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GENERAL INFORMATION <br />T .nrati nn <br />North line of Midlothian Turnpike, east of Robious Road. Tax ID 751-708-4745. <br />Existing Zoning: <br />C-3 w/CUPD <br />Size: <br />16.7 acres <br />Existing Land Use: <br />Commercial <br />Adjacent Zoning and Land Use: <br />North - A and A with Conditional Use Planned Development; Radio tower or vacant <br />South - C-5 with Conditional Use Planned Development; Commercial <br />East - A; Church <br />West - MH-1 and C-3 with Conditional Use Planned Development; Mobile home park <br />and commercial <br />UTILITIES; ENVIRONMENTAL AND PUBLIC FACILITIES <br />This request will have no impact on these facilities. <br />T A I~TTI T TCF <br />Comprehensive Plan: <br />Lies within the boundaries of the Northern Area Plan which suggests the property is <br />appropriate for general commercial use. <br />Area Development Trends: <br />The area is characterized by commercial uses along this portion of the Midlothian Turnpike <br />corridor. In addition, church and mobile home park uses are located on adjacent properties <br />to the east and west. Commercial uses are expected to continue along the corridor, as <br />suggested by the Plan. <br />2 08SN0194 JUL30-BOS-RPT <br />