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VIRGINIA: At an adjourned meeting of the ', <br />Board. of Supervisors of Chesterfield .Ceu~t.y <br />held at the Courthouse on March 18, 1974, <br />at 5:00 P.M. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />Mr. Irvin GoHorner, Chairman <br />Mr. Leo Myers,. Vice-Chairman <br />Mr.a~Ruffin Apperson <br />Mr.A.J.Krepela <br />Mr.E.M~rlin O'Neill <br /> <br />Also Present: <br /> <br />Mr.M.WiBurnett, County Administrator <br />NroC.G.Manuel~Asst. County Admin. <br />Mr. Robert A Painter~ County <br />Mr. Jam~s R. Condrey~ Central Accounting <br />Mr. Stan Balderson~ Planner <br /> <br />The Chairman calls the meeting to order to discuss with the Consulting Engineers <br />the progress of the Sewer Program in the County. <br /> <br />Mr. Myers cites the lack of easements~ the possibilities under the 3C Program an. <br />the delay in the construction of the Enon T~eatment Plant. <br /> <br />Mr. Painter states that no job has been held up because of the lack of easements <br />although he admits there are, ~ this time~ a great number of easements to acquit. <br /> <br />Mr.Timmons states that this part of the Sewer Program is virtually on scheduler <br />that he has contracted a½proximately $50,000 worth of outside work to keep UD <br />this schedule~ and explains the efforts of his Company to keep pace with the tjx <br />schedules set. <br /> <br /> Mr°Limerick cites the history of the Grant Program and explains many of the <br />details concerning the various projects his firm has engineered. <br /> <br />hr. O'Neill states that Old ~wn Creek and Project 24 have been delayed and <br />questions the reaaons for same. <br /> <br />Mr. Limerick and Mr. Herbert Tyler explain the problems encountered~ including <br />moving the connection with Colonial Heights some 3,000 feet eastwardly. He' <br />states that his Company has plenty of people to do the work for Chesterfield. <br /> <br />Mr. Myers states that he will in the future take a closer look at the.progress <br />of the sewer work in the County. <br /> <br />Mr. Limerick explains that the onewNalf gallon pressure plank at Enon will <br />soon be ready for bid and that the interim plamt at Proctor.,s Creek will be <br />put at gnon at a later date to increase the capacity to one million gallons <br />per day. <br /> <br />Mr. Hornef questions Mr. Limerick as to how his Company could represent Hanover~ <br />nenrico and the City of Richmond, as well as Chesterfield County. <br /> <br />Mr. Limerick states that his firm is a large one, that there are no conflicts, <br />anx if there were, he would certainly cite them to the Board, that his firm has <br />represented Chesterfield for 17 years and is proud of the accomplishments of <br />the County. <br /> <br />The county Administrator gives a report on the trip to V.P.I. and stated %hat <br />Dr. Hackett will make a study of the effect of Brandermilt on the Swift Creek <br />Reservoir and assess its effectiveness on the planned abatement program. <br /> <br />Upon consideration whereof~ and on motion of Mr.Apperso~econded by Mr.Myers, <br />it is resolved that this Board contract with V.P.I. to perform this study at a <br />price not toe, exceed $9~230.00, with the completion da~e being approximately <br />four weeks, and that the sum of $9,230.00 be and it hereby is.appropriated from <br />the unappropriated surplus of the County to special s%udies. <br /> <br />Ay~s:MroHorner~ Mr.Myers, MroApperson and Mr.O'Neill <br />Nays: Mr. Krepelao <br /> <br />~n motion of Mr.Krepela; seconded by Mr,Myers~ it is resolved that the minutes <br />of September 12, 1973 - Zoning Case 73-098~ that the area m~quested by the <br />Southeastern Association, Inc. be changed from 37.14 acres to approximately <br />73 acres~ which change will correct an error in combining the two parcels zoned <br />at that time. <br /> <br />Ayes: Mr. Horner~ Mr. Myers~ Mr. ~person, Mr.Krepela and Mr. O'Neill. <br /> <br />Mr. Noel Carmichael speaks on the cost-of-living increase and proposes that the <br />County abandon percentage increases and gives stated amounts as a cost-of-!~vi~ <br />increase. <br /> <br />On motion of Mr.Myers, seconded by Mr. Apperson, it is resolved that the <br />application of the Music Boosters of Thomas Dale, for permission to conduct <br />Bingo games and/or raffles~ having been received by the Board and duly considere <br />permission is her'eby granted said applicant~ the Music Boosters of Thomas Dale <br />to condec% ~in~o games and/or raffles sub:.ect to the conditions as set forth <br />in said <br /> <br />Ayes: Mr.:..)Ho~ner~ Mr. Myers~ Mr. Apperson~ Mr.Krepela and Mr. O'Neill. <br /> <br /> <br />