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Pres ent .' <br /> <br />VIHGINIA: At an adjourned meeting of the <br />Board of Snoervisors of Cheste <br />field County, held at the Cour <br /> house On October 16, 1956, at <br /> $~00 p.m. <br /> <br />Ab sen t: <br /> <br /> Mr. Marshall P. Dr!skill <br /> <br />This day lit. C.C. Connelly, Jr., Attorney for Mr. John C. Poarch and others, came <br />before the l%oard st~ting that he Had bee~ retained by a Croup of people in the <br />Norrisdale area to attempt ~a solution tr>the sewerat~e ~reatment problems in the <br />area. Mr. Connelly stated tha, t at this time he had no particular questions and <br />that any action would necessarily be directed to the owners since the County at <br />thi~ time did not own the system. <br /> <br />This day Nr. Fred Thompson and }ir. Robert Lux came before the Board speaking in <br />behalf of I~uck's Lane, Rt.720. There was made a i;eneral statement of policy <br />conc-rni~,!; the school bus routes ~',]d I;!le transportation problems. <br /> <br />Phis day Mr. John Coon came before the ttoard seek!et~. a variance from the building <br />restrictions to allow the recordation of a p]at of r.-subdi~rision of Lots 1 and 2 <br />add ]1 a~d 1~, ]%]ook F, Chesterfield Manor. Upoo ooDsidera~io~ wherever, and om <br />mot!om of Rlr. (}oyue, seconded by Mt. Hague, i.t is resolved %ha% this Board ~rant <br />a variants from it~ buil. di~ res%rio%SoDs l;o allow the set back of a house o~ <br />l.ot A, a~ re-subdivided a di.~tance of 29.9~ feet from the front line, and a variance <br />on Lot B as resuhdivided of an existing ~ara~Ie being 3.14~ from the side line, all <br />as shown on the proposed plan of re-stlbdiviston robe approved and recorded tn the <br />Clerk' s Office, provided Mr. 0cnn will pay one-ball the cos% of im~rovin~I Prince <br />George Avenu. f~om }!enrico Streot to Rial]mend .Street. <br /> <br />Ou ,notion of Mr.U.:~;u~, s~conded by Mr. Dr!Itoh, it is resolved that this Board <br />appropriate the sum of $171,961.0~ to the ~chool Fund to finance the School ~yst~m <br />through .the 16th of October, 1.956, said appropriation to come from the General Fund <br />of the County. <br /> <br />'l'hif day again the matter of l, ids for the new office buildin~ at the Courthouse <br />came camo bef~r~? the F%oard ~md t.tlo 0ommonweillth's ~%ttoPney presented certain <br />to the Frei>oecd contracts ])rese[~Led by E.Tucker 0arlton, said contracts being an <br />a~reemen% between %he Ooun%y of Chesterfield and Silas 5. *~ea ~. Soos of <br />Virginia, and [% was ~enerally agreed that the Commonwealth,s Attorney would in- <br />ves%i~at~ %he matter of bonded coveraf'e and action be delayed until the nex~ mee~infl <br />of this Board. <br /> <br />On motion of Hr. Britton, seconded by Dr. Gill, it is resolved that the Executive <br />Secret~ry Qe and Ilo hereby is requested to write a ]otter of thanks to the DuPnnt <br />Company for the proposed expansio~ to the ~mpthJll Plant. <br /> <br />This d~,~.r the Executive Secretdpy read a letter from the Flanchestep Volunteer Fire <br />Department, request!n(, a deed to the old fire house on lSpyoe~s La~e. OM motio~ <br />of ~%[r. l~r~tto~, ~eoonded by Mr. Ha~ue, it is resolved that this matter b~ <br />to the (Jomnmuwa]th~s Attorney to draft the necessary resoltltion and papers to effect <br />this trar]sfer. <br /> <br />OD mot!oD of )'IF. l$rittoM, secolld(~d by ~Ir. lla~ue, it is resolved that the Exect, t~ve <br />$ecr(~tary b~ and he hereby i~ authorized 1;o purchase necessary ertuipm~t <br />amonnt of Sa96.90 for the Forest View Fire Del>artment, which equipment includes <br />2 eozzles, 2 reducers, and 300 fe,.t of 1-1/2,' hose. <br /> <br />~lr. f;oyna staled t,hat tho Chest;~r Volunteer Fire Department had approached him <br />to ~o on r~cord r~ques%in~ a n~w truck for tile 1)epar~ment. It was ~en,rally <br />;:,~rnet't that this matter would be considered in the near future. <br /> <br />This (iaI, the matter of the Ettrick sewerage bonds was discussed briefly and i.t was <br />a~reed that Lite Commonwealth's Attorney be requested to obt~ip from the <br />~eneral a rulin~ as %o the County's authority i~ {~ran~in~ loans to i~i%ia%e <br />~ewerae~ pro3.c~. <br /> <br />'ibis day the Executive Secretary presented a roi)or% of the County Assessor for the <br />yea~ ]-756, which report was r.ceived and filed. <br /> <br />This d~y Jud{le John W. 5nead, of the Ohost~rfi. old County Court, r~(tues~ed that some <br />insurance be obtained %o pFotec~ him from loss of monies held officially in his <br />office or in transit to the [~i, nk. ~uch insurance would cost approximately <br />per'yeark On motion of 51r. Hague, seconded by blr.~yne, it is resolved that the <br />request of Jud~;'e Snoad fo~ insurance coverage be and it heFeoy i.s appPoved and that <br />a letter be w~it%e~ to %he StaLe 0ompensatio~ }{card to ascertain their pantie!pat!oD <br />i~ this mat~e~. <br /> <br /> <br />