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<br />VIRGIKU.: <\.t a meeting of the Board <br />of Supervisors of Chest8r <br />field County. held at the <br />Courthouse on September 8 <br />1942, at 10:00 o'clock A. . <br /> <br />PrefJent: <br /> <br />H. T. Goyne, Chairmtin Pro tem <br />". A. Horner <br />P. il.Covington <br />'t'. D.'.atkins <br />J. G. Hening <br /> <br />~bsent: H. L.Chalkley <br /> <br />-I <br /> <br />In the absence of h. L. Chalkley. and on motion )~. lIr. H.T. Goyne was elected <br />Chairman pro tem. <br /> <br />'l'he minutes of the last regular and spec ial neetiIl(- s havin! been read, approvef. <br /> <br /> <br />"Salaries. fillowance.a. <>t<" P',;!i "1 t.b<> ":x"-<' ...rot"'~T. f',...nm t.l1A C<>T1A,.'"l c()~ 1<'llnd:" I <br /> <br />Horace L. Chalkley Qalary und mileage - Supv. ZIoug. 1942 ~29.281 <br />James G. Hening It "" """ 29.381 <br />.1. .h.. Horner II "" f1"" 28.681 <br />Harold T. Goyne " "" """ 28.98 <br />P. .1. Covington II "" ".." 30.48 <br />T. D. "atkins II II II """ 31.38 <br />..alter H. Perdue Clerk of Circuit Court "" 83.33 <br />Geo. ',I. Uoore. Jr. Conm. of Revenue and ma in tenance 488.00 <br />of office <br />.Execu tive Secretury <br />County Stenographer <br />liome Den. "''f'ent <br />Co. .l.gri. rljent <br />,," II (Col.) <br />Truck driver <br />:Fire prevention and suppression work <br />for Eonth of July, 1942 <br />Typist in office Cmum. of Revenue <br />Land HSf:essor <br />" II <br /> <br />\/. H. Caldwell <br />.t'l.uline Barrett <br />lTancy 'J.'yree <br />P. Hixey Jones <br />R. F. Jones <br />.iillie cimi th <br />J~. L.Smith <br /> <br />lIarthan Jane Snead <br />R. I.:.Eike <br />R.. l!. l:infree <br />~arcus ~. Cogbill <br />B. J. Banks <br />Elwood Henuerson <br />Ira. .:i. Hepburn <br />Catheri ne Phillips <br />a. L. Smi th <br /> <br />COIlltlOIlVJeal th' s ..~ttorney <br />Jani tor <br />Truck driver's assistant <br />IaCht i/at chman <br />Clerical assistant <br />Forest fire ~uprression and rrevention <br />and other duties for .~g. 1942 <br />C)heriff <br />l.:ileace, attending Zoning Com. meetings <br />" " 1t " n <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />O. B. Gates <br />Havee Norris <br />J. B. ',iatkins, Jr. <br />1\.. K. L1issimer <br />". II. Heintzman <br />D. p. Bass <br />C. \1. Smi th <br />I. B.Eov\lI! <br />R.,I. <br />E. P. Gill <br />Geo. 1.:. Johnson <br />C ..1. Cunningham <br />L. n. rferrell <br />C. S. Romaine <br />.J. '-i. l:urphey <br />R. E. J!'eeback <br />U. B. Puckett <br />1~;. l~. Flynn <br />C. R. Jackson <br />S. B. Hirshberg <br />J. G. Eggers <br />J. '.im. ri8nce <br /> <br />II II It n n <br />n II tt n n <br />" " tt " " <br />lIilenge, salary und te 1. allow. <br />.t " It " <br />II " tt " <br />n " 11 " <br />It tt It .. <br />It II It " <br />11 II 11 .. <br />" " .. " <br />to " " " <br />" " " .. <br />Police Officer <br /> " .. <br />Dispatcher <br /> " <br /> It <br />Salary and maintenance of office <br /> <br />~R outine Standard IJlaims Paid by the .Exec. Sec' y. froIa the General Co. Fund:" <br /> <br />J. J. Gary. Constable <br />H. Henry Copley, M.D. <br />O. B. Gates, dheriff <br /> <br />S.... Ellison <br />Trtlpy 1.10 tor Company <br />Truby Motor Company <br />Town of Colonial Heights <br /> <br />Commission of lunacy-Bessie B. McKenney <br />It n " " <br /> <br />Board and committal of prisoners for <br />Hay. June and JUly, 1942 <br />Ice for c.n. for July, 1942 <br />Gas. oil. repairs and parts Co. truck <br />Gas and oil for County car (Exec. Sec'y) <br />~ire protection as per contract for <br />April. May and June. 1942 <br /> <br />250.00 <br />l20.00 <br />75.00 <br />125.00 <br />45.00 <br />65..00 <br /> <br />125.001 <br />65.00 <br />200.0G <br />200.00 <br />234.16 <br />75.00 <br />40.00 <br />72.00 <br />38.33 <br /> <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />,502.85 <br /> <br /> <br />123. <br />9. <br />30. <br />22. <br /> <br />75. <br />