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VIRGINIA: A special meeting of the <br />Board of Supervisors of Chesterfield <br />County, held at the Courthouse on <br />September 5, 1974, at 3:00 p.m. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />'Mr. Irvin G. Horner, Chairman <br />Mr. Leo Myers, Vice-Chairman <br />Mr. J..Ruffin Apperson <br />Mr. A. J. Krepela <br />Mr. E. Merlin O'Neill <br /> <br />Mr. M. W. Burnett, County Admin. <br /> <br />Also Present: <br /> <br />Mr <br />Mr <br />Mr <br />Mr <br />Mr <br />Mr <br />Mr <br />Mr <br /> <br />Jack Davis <br />Lee O. Falwell <br />Herbert Gill <br />Fred Gray <br />George Jones <br />Morris Mason <br />C. G. Manuel <br />Oliver Rudy <br /> <br />The meeting is called to order by Mr. Horner. He states the purpose of this <br />meeting, by mutual consent of the Board and Mr. Jack Davis, is to discuss the <br />matter in the press recently on the corrections problems. Mr. Horner introduces <br />Mr. Davis and the Board. <br /> <br />Mr. Horner states that the Board has no plans or format and gives Mr. Davis <br />the floor to begin in any manner he thinks proper. <br /> <br />· Mr. Davis states that he has no agenda either and he would prefer it to be <br /> a very informal meeting. <br /> <br />Mr. Jones asks Mr. Davis to comment in reference to the Governor's statement <br />of the previous evening as tO how far this decision has gone. <br /> <br />Mr. Davis states that he will work that in. First, he states he would like <br />to give the current and future picture on classification. He says that as of <br />today and the past nine months the State has three calssification units. The <br />Southampton Unit which is for the younger adults, ages 18-24, and for first <br />offenders. He states that this unit is dormitory in style and can handle <br />40-50 persons at a time. The Penitentiary which handles long-term and/or <br />multi-recidivists, is composed of single-cell units and can take care of 40-50 <br />inmates. The State Farm would handle the remainder. The State Farm has one <br />wing dedicated to receiving and classification. Those in receiving and <br />classification do not mix with the prisoners serving terms. He states that <br />the inmates there for receiving and classification purposes eat and sleep <br />there with make-shift rooms adjacent. He states that this situation is fair <br />but not good. The space for the testing, etc. is also not good. <br /> <br />He states that the State does need a decent receiving and classification place. <br />He adds also that the facility proposed for Louisa County will not be built. <br />Since June or July the State has been looking for another site. He states <br />that both money and time are very important. <br /> <br />He adds that the proposed facility in Louisa would take three to four years to <br />build and put into operation and the need is yesterday's need. They have <br />looked at a number of places and the need is to be near clinical and professional <br />authorities, so naturally, they had to look to a metropolitan community which <br />is closest to Camp 13. This close proximity to Camp 13 was considered because <br />this Unit has the capacity of holding 200 men in dormitory style, it was <br />built one and one-half years ago and can hold 180-195 at a time. The.proposal <br />being considered at this time is to build an addition to Camp 13 which would <br />be housing individual cells and convert the present building to offices, <br />administrative and testing spaces, etc. The addition would consist of approxi- <br />mately 120 cells. <br /> <br />Mr. Rudy inquires if this would be in addition to the present 200? <br /> <br />Mr.· Davis states that they would move the present 200 out and make it dormitory <br />in style. He states that they are considering the possibility of moving the <br />Southampton receiving unit here but that it would still only have a maximum <br />capacity of 170. He states that at the present time it is taking four to <br />eight weeks to process a person through the classification program and that <br />this is double what it should take. He states that three to four weeks should <br />be adequate time and this could be done here He states that t-ey are looking <br />to this end and that presently it cannot be accomplished because the proper <br />facilities are not available. He states that there are two gOod reasons why <br />the County should consider this: 1. there will be less inmates, and <br />2· in effect, this will be a maximum security unit because it will have no <br />outside windows except to the two inside courtyards and it will have all the <br />properties of maximum security according to one of the preliminary sketches. <br /> <br />Mr. Burnett inquires as to how many guards are employed. <br /> <br />Mr· Davis states that there are approximately 22-25 at this facility. <br /> <br />Mr. Krepela inquires as to what Camp 13 is currently classified <br /> <br />Mr. Davis states medium. <br /> <br />Mr· Krepela inquires if escapes would be increased or decreased in comparison <br />to the present facility. <br /> <br /> <br />