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~~tF~EI,p ~~:, <br />~~ti --~ ca~~'';. <br />.v ~ ~ e,~ <br />!' ~ ~~ <br />~ti, I rY~ ry ! ~;li ,~~~ <br />t, <br />-17 ~. J/i <br />Ir~RGSI~1.P!!~ <br />STAFF' S <br />REQUEST ANALYSIS <br />AND <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />08SN0212 <br />Swift Creek Holdings, LLC <br />J~~ZnnQ rnr <br />July 30, 2008 BS <br />Matoaca Magisterial District <br />Alberta Smith Elementary; Bailey Bridge Middle; and Manchester High Schools Attendance <br />Zones <br />Off the western terminus of Quailwood Road <br />RE VEST: Rezoning from Agricultural (A) to Residential (R-12). <br />PROPOSED LAND USE: <br />A single-family residential subdivision having a minimum lot size of 12,000 <br />square feet is proposed. Development of this property in conjunction with the <br />surrounding Residential (R-12) properties is anticipated. The applicant has <br />agreed to limit development of this parcel to a density of 2.2 dwelling units per <br />acre, yielding approximately six (6) dwelling units. (Proffered Condition 3) <br />PLANNING COMMISSION RECOMMENDATION <br />RECOMMEND APPROVAL AND ACCEPTANCE OF THE PROFFERED CONDITIONS ON <br />PAGES 2 THROUGH 9. <br />(NOTE: SINCE THE COMMISSION'S CONSIDERATION OF THIS CASE, THE <br />PROFFERED CONDITIONS HAVE BEEN AMENDED. THOSE AMENDMENTS ARE <br />SHOWN WITH "STRIKES" AND "UNDERLINES" IN PROFFERS.) <br />STAFF RECOMMENDATION <br />Recommend approval for the following reasons: <br />A. The proposed zoning and land uses conform to the Upper Swift Creek Plan which <br />suggests the property is appropriate for residential use of 2.2 units per acre or less. <br />Providing a FIRST CHOICE community through excellence in public service <br />