <br />.;;lydnor, hOVJey &. Co. <br /> <br />Virginiu ll.ey anu Lock Uo. <br />Richmond Lbr. and .Duildings .;;lupply <br />,;;.tandard Oil (.;0. of H.J. <br />~.C.Pastorfield <br />Richmond Rubber Company <br /> <br />E.C .Pastorfield <br /> Clair <br /> <br />Richmond 1br.-Co. <br />Chewning and \iilmer <br />Lee F. Lawler. Sergeant <br /> <br />Central Printinf Co. <br /> <br />Virginia Printinf Co. <br />Virginia Printing Co. <br />Chester Supply Cor. <br />Richmond Newspapers, Inc. <br />Ii. F. Hobart <br /> <br />11i tchell "ell &, PUmp Co. <br />,Ialter N. Perdue. Ulerk of 00urt <br /> <br />'..'he '.i.'reus. ~1..C.L. HR. 1.,)0. <br /> <br />Howard Puckett <br />Ctws. l.~iller <br />Truby Uotor Gompany <br />-Chas. Leonard Hdwe. Co. <br />Hajoca Corp. <br />Hajoca Corp. <br />County of Chesterfield <br />R.E.Powe 11 <br />Haj oca Corp. <br />James B. Friend <br />BroaddUS ~ LUcas <br />.;;lnith Coal Co. <br />A. E.Tate Lumber Co. <br />Chas. Leonard hdwe. Co.lnc. <br />Chas. Leonard lidwe. Co.Inc. <br />County of Chesterfield <br />Hajoca Corp. <br />Treasurer of Virginia <br />Northan \larren Corp. <br />Southeside Brick Works, Inc. <br />Heckler ~otor Company <br />James B. Friend <br />Richmond Office Supply <br />'l'he Hopev..e 11 NeVIs. Inc. <br /> <br />Sand and brixment for "Vioodstock" <br />Project <br />Repairing u570 Yale Check <br />Luraber for Hood stock .Pro jact <br />'l'ruck tank for fire truck <br />'iork in Clerk's Office <br />505 ft. 3/4" braid booster line hose <br />for fi re truck <br />.Iork in office of agri. Agent <br />Install~tion of water lines at <br />,luod stoc k <br />Lumber for woodstock <br />138 Ibs. if4 wire for ',iloodstock <br />Service fee in the matter of Co. of <br />Chesterfield Vs. Colonial Park Co. <br />Cash accts, sheets, p~anntiff Judgment <br />and lJefendant Jud€l'ment sheets <br />1,000 ballots <br />100 '.l.'ax lists <br />Three gallons paint and brush (For jail) <br />rub lishinf' tentative budget for County <br />Prints water system and prints of <br />plate s (Iioodstock) LIf.70 <br />One 5.000 gallon hydro-ppeumatic tank 61~.00 \.... <br />For certifying and having printed a list I <br />of persons in Col. lights who paid capitation! <br />taxes for one or more of the years 1939- I <br />1940 and 1941 on or before Dec. 9. 1941 lQ.70 <br />For lease of depot space at Centralia, i <br />Va. fo r 1..,on th 0 l' JUne. 1942 ~ . 00 <br />..ark on founl.ation at./ood stock Project 1f/l.85 <br />'1'0 Vlork on foundation at.ioodstock Project 1$.15 <br />Hepairing shears (Co. ~. 50 <br />2-gallons white paint $.55 <br />Corp. cocks. couplings,flared adapters.etc. t.?9 <br />Galv. mal tee, and g~lv. bush : .7? <br />Fire extinction service - Attrick Fire Dept'fOO.oo <br />l!:lectric current used \ioodstock ,10.00 <br />Galv. steel pipe. gate valve, plugs, etc. ~OO.35 <br />Laying brick at 1.ioodstock 100.00 <br />Tubes for Police radio. vibrator 113.10 <br />Truck hire for hauling cinders +97.29 ~ <br />Lumber for Woodstock I 5.90 <br />I.hite paint and vornish p.68 <br />Flat wall paint (Clerk's Office) 15.91 <br />Rental or 'l'rial Justice J:!.~trick 150.00 <br />Corporation cocks and washers ~8.82 <br />Quail deliveries 19.80 <br />Three gas identification sniff sets ~5.00 <br />1.000 bricks !6.50 <br />iJeat", covers for cou,nty owned car 3.07 <br />liork at ',iood stock 4.00 <br />One ~pervisor's Order Book i9 9.91 <br /> <br />Vocational traininp. supplies ~Or hone uem'hf.t~ 7.~ <br /> <br />! <br />i <br />I <br />I <br /> <br />53. ~O <br />2.100 <br />116.).6 <br />25.iOO <br />80.[00 <br /> <br />123 .:72 <br />I <br />111.;9? <br />I <br />I <br />80o.iOO' <br />11.152 <br />34.!57 <br /> <br />1';00 <br />, <br />! <br /> <br /> <br />lJl. 00 <br />64;.00 <br />1::j.19 <br />1l~.60 "'. <br />