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(NOTE: CONDITIONS MAYBE IMPOSED OR THE PROPERTY OWNER MAY PROFFER <br />CONDITIONS. THE CONDITIONS NOTED WITH "STAFF/CPC" WERE AGREED UPON <br />BY BOTH STAFF AND THE COMMISSION. CONDITIONS WITH ONLY A "STAFF" ARE <br />RECOMMENDED SOLELY BY STAFF. CONDITIONS WITH ONLY A "CPC" ARE <br />ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS RECOMMENDED BY THE PLANNING COMMISSION.) <br />GENERAL INFORMATION <br />T ,ncati nn <br />North line of Genito Road, west of Weatherbury Place. Tax ID 709-689-Part of 3444. <br />Existin.~g: <br />A with Conditional Use Planned Development <br />Size: <br />10 acres <br />Existing Land Use: <br />Communications Tower <br />Adjacent Zoning and Land Use: <br />North, South, East and West - A; Single-family residential or vacant <br />UTILITIES; PUBLIC FACILITIES; TRANSPORTATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL <br />This request will have no impact on these facilities. <br />COUNTY COMMUNICATIONS <br />The Zoning Ordinance requires that any structure over eighty (80) feet in height be reviewed by <br />the County's Public Safety Review Team for potential detrimental impacts the structure could <br />have on the County's Radio Communications System microwave paths. This determination <br />must be made prior to construction of the communications tower. <br />COUNTY AIRPORT <br />A preliminary review of this proposal indicates that, given the approximate location and <br />elevation of the proposed installation, it appears there will be no adverse affect on the County <br />Airport. <br />2 08SN0236 JUL30-BOS-RPT <br />