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VII{Gl KIA: <br /> <br />At an adjourned ,,eeting of fhe <br />Board of Supervisors of CheSter. <br />fie. Id County, held at the Coiurt. <br />house on April 17, 1956, at <br />8:0o p..m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />Mr. lrvin (~. Homer, Ghair~nan <br />Mr. H. T. Goyne <br /> Mr. Marshall F. Driskill <br />:4r. R. J. }~ritton <br />Hr. S~anley R. Hague, Jr. <br /> <br />Absent: <br /> <br /> Dr. Robt. O. (;ill <br /> <br />This day Mrs. Paul ~ayo came before the ttoard se~king a variance in the building <br />restrictions of the County to allow the construction of a house on a 90-foot lot <br />on Pine Street. Orion consideration whereof, and on motion of Mr. Driskill, <br />seconded by Mr. }~ritton~ it is resolved that a variance be gr~nted to allow th~ <br />construction of a dwelling on l.ot 5. lying on the north side of Pine Road, which <br />lot is presently owned by ~lr. and >Irs. Paul Mayo. <br /> <br />This day Mr. Cha]k]ey DuVal and Mr. Martin Richwine of the Department of Publib <br />Works ef the City of Richmond, camo before the l{oard to explain the various <br />a~pects of a co~traot between the City of Richmond and Oounty of 0hesteFfield fo~ <br />the b~e~t[m~: of sewa~e by the Oity from the p~oDosed shopping centers at the <br />~{c~uir~ Circle area. Came aisc, Mr. 0a,nes Stanley, Mr. Lewis Martin and othe~s, <br />bein;~ owm6~rs of the property to be served. <br />The Executive Mecretal~y also read a letter from the %~eatherford }Saptfst Church <br />requesting this }~d to include said Church in any area contact to be served <br />by the City with sewa~e disposal facilities. Whereupon the proposed contract <br />was read for the }~oard~s hearing. <br />()~ mot[o~ of RIF. ]~ritto~, seconded by )~r. 0rYskill, it is resolved that this <br />]~oard ~DpFove tho form of the contract provided it is a~Poved by the Commonwealth <br />~%torney of the County a~ld the City ~%t~orney of the 0ity' of ~(ichmond, a~ld the <br />Chairman of this B~rd and its ~lerk are authorized to sign said contract, pro~ <br />vided ~ revised contract is al'proved by this ~oard with the ~rospective customers <br />iii the are~ c~vered by the contract who install sewa~e disposal faciliti~s to <br />pay the County for oDeratin~f and ~a~ntainin;~ the system. <br /> <br />0n motion of }.tr. t~ritton, seconded by Mr. Oris:zill, it is resolved t~z~t <br />I~oard re(lues~ the Dm,,~artment of Public Works of the City of l(ichmond , to draw Up <br />a proposed contract betwee~ the City and the 0o[mty cover all of %ho aspects <br />furnishing sewerage tr~atmont for the T)ropel'ties in the Mc(klire Circle area. <br /> <br />This clay Mr. C. !{obson Ooddin, came before the. ~toard and pre~ent~.~d the fo]lowing <br />r~so] ution: <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, Nottin.~.ham Development Corporation. a Virginia Corporation, and <br />E. llutson Organ and Anna Mae Organ, his wife, and Edward T. Smith snd Mary H. <br />Smith, his wife. are ail of the owners of la.d abutting a of Amklow Road <br />extending southward]y from the southeF:~ line of %laxford [(o[~d for a distance of <br />aoproxim~tely ]80 feet in Ohesterfield Co[inty', Virginia, wl~ich ssid A~klow Road <br />is shown on a subdivision plat entitled "Netting[ham, Mection 1", made by C~org~ <br />Stephens, ~r., Oevtif~d SuPveyo~, dated FeDruaFy 2, 195~, and duly recorded <br />the Clerk's Office of the Circuit 0curt of Chesterfield County, Vir~i~ia, in Plat <br />}{ook ~], ~it~e 248, and <br /> <br /> '~:[LR},;/,S, the aforesaid parti~s desire to vacate that portion of said Ark~ow <br />Ro~d ~t~]diDf,j soutb, ward]y from the south,~rn line of %~axford ~o~'.d for a distance <br />of approximately 180 feet, as shown on the af'orenentioned plat, and ~ <br /> <br /> %~HEREnS, it appears that the said portion of Arklow Ro~d, proposed to be <br />v~catod, h~,s never bee. improved or opened to the nublic, and that such vaoatio~ <br />will not abFid~Ie or destpoy any of the Fights oF privileges oF othep property <br />owners within the bounds of the area of land show. on the plat referred to abo~e. <br /> <br /> NOW, TIII~RI,]F01{E, ]%E iT RFDSOI..V~]D: That tills }~oard a[~prove the vacation of <br />tllat portion of Arklow Road extending s,~uthwardly from the southern line of Wax- <br />fo~d Road for a distance of approximately 180 feet, as shown o~ a subdivision <br />plat entitled "Nottingham, Section 1", made by ~eoFge 5). 8$ephens, J~. , Certified <br />Su~veyo~, datgd FebFuai.y 2, 1954, and recorded in th~ Clerk's Office of th~ Ci~ <br />cult Court of Chesterfield County, giFgi,nia, in Plat ]5ook 8, pa~$e 248, and whio~h <br />vacation shall become effectiv~ when the Nottin~ham Development Corporation, E. <br />Huts(). Organ aml Anna Mae 0r~an, his wife, and Edward T. Smith and Mary H. Smith, <br />his wife, shall have exeeuted asd recorded an appropriate Declaration of VacatiOn <br />in a form approved l)y the GOnlmonwealth~s Attor~ y of Chesterfield County. girgi~nia <br /> <br />0n motion of Mr. Driskill, seconded by Mr. }~rittom, it is resolved that the fore- <br />goin~ resolution be and it hereby ~$s approved. <br /> <br />This day the ~xeoutive Secretary advised the ]{card t[~t certain properties iD <br />Ohester no%~ being used for busimess purposes were not so zoned for general busi~ <br />mess purposes. Upon oonsideratio~ whereof and on motion of Mr. Ooyne, second~)d <br />by ~r. }{a~ue, it is resolved that the gxecutive Secretary be and he hereby is <br />authorimed to advertise on behalf of the ]So. rd of bupeFvisoFs for the rezoMiMg ~o <br />~emeral ]~usimess the parcel of land in Chester bounded by }{arrowgate Road on thM <br />east. School Street on the south, %~erth Street on the we~t and the Hundred Road <br />on the north. <br /> <br /> <br />