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<br /> <br /> <br />Board of Supervisors <br /> <br />R. M. “Dickie” King, Jr. <br /> <br />Kelly E. Miller <br /> <br />Terri Cofer Beirne <br />Renny Bush Humphrey <br /> <br />Arthur S. Warren <br /> <br /> <br />County Administrator <br /> <br />Lane B. Ramsey <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Summary of Actions Taken by the Board on August 23, 2006 <br /> <br />3:00 P.M. SESSION <br /> <br />COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR’S COMMENTS <br /> <br />?? <br />Mr. Ramsey provided details of the Chesterfield County delegation’s visit to <br />Gravesham, England as part of the county’s twinning relationship. <br /> <br /> <br />RESOLUTIONS <br /> <br />th <br />Adopted Resolution recognizing the 100 anniversary of the Petersburg <br />Baptist Association. <br /> <br />Adopted Resolution recognizing John R. Morgan, Ph.D., Department of <br />Mental Health Support Services, upon his retirement. <br /> <br /> <br />NEW BUSINESS <br /> <br />Adopted Marshall and Swift Building Cost Index increase of 7.3 percent for <br />existing cash proffer cases. <br /> <br />Adopted Amendment to the cash proffer policy relative to school spending <br />districts. <br /> <br />Deferred until Adoption of maximum cash proffer for FY2007. <br />12/13/2006 <br /> <br />Approved Elimination of the Board’s practice of allowing a cash proffer credit <br />for age-targeted housing and retention of the Board’s practice of <br />allowing a cash proffer credit for age-restricted housing. <br /> <br /> 1 <br /> <br />