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Vi RC~IN iA: <br /> <br />At an adjourned meeting of the <br />t3oard of Supervisors of Chester- <br />field County, held at the Court- <br />house on April 30, 1956, at 8:00 <br /> <br />present: <br /> <br /> Mr. Irvin G, ~{orner. Chairman <br /> ~lr. ]1. T. (~oyne <br /> Mr. R. J. 1½ritton <br /> Dr. Robt. O. (}ill <br /> Mr. Stanley R. Hague, <br /> Mr. Marshall F. l)risk~ll <br /> <br /> This day ~lr. 5~mFshall Jones, County Agriculture A~.eut, came before the <br /> requesting an.allocation fop an assistant County Agent. Upon consideration <br /> whereof, Mr. Goyne made the fei]owing motion, which was seconded by Mr. Hague: <br /> ~e it Resolw~d, ttlat this i~o~rd appropriate $1400.00 to pay <br /> for the seFvice of an a~sistant County Agent." <br /> <br /> Mr. Goyne and Mr. Hague vote "~ye". <br /> ~. Dpiski!l, Mr~ ~{r~tton and ])r. Gill vote <br /> This day the matter of a,~ropFiating money for schools fop the coming year <br /> lq56-57 was discussed by the k~oard. Mr. ]3ritton cited the fact that it was <br /> his belief that citizens of his District would support the $3,500,000.00 bond <br /> issue to be voted on F[ay 29, 1956, provided some safeguards were <br /> preve~]t the inter,ration of r~ces in the County schools. <br /> Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of Mr. }{ritton, seconded by ~lr. ntis- <br /> kill, it i~ resolved that this ]~oard request the Commonwealth's Attor~ to pre- <br /> ])a~e the necessary resolution to provide for the payment of the operational <br /> expenses.for the 0ounty School ~oard on a thirty (30) day basis. <br /> Th~s d~y tile n~tter of the County budget came before the ~%oard .and after con- <br /> siderable disc,ssion and on motion of Mr. Driskill, seconded by ?r. Hague, it <br /> is resolvea that the total County budget in the amount of 812,330,371.00, be <br /> tent~,t~vely adopted and advert%seal accordinf~ to law. <br /> On motion of Mr. ~%ritton, seconded hy Mr. Briskill, it is resolved that the <br /> rates on real estate and personal property and ~mblic service corporations in <br /> all districts of the County of d~,est,rfield for th~ year 1956, be, and the same <br /> are hereby set at $2.40 per $100.00 of assessed evaluation and that the rates <br /> for machinery in the County of Chesterfield De set at 50~ per S100.00 of asess- <br /> ed evalua tioq. <br /> On motion of ~h~. ~oyne, seconded by Dr. Gill, it is r~solved that a public heap- <br /> ~ng be held on Eay 3]-, 1956, at 7:30 p.m. to hear the general public concerning <br /> this matter and to adopt said 1956-~57 budget. <br /> This day ~ain the matt~r of acquiring the proposed site for the new office <br /> building came before the °oapd, and <br /> <br /> Whereas, numerous attempts have been made to acquire the two-thirds of an acme <br /> in the rear yard of Mrs. John Cogbill, and <br /> Whereas, no satisfactory negotiations h~,ve been acceptable to both parties,- <br /> Now, Therefope, on motion of Mr. Driskill, seconded by Dr. Gill, it is ~esolved <br /> that this [~oard finds a~ determines that it is necessary to obtain the 2/3 <br /> acre in the rear yard of Mrs. John Cogbill for public use, and <br /> ~{e it fur~er resolved, that if Mrs. John Cogbill will not accept the sum of <br /> ~5,000.00 for said land by 10:00 a.m., May 8, 1956, then thee Executive Secretamy <br /> is authoriz'ed to obtain the services of an attorney a~d proceed to acquire the <br /> land by eminent domain. <br /> <br /> On motion of Mr. Driskill, seconded by ~r. Hague, it is resolved that the Common- <br /> we~,lth's ~lt~orney be requested to search the title and prepare the deed for the <br /> lot in l~on Air te,tatively selected as a future water tank site. <br /> Ou motion of Mr. ~ritton, seconded by Mr. Hague, it is resolved that this Board <br /> authorize the County Engineer to give a free water connection to the Manchester <br /> Rescue Squad. <br /> And be it furthe~ resolved that the ]]uildi,g Inspector be and he hereby <br /> authorized to issue a building permit without charge, to the Manchester Rescu~ <br /> Squad. <br /> <br /> This day the Committee appointed to contact Colonial Heights on the outstanding <br /> debt owed to the County by the City, made a report of its visit with Mayom Shep- <br /> herd, and the Committee recommended the passage of the following resolution: <br /> <br /> [le i~ resolved, that this i'~oard requests the Council of Colonial <br /> Heights to set up some schedule of payment of the outstanding amount <br /> of principal and interest, approximately $100,869.93, as decreed by <br /> the Circuit Court of Chesterfield and sustained by the State Supreme <br /> Court, which cost represents the amount owed to the Cou,ty by the <br /> City as a result of Colonial lleights becoming a City of the Second <br /> Class in 1948. <br /> <br /> <br />