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VIRGINIA: At a mee$ing of the Board of <br /> Supervisors of Chesterfield CoUnty <br /> held at the Courthouse on June 4, <br /> 1946, at 8:0C p.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />H. T. Goyne, Chairman Pro Tem <br />,,. a. horner <br />T. D. Watkins <br />P. W. Covington <br /> <br />,~b sent: <br /> <br />H. L. Chalkley <br />J. G. Hening <br /> <br />The Executive Secretary stated that the adjourned meeting had been called for the <br />purpose of considering changes in the ~oning Ordinance, and certain re-zoning <br />of territory within the County, and stated that these changes had been properly <br />advertised according to law and thst it was in order for the Board to consider <br />the adoption or rejction of these proposed changes. Whereupon, Mr.H.T.Goyne, <br />Acting Chairman, requested that if there was anyone present who would like to <br />speak in favor or against the pro~osed change in the ~oning Ordinance wherein <br />"Dog Kennels" were to be prohibited in residential areas the Board would be glad <br />to hear from them. <br />Alta: a lengthy discussion by a large number of citizens both for and against <br />the proposed amendment, the Chairman requested a show of hands of the ones in <br />favor or opposing the a~ndment, which revealed a vote of 22 for and ll against <br />the proposed amendment. <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on ~otion of T.D.Watkins, it is resolved that the <br />amendment as proposed to the Zoning Ordinance regarding the operation of dog <br />kennels in residential areas be approved. <br /> <br />The Executive Secretary stated that there h~d been requests for rezoning of three <br />(Z) areas in Chesterfield County, and which having been duly advertised was ready <br />for cons ideration: <br />FIRST: In Bermuda District near the Town of Chester on the south side of the <br />un~d Road (Rt. ~10) beginning at the intersection of th~ easterly right-of- <br />way line of the Seaboard airline Railroad and the southerly side of said Hundred <br />Road; thence running eastwardly along the south line of Hundred Eoad to the <br />westerly ~tine of the property of J.K.Halder to the depth of the property, not <br />to e~ceed 300 feet. The Chairman requested if there was anyone to speak <br />for or against this proposed rezoning of the area in Chester, and whereupon <br />Mr. Ralph H. Jones who had requested the re-zoning stated his position and his <br />reason for this request and there appeared no opposition to this re-zoning, <br />whereupon, and on motion of T. D. Watkins, it is resolved that the area as <br />stated be rezoned from Residential to a Local Business District. <br />SECOND: That area beginning at a point on the easterly line of ~,~entworth Street <br />100 fee'S' 'south of the southern line of Sherbourne Avenue and eastern line of <br />¥~entworth ~treet and fronting 100 feet on the eastern line of Wentworth ~treet to <br />a depth of 102 feet. On this request the Chairman stated he would be glad to <br />hear from all those in favor or againstthe rezoning, and there appeared a large <br />number of residents of that area objecting to the change in rezoning as requested <br />by Mr. "m~ T. Trimmer, Jr. <br /> Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of Mr.T.~.~,atkins, it is resolved that <br /> this amendment be rejected and the re-zoning be denied. <br /> <br /> THIRD: That area described as beginning on the norhterly side of U.S.Route ~60 <br /> at "th~ easterly line of the property of the County School Board of Chesterfield <br /> County, known as Manchester High Ochool; thence running from said line eastwardly <br /> to a point with a depth of 200 feet. On this request the Chairman asked those <br /> in favor or ~gainst the re~moning to state their re,sons. Whereupon a number <br /> of citizens of the area stated their objections to the establishment of any <br /> General Business area in this section. <br />Mr.E.S.H.Greene, Supt. of Schools of Chesterfield County stated that he had been <br />requested ~y the School Board to register their objection to the rezoning of <br />~this area. Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of ~,.A.tiorner, it is <br /> resolved that this amendment be rejected and request for rezoning be denied. <br /> ~i . ~. it;~'~i'i~'~' <br /> This day the Executive Secretary presented a petition from Mrs. Lillie Friend fo~ <br /> a permit to build a service station on Rt. 144, at the Junction of Rt. 613, <br /> which is now zoned as an Agricultural District. Upon consideration whereof, <br /> and on motion of W. A. Horner, it is resolved that a permit be granted Mrs. Lil] <br /> Friend to establish a service station at the intersection of Rt. 144 and Rt. 61~ <br /> ~gricultural area. <br /> This day the Executive ~ecretary read a request from Mr.~.O.Longest for a permit <br /> to establish a service station, restaurant and local store in an area now zoned <br /> as agriculture at the intersection of Rt. ~60 and ~653. <br /> The Chairman requested that if anyone cared to speak concerning this request <br /> to do so. ,~hereupon, ~r. Longest gave a rather complete discussion and his <br /> intentions, st~ting that he intended to build and operate a first-class place an( <br /> hoped to be able to build his home adjacent to it. Upon consideration whereof <br /> and on motion of W. A. homer, it is resolved that the request for per~ission <br /> to establish a local business in an ~gricultural area be granted. <br /> <br />in an <br /> <br /> <br />