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B. The proffered conditions mitigate the impacts on capital facilities thereby insuring <br />adequate service levels are maintained and protecting the health, safety and <br />welfare of County citizens. <br />(NOTE: THE ONLY CONDITION THAT MAY BE IMPOSED IS A BUFFER CONDITION. <br />THE PROPERTY OWNER(S) MAY PROFFER CONDITIONS. THE CONDITIONS NOTED <br />WITH "STAFF/CPC" WERE AGREED UPON BY BOTH STAFF AND THE COMMISSION. <br />CONDITIONS WITH ONLY A "STAFF" ARE RECOMMENDED SOLELY BY STAFF. <br />CONDITIONS WITH ONLY A "CPC" ARE ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS <br />RECOMMENDED BY THE PLANNING COMMISSION.) <br />PROFFERED CONDITIONS <br />The property owner and applicant in this rezoning case, pursuant to Section 15.2-2298 of the <br />Code of Virginia (1950 as amended) and the Zoning Ordinance of Chesterfield County, for itself <br />and its successors or assigns, proffer that the property under consideration will be developed <br />according to the following proffers if, and only if, the rezoning request submitted herewith is <br />granted with only those conditions agreed to by the owner and applicant. In the event this <br />request is denied or approved with conditions not agreed to by the owner and applicant, the <br />proffers shall immediately be null and void and of no further force or effect. <br />(STAFF/CPC) 1. Timberin .Except for the timbering approved by the Virginia <br />State Department of Forestry for the purpose of removing dead or <br />diseased trees, there shall be no timbering on the Property until a <br />land disturbance permit has been obtained from the Environmental <br />Engineering Department and the approved devices have been <br />installed. (EE) <br />(STAFF) 2. Cash Proffer. For each dwelling unit developed, the applicant, <br />subdivider, or assignee(s) shall pay the following to the County of <br />Chesterfield prior to the issuance of a building permit for each <br />dwelling for infrastructure improvements within the service district <br />for the Property: <br />a. ~~ $18,080 per dwelling unit if paid prior to July 1, <br />~ 2009, or <br />b. Z~A nl ~ ~v~r~rn~~Arl 11~~ A 1lnnrrl n~ \11Y~Ar~71C~nrr rent to <br />~QV vra-~~~v <br />AVl~AA/Y ~ ~ S tinn r~Ar ~~zTAl11Y11T 17Y11~ • 1CrtA~ 17Y1~7T~lrrl 117 /lY1y <br />. . . . <br />. <br />1 <br />If paid after June 30, 2009, $18,080 adjusted annually in <br />accordance with the Cash Proffer Policy. <br />Cash proffer payments shall be spent for purposes proffered or as <br />otherwise permitted by law. <br />2 08SN0212 JUL30-BOS-RPT <br />