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VIRGINIA: At an adjourned meeting of the <br />Board of Supervisors of Chesterfield <br />County, held at the Courthouse on <br />April 24, 1974, at 10:00 a.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />Mr. Irvin G. Horner, Chairman <br />Mr. Leo Myers, Vice-Chairman <br />Mr. J. Ruffin Apperson <br />Mr. A. J. Krepela <br />Mr. E. Merlin ©'Neill <br /> <br />Also Present: <br /> <br />Mr. M. W. Burnett, County Administrator <br />Mr. C. G. Manuel, Asst. Co. Administrator <br />Mr. Robert A. Painter, County Engineer <br />Mr. David Welchons, Asst. County Engineer <br />Mr. William Prosise, Asst. County Engineer <br />Mr. A. J. Bridges, Right-of-Way Engineer <br />Mr. Charles Quaiff, Director of Utilities <br />Mr. James R. Condrey, Director of Acctg. <br />Mr. Michael Ritz, Director of Planning <br /> <br />On motion of Mr. Apperson, seconded by Mr. Krepela, it is resolved that the <br />minutes of the April 4 and 10, 1974, be and they hereby are approved. <br /> <br />Ayes: Mr. Homer, Mr. Apperson, Mr. Krepela and Mr. O'Neill. <br /> <br />Mr. Painter explains the Utility Budget and financial schedules of the water and <br />sewer programs. <br /> <br />The County Administrator explains the cost of various plans for sewering <br />Brandermill. <br /> <br />Mr. J. K. Tiramons further explains the schemes and the variations for serving <br />Brandermill with sewers. <br /> <br />Mrs. Carolyn Baker stresses the point that the Board of Supervisors should read <br />and study the Virginia Polytechnic Institute's reporT. <br /> <br />Mr. Ray Ballard cites the possibility of leaks in the sewage system that may affect <br />the Pocahontas Lake and states that he has contacted EPA in an effort To <br />involve the area of Swift Creek with the proposed Federal Grant schedule to come <br />to the County. <br /> <br />Mr. Myers stated that if he understands the situation correctly he is greatly <br />disappointed in the action of Mr. Ballard in trying to raise such questions <br />concerning the possible $25,000,000 grant to the County. <br /> <br />Mr. Timmons stated that sewers rarely, if ever, leak, that for the most part <br />infiltration occurs. <br /> <br />Mr. Apperson states that the Board has a moral obligation to sewer the Clover <br />Hill High School; however, the facts show that there are available at the <br />present Falling Creek plant capacity for 17,000 units and that by proceeding <br />with the plaa for Brandermill, approximately one-third of this capacity will be <br />committed to Brandermill. <br /> <br />The BOD loading and the sewer plant area offer further limitations on plant <br />expans ion. <br /> <br />Mr. Harry Frampton states that there is some urgency in the matter, that possibly <br />an agreement could be reached on a lesser plan, to be modified at a later date when <br />Federal funds are realized. <br /> <br />Mr. Krepela states that this Board has not discussed the VPI report, that we are <br />still vague about the assessments of the previous reports and r. ecommends a <br />further study of the entire program. <br /> <br />Mr. Myers states that we need action now rather than another study, that there is <br />nothing new in the VPI report and cites various examples of the bad soils in <br />Chesterfield County. <br /> <br />Whereupon, it was generally agreed that the Board would study the materials <br />given and consider this matter further at a later date. <br /> <br />Mr. William Prosise explains the necessity for paving the channel in the <br />Brighton Green Subdivision and states that he has negotiated with Mr. Shoosmith <br />who has done work in this area previously To the extent that the present cost <br />of the work proposed is $20,000. <br /> <br />Mr. Savage, one of the developers of Brighton Green states that his firm will <br />participate to the extent of $10,000 to correct this drainage problem. <br /> <br />Mr. Krepela introduces Mr. Mistr, President of the Brighton Green Civic <br />Association, who states that if the drainage work is not accomplished soon, <br />all of the preceding work will be wasted. <br /> <br />Upon consideration whereof, and on motion of Mr. Krepela, seconded by <br />Mr. Apperson, it is resolved that Shoosmith Brothers be employed to construct <br />the paved channels according To the previous plans and that the project be <br /> <br /> <br />