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ENG ZERING AND UTILITIES DEPAJ ~ENT <br /> COUNTY OF L~ESTEPdFIELD <br /> ~ S <br />AGENDA FOR THE MEETIlqG OF ..THE BOARD OF SUPER¥ISOR <br /> <br />II. <br /> <br />III. <br /> <br />VI. <br /> <br />VII. <br /> <br />VIII. <br /> <br />IX. <br /> <br />Approval of water contracts: <br /> (a) W73-88D-2 Huguenot Village Apartment On-Site <br /> $28,512.50 G. P. Clay Company <br /> (b) W73-71D Huguenot Village Shopping Center <br /> $21,912.50 Lewis H. Easter & Company <br /> <br />Request for more than one business be served by a single meter <br />at Huguenot Village Shopping Center. <br /> <br />Approval of sewer contracts: <br /> (a) S74-3D Settlers Landing - Section A-2 <br /> $37,201.70 Shoosmith Bros., Incorporated <br /> (b)S74-5D Greenfield, Section "I" <br /> $30,262.00 Lewis H. Easter & Company <br /> (c) .S74-4CD 60 West Shopping Center Outfall <br /> $6,523.20 ~Bookman Construction Conpany <br /> <br />Award of Sewer Contract S73-47C, Springhill'Gatewoo~, to 3M <br />Construction Company in the amount of $161,280.00. <br /> <br />Request for a 6-weeks extension of time for completion of <br />Contract S72-51C, Airport Sewage Pumping Station. <br /> <br />Consideration of letter dated December 147 1973 from Nancy <br />Humphries for sewer connection for Lots 17 and 18, Robertson <br />Avenue. <br /> <br />Discuss sewer policy for the following: <br /> (a) Connection charges for vacant lots served by sewer <br /> lines installed with County funds. <br /> (b) Connection charges for lots served by dry sewer <br /> system. <br /> (c) Assessment of property served by sewer. <br /> <br />Consideration of letter of January 14, 1974 from John Flora <br />& Associates, Incorporated concerning extension of sewerage <br />system on the James River to serve the Guza property. <br /> <br />Review status of Oakview Subdivision relative to sanitary <br />sewers and drainage. <br /> <br /> <br />