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Board of Supervisors <br />Renny Bush Humphrey <br />Kelly E. Miller <br />Edward B. Barber <br />J.L. McHale III <br />Arthur S. Warren <br /> <br />County Administrator <br />Lane B. Ramsey <br /> <br />Summary of Actions Taken by the Board on September 26, 2001 <br /> <br />3:30 P.M. SESSION <br /> <br />Mrs. Humphrey read a statement relative to terrorist activities and the County's efforts in <br />preparing for such events. She stated that Mr. Ramsey is preparing a communication package <br />for the community which will provide information relative to the County's Emergency Operation <br />Plan, and encouraged citizens to either volunteer with or support local Fire, Police and EMS <br />Services. <br /> <br />BOARD COMMITTEE REPORTS <br /> <br />Each Board member commented on the effect of the terrorist activities upon their lives and the <br />community. <br /> <br />RESOLUTIONS AND SPECIAL RECOGNITIONS <br /> <br />Adopted <br /> <br />Resolution recognizing the late Mr. John R. Lillard for his service to the <br />Airport Advisory Board. <br /> <br />Adopted <br /> <br />Resolution recognizing Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corporation for <br />its generous donation to Chesterfield County. <br /> <br />Adopted <br /> <br />Resolution recognizing October 7-13, 2001 as "Legal Assistants' Week." <br /> <br />WORK SESSIONS <br /> <br />Ms. Sharon Randol, Quality Coordinator, presented highlights of the results of the 2001 Citizen <br />Satisfaction Survey. <br /> <br />Mr. Stylian Parthemos, Senior Assistant County Attorney, presented a summary of <br />recommendations to address Rayon Park septic failures and improve drainage in the community. <br /> <br /> <br />