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B. The existing facility is currently operated on the property with no apparent adverse <br />impact upon existing area residential development. <br />C. The recommended conditions address land use compatibility issues between the use and <br />area residential development and are similar to those imposed on similarly situated <br />facilities. <br />(NOTE: CONDITIONS MAY BE IMPOSED OR THE PROPERTY OWNER(S) MAY <br />PROFFER CONDITIONS. THE CONDITIONS NOTED WITH "STAFF/CPC" WERE <br />AGREED UPON BY BOTH STAFF AND THE COMMISSION. CONDITIONS WITH ONLY <br />A "STAFF" ARE RECOMMENDED SOLELY BY STAFF. CONDITIONS WITH ONLY A <br />"CPC" ARE ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS RECOMMENDED BY THE PLANNING <br />COMMISSION.) <br />PROFFERED CONDITIONS <br />The owner and developer in this rezoning request, Columbia Gas of Virginia, Inc. (the <br />"Developer") pursuant to § 15.2-2298 of the Code of Virginia (1950 as amended) and the Zoning <br />Ordinance of Chesterfield County, Virginia (the "County") for itself and its successors and <br />assigns, hereby proffers that the development of the unimproved real property (the "Property") <br />under consideration in this rezoning request shall be developed in accordance with the following <br />conditions if, and only if, the request submitted herewith is granted with only those conditions <br />agreed to by the owner and applicant. In the event this request is denied or approved with <br />conditions not agreed to by the owner and applicant, the proffers shall immediately be null and <br />void and of no further force or effect. <br />(STAFFICPC) 1. The attached plan dated March 31, 2008, revised June 18, 2008 <br />and titled "Master Plan Eagle Cove Propane Tank Farm" as <br />prepared by Townes Site Engineering shall be considered the <br />master plan. A maximum of thirty-one (31) tanks shall be <br />. P <br />permute . ( ) <br />(STAFF/CPC) 2. All mechanical equipment shall be enclosed by a minimum six (6) <br />foot high fence, designed to preclude trespassing. (P) <br />(STAFF/CPC) 3. Vehicular access shall be provided via a single driveway. This <br />driveway shall be of sufficient length to provide off street parking <br />for all vehicles servicing the propane facilities. This driveway <br />shall be graveled or paved and maintained to minimize dust or <br />tracking problems and to provide ease of ingress and egress. (P) <br />(STAFF/CPC) 4. A twenty-five (25) foot buffer shall be provided along all property <br />boundaries to include Oak River Drive. This buffer shall comply <br />with the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance except that the <br />extension of the driveway to serve this facility may encroach into <br />this required buffer as generally depicted on the Master Plan. Any <br />healthy trees that are one (1) inch in caliper or greater shall be <br />2 08SN0232 JUL30-BOS-RPT <br />