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CASE MANAGER: Jane Peterson <br />February 22, 2012 BS <br />STAFF' S <br />REQUEST ANALYSIS <br />AND <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />12SN0158 <br />Skinquarter Farm Market Inc. <br />Matoaca Magisterial District <br />20800 Hull Street Road <br />RE VEST: Amendment of conditional use approval (Case 99SR0105) relative to operator rights <br />in an Agricultural (A) District. <br />PROPOSED LAND USE: <br />A retail sales business for the sale of produce and related items not grown or <br />produced on-site has operated on the request property since 1989. Condition 2 of <br />Case 99SR0105 limits this operation to the Chesterfield Berry Farm, Inc. An <br />amendment to this condition is requested to transfer this operation under the name of <br />Skinquarter Farm Market, Inc. as discussed herein. <br />PLANNING COMMISSION RECOMMENDATION <br />RECOMMEND APPROVAL SUBJECT TO THE CONDITION ON PAGE 2. <br />STAFF RECOMMENDATION <br />Recommend approval for the following reason: <br />With the exception of the proposed change in operator rights, the market would <br />continue to be managed consistent with current conditions of approval for Case <br />99SR0105. <br />(NOTE: CONDITIONS MAY BE IMPOSED OR THE PROPERTY OWNERS MAY <br />PROFFER CONDITIONS. CONDITION NOTED WITH "STAFF/CPC" WAS AGREED <br />UPON BY BOTH STAFF AND THE COMMISSION.) <br />Providing a FIRST CHOICE community through excellence in public service <br />