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<br />VIRGINIA : <br /> <br />At an adjourned meeting of the Board ot <br />SUpervieors 01" Chesterf1Q,ld count"l <br />held at' the Courthouse on Jfa7 31, 939, <br />at 10:00 A.)(. and in the l63rd ,.ear of <br />the Co~n'WealtJl. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />Horace L. Chalkley, <br />HOhoe A. Holt, <br />John B. Watkins, Jr., <br />Hilary L. Fergusson, <br />Harold T'. Goyne, <br />Gaius W. Diggs. <br /> <br />On motion. John B. Watkins, Jr., was elected to serve as Cha.irman, pro tempore. <br /> <br /> <br />'rlab day aeain 1ihe budpt tor the year 1939-1940, in .Qcordance witll the ad'Nl'tiseJll8nt required <br />b,. law, was taun under consideration. And on motion of H. L. Chalkle~. it i. NJO~ftld that the <br />itell in said budget relative to the ailla17 of the Executive Secretal'7, be, ad the same hereby 18. <br />ch8D@ed to read f24,OO.OO instead 01" 13600.00. And that the itelll shown in said budget 8& "BXpen88& <br />for the Executive Secretal'7 be changed to read $600.00 in lieu of t400.00. And be it.furtl:utr <br />resolTed on 1I0tion ot H. L. Chalkle7, that there be placed in the budget a provision tor a colored "t <br />ounty NUrse. and that the sum. ot $1500.00 be and the same is hereb7 placed in said buqet. And be <br />it further resolved, upon IIOtion of G. W. Digs. that the budgetal'7 figure. a. the SaJ118 pertain to <br />he salary ot the .Executive Secretary and the colored Count,. Nurse and the '!'axes Delinquent (RaTenue) <br />and the samo are llereb7 adjusted b, decreasing the ~ 01" the BUQutiTe Secretar,. as shown in <br />he tentative budget b,. 11000.00 and 1-ncreasing tlle reVenue uti_te tor delinquent taxes (Revenue) <br /> <br />,. t5OO.00. And the Executive Secretary i. directed to so adjust the budget toms.. <br /> <br />Upon IIOtion 01" H. or. Goyne. that the budgetary Uguree for Highway and Street lighting be ad- <br />usted to read 161500.00 in lieu of 15700.00 and upon a substitute IIOtion tAeretor offered by <br />. W. Digs. that said item re_in at 15700.00 and that all resolutions 01" tJl.1s Board heretofore <br />ssed direct1ng the installaiion 01" add'1t1onal lights wJ:I.ich result in an 1nconaietenc:r with the <br />udgetary tigures tor such purpose. be. and the same are hereby rescinded. <br /> <br />It is here noted that 1Ir. Goyne and 1Ir. Holt requested that they be recorded as casting their <br />in the negative.. <br /> <br /> <br />Whereae, t.M bUdget tor the :rear 1939-'4.0 wh1ch Wli8 tentatively adopted on A;pril 21, 1939. has <br />een adverti..d tor a publiC hearing on thlsda,. in accordance with law. and, <br /> <br />Whereas. th18 publiC heari~ was held in accordance with directions of law, and. <br /> <br />Whereas. after an 811endment 01" said bUdget into 1ts tinal tom. it is resolved, upon IIOtion ot <br />· W. Digs. that tbe bUdget a8 amended and adjusted this d87 be, and the same is hereby. approved <br />d adopted as the budget for the ,.ear 1939-1940. <br /> <br />....'. Whereas, in acoordancewi th law the proposal to adopt and fix levieerequ1red by the budget tor <br />lle ,.ear 1939-1940 has been published according to law, end. <br /> <br />1IlIereas, this de,. was tixed tor a public hearing 01" same. <br /> <br />Bermuda MaKisterial District <br />Olover Hill MasistBrial District <br />Dale lag1sterial District <br />MBuehe.ter Magisterial District <br />,Ball.meade Sanitary District <br />1festoyer Hills Garbage Oollection and Disposal <br />)(atoaca )(agisterial District <br />Ittrick Sanitar,. District <br />Kidlotll1u Jlaghteri81 Di.t ri ct <br />All ..tricta - lfachiner,. <br /> <br />L\:' ~e <br />c... \ ~-eoell <br />\\ -1":(;-.1 <br />s1ngle leT!.e D~' P"C,d ' <br />1J\<f' <br />the same are I 1lI.b'/ i <br />w "1? 11 <br /> <br />Now therefore, on IIOtion of G. W. Digs. it Is resolved, that the follOwing general <br />tor tlae Oount,. of Chesterfield In support 01" the bu48et heretotore to da,. adopted be and <br />hereb,. tixed at, to-wit: <br /> <br />11.40' <br />1.42' <br />1.30' <br />1.40' <br />1.65- <br />1.45 ^ <br />1.40... <br />1.80.. <br />1.33' <br />.10" <br /> <br />'!'hie d87 there was presented to thls Board a certitied order ot oourt directing this Board to <br />issue bonds in Manchester Sanltal'7 District No.1. on IIOtion ot H. L. hrpason. it is re801ved <br />tat the Coaonwealtla'eAttome,. be 4irected to obtain troll '1'hompson. Wood aa4 HuttJaan. Attol'll8,.a. <br />.. opinion as to the Talidit,. 01" the Kanohe81;er San1tar,. District #1. Bond. <br /> <br />on IIIOtion ot H. L. Fergusson. 110 1& resolved that a COIlllll1tt.. be appointed ",. the Chail'lllan <br />(inclusi.,.." lthe Jb:ecutin Secretar:r) to work out the -.tter of the iS8I1&Dce ot bo~da for the' <br />Cllester SQttar,. District No.1. Be it mown that the Chd1'lD.lU1 appointed H. L. FerSU8Sca and <br />. 8. Coburn. IxecuUve Secreter,.. <br /> <br />Ordered tlllat the Board be now &clJou1'QIld until Wedne8de7. June 7ta. 1939, at 10:00 A.I(. <br /> <br />~f1L <br /> <br />Ixecu,U n ~oretar:r <br /> <br />;t-. ~. \JJ~;r <br /> <br /> <br />U ChairlD.llD. <br />Pro Teapore <br /> <br />.....".....,....*~.:....~. <br />