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<br /> . . <br /> Daniel Statement <br /> Jack and I were honored to. have the chance to represent <br /> Chesterfield County in the city of Ekaterinberg, Russia, over the past <br /> ,eveca' daY'\Ek"ednbe,g I, the th;,d 'a'g"'t city In Ruos;a. \ Du,;ng ou, <br /> visit, it became immediately apparent that our County Administration is <br /> recognized in Ekaterinberg as a model of local government efficiency and <br /> fleXibility\ Because of that reputation, Ekaterinberg officials were eager <br /> and open to suggestions for programs to develop business and educational <br /> exchanges that will benefit each locality,l <br /> The story of our effort really began last November when ten city and <br /> regional officials interned in Chesterfield, Richmond and Petersburg, \ <br /> During that visit, Chesterfield obviously impressed them with our TOI <br /> successes and other customer service and quality activities. \ They took <br /> many Idea, back with them hom the;, v;,1t he,e and r beg'nnlng to <br /> implement some of the County's government philosophy. They were also <br /> impressed with the openness that our Board of Supervisors practices with <br /> citizens. \ This is a new concept in Russia and we believe that the <br /> openness of this Board of Supervisors is helping to further the permanency <br /> of democracy in that country,l <br /> 0800: 19860.1 1 <br />