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Present: <br /> <br />Mr. Imvin G. ~orner, Chairman <br />Mr. Stanley R. Hague, Jr. <br />Mr. ~. T, Goyne <br /> D~. Robt. O. <br />~r. P. J, Britton <br />Mr. ~tarsball F. l)riskill <br /> <br />VIRC. I N1A: <br /> <br />At an adjourned me.ting of <br />Board of Supervisors of Ghestg <br />field Gounty, held at the Gout <br />house on March 2?, 1956, at <br />8:00 <br /> <br />This day a letter from Mr. Harland Bartholomew, Consulting Planning E.gineer, <br />was read, which letter citgd the fact that the proposed cost of a traffic-ways <br />plan i.n Ghesterfield County would cost <br />Upon consideration whereof and on motion of Mm. ~oyne, seconded by Mc. D~iskil~, <br /> <br />This day Mr. C. oyne stated to the l~oard that the County should be proceeding with <br />its business and professional taxes, comparable to those which some of the ad- <br />jacent areas impose. Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of Mr. C~yne, <br /> <br />Committee ~o womk with the Commonwealth's Attomney to d~aw up a proposed oPdinan~ <br />for the imposition of the~e tax~s. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. HaEue, seconded by Mr. Driskill, it is resolved that the Pur- <br />chasing A.~.ent be, and he hereby is, designated the Procurement O~'ficer fo]- the <br />Gounty to represent and be responsible to the State Division of Purchasing and <br />Procurement in accountability of sup:~lies that ,.ay be obtained ~n any Givil <br />Defense Program or declared emergency. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. [{ritton, seconded by ~{r. Driskill, it ~s resolved that this <br />~oard authorize the [{uildin~ /nspectol' to gran~ a bu~ldin~ permit to }~. Gon~ad <br />U, Wash to construct a house on Lot ~, I{il] Drive, said road b~in~ a <br />might of way, which the claa~ unde~st~ndin~ that on tb~ buildinK permit there be <br />written - "The Gounty of Ghesterfield has no ~esponsibility nnw o~ ~n th- future <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Britton, seconded by Dr. ~i]l, it is resolved that this board <br />authorize the Building Inspector to Grant a bui]din~ permit to M~. F~ed l., Vicon~ <br />to locate a house on a private road belonging to the property of Mr. T. J. Coins, <br />off the Hicks Road. <br /> <br />This (lay ~r. qtanley Hague explained to the I%oard the possible ~a,rOng~ that <br />could be made in the office building p~opnsed to b- built at the Gou~thouse, and <br />it was further pointed out that the land on which the building is to b. bui].t <br />has not as yet be~n finally obtained. <br />It was generally agr..d that this matter be deferred back to the Bui].din~ add <br />~Fnu0ds Gommi~tee fop fu~tb~ study until a d~ed be secluded fo~ this pm~perty. <br /> <br />This day Col. Booth, Col. Price, Capt. Grenshaw and Mr. ~allou, came before the <br />Board to explain their proposal to con~tFuct a National Guard Armory in the <br />Go[,nty of Chesterfield. Gel. Booth stated that if the Gounty would furnish <br />approximately 5-acres of land and $20,000.00 that the National C~ard$, through <br />the State and Federal ~gencies, would construct and pay the architects fees for <br />a building of approxim~-,tely $170,000.00, which building would re%reft to the <br />County of Gbesterf±eld in the event it was no longer used by the National Guards <br />The County would pay mainta.nnnce on and fur~lish utilities for this building, and <br />~he ~atinna] ~tuards would be allowed to use the building one day per week. Upon <br />consid-.~ation whereof, and on motion of Mr. J)riskill, seconded by Mr. [{r~tton, <br />it is resolve(] that thi~ matter bo r,efe~red tn the Bt, tidings and Grounds Commit <br />which Committee will study armorys, ir. the ~urFoumdinC areas, space requirements <br />more suital)]e for County us-s, and the possibility of locating a ~ite. <br /> <br />0n ~{:io~ ~:r Mr. Hri*'ton, seconded by }~r. I)riskill, it is resolved that the <br />minutes of January 31, February ]14, 16 and March 6, be and they hereby are <br />approved. <br /> <br />On motion, the meeting is adjourned until Apri] 10, 1.~6, at 10:00 a.m. <br /> <br />etary <br /> <br /> <br />